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  1. I will always pick up clubs I find and turn them into the ranger (if I see one) or to the golf cart staff when I return. At my home club some of the members have labels on their clubs with their name and phone number so if I find one I'll call the member and let them know I have it.
  2. My wife and I order things frequently and have packages delivered via UPS, FedEx and USPS on almost a daily basis. I've never had anything stolen from my front door but I do have security cameras and dogs to alert me when someone comes close to my front door. FedEx has on two occasions delivered a package to the wrong address. UPS has yet to make a mistake but it's always the same guy that delivers to us and we give him a tip around the holidays, same goes for our USPS delivery woman.
  3. You've stated this a few times, not sure what your point is. That was the will of the majority, that's how elections work, who ever gets the most votes gets to represent their party. Kaepernick was raised by white parents and is quite wealthy so not sure why he feels disconnected from either candidate.
  4. Of all the people I know that used to play golf and don't now or tried it and didn't like it, this is the reason they cite. It wasn't cost, or lack of time but simply golf is hard and playing something for 2 - 5 hours that you're not good at isn't fun. Golf is unforgiving when it comes to ability or lack there of because you're not competing against similarly skilled players, you're playing against the course, which is most likely designed to be challenging for better players. I'm not a great baseball player, but I can play lob or modified pitch softball with my buddies. It's a hour or two of fun and I don't embarrass myself playing. If there wasn't any softball and I was forced to play fast pitch baseball I'd probably opt out of playing. I'll play some flag or two hand rough touch with people in my age group but I'm not putting on the pads and playing against college or semi professional players. When you factor in how tough and frustrating golf can be with the predominant instant gratification mentality that exists today within the younger generations it's no surprise that participation isn't where we'd like it to be. I think activities like Top Golf are good for the sport because it combines fun and golf in a setting that is less intimidating if you're not very good.
  5. I used to use the spinning devices to mark my balls but stopped after I found that running the same ball through the process multiple times resulted in multiple lines that were not very close in proximity. If the device was working as advertised, the line should be consistent no matter how many times you run it through the process.
  6. I stated in another thread that I had found I was consistently coming up short on par 3's compared to the distance I'd hit the same clubs when not on the tee. I used Club Hub sensors to track my round and also all of my swing data, including swing speed. What I found was that my swing speed was slower when hitting off a tee compared to off the ground. My guess is I was trying to sweep the ball off the tee where as I hit down on the ball when it's on the ground.
  7. Maybe not, but in terms of demographics, it's not unreasonable to have the major parties back white candidates given they still are the majority in the country. In the Republican primaries there were 2 Hispanic, 1 African American and 1 female candidate that better represented the country compared to what the Democrats offered.
  8. Now that Trump was won the election I wonder if the USGA, PGA Tour and LPGA Tour change their views on playing tournaments at his golf courses.
  9. I wasn't aware that you had to invert the tag on Arccos to get it to register, if that's true then I agree it's not a better solution. I also agree the larger sensors throw off the clubs swing weight compared to the lighter game golf. While those that capture swing data may not be legal for a round of golf they provide greater insight to your overall game. I have tested the Club Hub product and it does help to see your swing on good shots and especially bad ones. For example, I noticed I was coming up short on a lot of Par 3's where I was hitting off a tee. Club Hub data indicated that my swing speed was slower off the tee with my irons compared to when I'm hitting off the ground. I could have deducted that a slower swing speed was a likely cause for coming up short but seeing the data pin pointed it.
  10. I think we had shared our concerns over your practice regimen in your swing thread. You seemed to be hitting way too many balls and not working on priority pieces but just hitting balls into your net at home. Your body needs time to recover and fatigue allows bad habits to creep into your swing in order to compensate. Like you, I found that cutting back on my range time was beneficial to my time on the course and scores. I now use the range only when I'm unable to play a full round or to work on a priority piece that I receive from my instructor.
  11. I'd guess they are coming out with a new version. Some of the systems that came out after them have improved on the hardware concept, such as using a band you wear on your wrist versus your belt and eliminating the need to tag the club before using it. One or two have also added additional technology to the sensor tags that provide swing feedback that is a bit more basic than a Zepp unit but useful enough that you can view your swing and see swing speed of each shot.
  12. You can buy the Kirkland golf balls online but they are out of stock until 11/21/16.
  13. Not sure why you're surprised, not every golfer lives or plays on the toughest courses in the country. Maybe a friend or family member invited him to play a round of golf on their home course or it was a vacation resort course.
