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Interlocking grip a fundamental flaw

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or is it ?


As the pinky of the right hand interlocks with the the index finger of the left hand it disengages the gripping strength of the strongest fingers  "thumb and forefinger" in the grip. I'm wondering if changing to the overlap and allowing the shaft to run along all four finger, i would get better control of the club face  

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Interlocking locks the two hands together, and gives a better sense of unity. Which might take the hands more out of the swing, and put it more in the forearms. I personally used both, but i prefer the overlapping because its more comfortable. 

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i do not interlock my grip...i find it very uncomfortable, however most things you are not used to are uncomfortable.. i feel as if the club turns more in my hands during contact when i interlock my grip...then again this may be why i have a hard time breaking 80

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I started with interlocking, but had issues with slicing alot.  I switch to overlap and the slices went away except for my driver which was eventually resolved as well.  I am sure there are other problems in my swing, but the overlap was more comfortable for me the first time I tried it. 

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I'm an overlap guy but that's not to say that I think that there is anything wrong with interlocking.  I personally feel more comfortable with an overlap grip but many players use the interlock and play very well.

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I use interlocking, tried overlap, it just never felt comfortable.

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Of course it's not a flaw, you can play just as good golf with an interlock grip as an overlap grip, double overlap or whatever. Just play with what works best for you. Tiger and Nicklaus are two examples of players that use the interlock grip. If the two best golfers in the history of golf is not validation enough, I don't know what is.

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I started with a baseball grip as a teenager, cause I grew up playing baseball.  When I graduated college I started playing golf again and the interlocking grip was a revelation.  I've tried the overlap and I lose power and control.

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I started off with baseball, tried overlap but found my fingers were too short and the pinky kept sliding over my index finger so I moved to interlocking.

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The grip you choose is really a function of your hand size and wrist flexibility.  Golfers with small hands often prefer an interlocking grip.  Golfers with hand issues or who lack wrist flexibility often prefer a baseball grip.  Golfers in between seem to prefer the overlap.

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Baseball for me. Tried interlock but not comfortable for me....feels like the club is gonna come loose.


I actually have flexible wrists ( from falling many times skateboarding ) as well as playing tennis most of me life.....the uncomfortable part is in the fingers, not the wrists for me.


I have large hands, so maybe it helps....I dunno

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I have long fingers and interlock feels best for me.  I feel I can lightly hold the grip and maintain a secure grip.  With overlap, the grip doesn't feel as secure and I find myself gripping tighter.  I may just be how your hand fits together that makes it more comfortable.

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Jack Nicklaus used and interlocking grip I believe.  Must be OK as he was a pretty good stick.  He said he did it because he had small hands for his size and it helped keep the hands working together.  

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Recently started aligning my left arm with the club at address (for the short irons) and this made the overlapping (Vardon) grip feel better than the interlocking I was using. Had great results for awhile but developed a nasty cut on the index finger (at the knuckle) of my right hand that keeps keeps opening and bleeding every time I hit balls or play. Due to the pain I was forced to switch back to interlock which helps me hold the club just slightly outside of that cut in the right hand. I've noticed that my hands feel more connected at the top of my swing---with the overlap grip there is some separation between right and left hand and possibly some re-gripping that must occur before the downswing.  re-gripping the club can lead to inconsistency, obviously. Tiger, Rory and Nicklaus use the interlocking grip so it obviously has some merit. When I was taught by a club pro in 1981 how to grip the club he just taught me (a ten year old boy) the interlocking grip. I'm guessing that was because of my small child's hand size. Perhaps people with larger, meatier hands, have trouble interlocking. I've noticed that a strong left hand grip makes interlocking more difficult. I would imagine the Vardon grip would be more comfortable for people with a strong left hand grip. 

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