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Titleist 910Fd

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Just got this fairway wood, my old 3-wood broke. I will say, its the best feeling 3-wood i ever played. It feels close to a persimmon wood, nice and soft, and the ball just launches off the clubface. I might be pulling out my driver for a long time. I would recommend this club to anyone looking for a 3-wood off the tee. It can be used off the fairway, but don't expect it to cut through any rough, or be specific towards hitting off the ground. Its meant more off the tee. 

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What shaft is on the Fd ?
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Mitsubishi Rayon Diamana 'Ahina 82 Stiff, its has a pretty low torque on it, 3.1 i believe.. Its an awesome golf shaft, it has a low/mid trajectory for it. 

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Also have this club
Really like it altho im not a fan of the PJX shaft
Maybe put a fubuki or something like that in there

Head is hot for sure
I have mine cranked down to 14.25 loft and its great! Goes forever and really forgiving

Really the whole 910 line is a homerun a3_biggrin.gif
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Its feel is insane, i love it, soft, and the ball just launches off it. 

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How stiff feeling is that 'ahina 82? With it being that heavy (~82g), does it have a more boardy, whippy, or neutral feel? Can't wait to try one out if it launches the way people say it does.



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I also have this wood and the face is extremely hot. Easily 20 yards longer than my old r9 3 wood. You can hit it off the deck just have to pinch it a little.

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I have the 910F and I love it. Great look and feel to it.

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Yeah I have the 910F, absolutly love that thing !

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I found a discounted 910fd for 90 bucks. Played it for a few days and found it alright but had alot of misses to the right. I traded it in for a 910f. I like it better in general but its all down to what your purposes are on a 3wood. I am more likely to hit it off the deck and my misses are more horizontal so I need that forgiveness. I am completely having trouble with the 3 right now though so maybe it was just that. When I did make good contact with the fd though man did it fly. It was a strong 3. 13.5*

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