  14. newtogolf


    Even at the pro level playing consistent golf is very difficult. I started off slow this year, slowly progressed up until July then had a major regression with my irons which I eventually resolved in September and for the last two months have been playing very good golf despite my driver being a problem again. I started the season at a 21 and finished at a 16.4 which is 1.4 strokes higher than the goal I had set for this year but that's life and golf. Had I not had the regression in July and August I might have made it down to 15. While many of us are obsessed with lowing our index, we should also strive to enjoy our time on the course. This is more difficult when we're struggling with our swing and a round that you started with hopes of scoring a new low blows up on the first few holes and now you've got to play 12 - 15 holes just to salvage a terrible score. It's good the last round of the season was enjoyable, it will give you a good reference for working on your swing over the winter and make it even more exciting to get back on the course next year.
  15. You can pick times that aren't busy. Costco is also very good at having a lot of cashiers working, I've never waited more than 10 minutes in a line. As for cost, yes, bulk items cost more but they last longer and the cost per unit is usually significantly less. The problem is that Costco has so many great products that you usually end up buying something you didn't intend to buy and likely don't need.
  16. Cost of golf is getting to be cliche, especially when it comes to cost of equipment. No one needs the latest and greatest equipment and these is a ton of used equipment on eBay or through e-tailers that would be more than sufficient for someone to start out with. As for tee times, prime time on the weekends can get pricey but if one shops the courses in their area they can find some good deals on cheaper courses or less popular tee times. Most people starting out should be visiting a driving range which is really cheap, $15 for 90 balls is not expensive. If that is too pricey, they can set something up in their backyards. Cost is an excuse that is convenient. Hogan learned to play golf with one club when he was a kid. One only needs a demo 6i to learn how to swing a golf club, they really don't need an entire set, a fancy golf bag, shoes and apparel. Too often today people confuse want with need.
  17. Titleist claims to have very stringent QA in terms of performance and quality, I'm just not sure Kirkland / Nassau have the same level.
  18. You likely wouldn't know they are capturing this data. It is already happening at Walmart, shopping malls and some other businesses.
  19. MySql and PHP or Python makes this a pretty basic task that shouldn't take more than a few days. I think you need to think more through the functionality of how the software will work. How many license plates would need to be entered per hour? How long will users have visible access to the plates? If you have a high volume of cars I'd suggest a video camera be mounted so that data entry accuracy can be reviewed. What other information other than license plate do you want to capture? Since the license plate capture is hand entered I'd require double key entry and disable copy, cut and paste to ensure mistakes do not occur. How many people will need access to the software and database concurrently? What type of reports will you need? Who is the target for those reports? How long will you keep the data? This dictates database size. Will the terminal be on a standalone PC or will it be networked? Finally as others have stated, check your local laws as most states allow you to track license plates numbers but some prohibit you linking that information to personal information like name and address.
  20. I would also believe that Titleist spends more money on quality control than Nassau does.
  21. Guy we played with in MB was using medical marijuana the entire time he golfed and played the best out of all of us. He is a good golfer, but I think the drug helped keep him calm and relaxed which is a definite advantage in golf.
  22. Same here, a lot of talent wasted on booze, (drugs?), cigarettes and women. It's sad because he could have been so much better than he was. At this point he seems like a caricature of himself with the outrageous outfits and behavior. I typically don't gravitate towards individuals that go out of their way to draw attention and makes spectacles of themselves.
  23. I'm going to be running a golf fund raiser for a local High School club next year. I have run corporate outings but not as a fund raiser. This information is right in line with what I've read and been told. If you have any additional information you can share, please PM me. Thanks
  24. Finchem also made himself a fair amount of money, in 2015, he made $11M which was more than any one golfer made on the Tour in 2016 (excluding endorsement deals). He did work for the players, but was also known to be at odds with some of them too. Phil, Tiger and Norman all had issues with Finchem. Finchem wanted control over players likeness and image which put him at odds with Tiger, which wasn't fair given Tour players aren't employees. Phil and Finchem battled it out about the early years of the FedEx Cup and how it was executed. He definitely did some good things too, but overall I just never felt he was a great representative of the Tour to the public.
  25. I agree, it seems a large majority of people believe the only way to influence someone is to offend or challenge their belief system. CK taking a knee is well within his right but he does so knowing that many in this country are offended by such behavior. We have people protesting and rioting in the streets making everyone else miserable because the election didn't go their way. If you want someone to listen, offending them or threatening their safety isn't a good start.
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