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Titleist Velocity vs. NXT Tour (and tour S)

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Hey guys....


For the longest time I was playing DT Solo's and loved them...untill I hit something else and saw how much yardage I was giving up.  So, i decided to stick with Titleist and when the Velocity came out, I bought that.  I really liked the ball, saw a dramatic improvement in yards, and didn't mind the feel around the green and on my longer iron shots.  My question is, will I get a better feel from one of the NXT lines without sacrificing too much of the distance I gained from the Velocity.  I'd really like to start playing a new ball consistently, and am trying to narrow it down before I go spend 25-30 bucks on a dozen and commit to them for at least a few rounds.  I'm still learning and have a ways to go with my game, so I'm looking for the ball that will help me in the most areas.

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How much yardage were you actually giving up? The difference between different models of golf balls is just 4 yards.

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Well, if that holds true, then I'd like the ball that is going to give me the most consistent shot, with the best playability in both the long and short games, not including the tee shot.

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I have been working on my game a lot lately and using a lot of different balls and I have found that the distance of NXT and similar 3 piece non urethane non spin balls is very good. Try Srixon Trispeed Tour also.

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I tested the Velocity against Tour Balata 100 I had left over. I can't back the Balata like I did post injury, but I found them egual on spin. I was really shocked how the Velocity would one hop stop, even at 35 yards.


I tried the Bridgestone 330 RX in the test. It took spin as well, but was a club shorter than the Velocity.

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NXT TOurs S is what Is is lookin at. Softer feel than NXT Tour, mo spin, blus dat sick yella culla

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Originally Posted by Domenic View Post

NXT TOurs S is what Is is lookin at. Softer feel than NXT Tour, mo spin, blus dat sick yella culla


I really like the Titleist NXT Tour S.  It has more spin and softer feel that the previous generation of NXT Tour and as an added bonus, it is available to consumers in high optic yellow.


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I played this ball yesterday, holy moly it was easily longer. BUT green shots wouldnt stick. I couldn't get it to spin anything like the ProV1s or even NXTs for that matter.


I usually play ProV1x, but man if I could switch out the ball from 100 yards in, I would drive with velocity, and short game with ProV1s.


The Velocity feel was great off the driver and irons, but for that touch on the green, it wasn't there. putting was nice as well, decently soft feel. for 27 bucks or whatever it is at the store, it's what I would recommend for anyone not playing a "players" ball.

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I've actually switched to hitting the new NXT Tour S...it is long and spins just enough for me...and at the price point, sure beats the prov's i used to play....
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Interesting thread guys. I love the ProV1 but the price makes me wince. So I am thinking the new NXT Tour S might be the ticket. Looking forward to trying them out. Cheers, John L

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I just bought the NXT Tour S balls to compare against the Bridgestone E6 and Srxion Q-Star.


So far, I'm giving the Q-Star the nod. The Tour S is not as soft on the greens, at least for me.


However, I'm going to keep play them until I gain more or less conviction and play just one ball.



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Played a round of 9 with the Velocity today. Shot a 3-over 39 (missed some easy putts). Great distance. Some of my longest drives of the year. And as far as wedge play goes, the ball does release a little, but not enough to make it a problem for me.


As far as cost vs. effectiveness is concerned, I'd take the Velocity over the new NXT Tour.

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I've tried NXTs several times, but I can scuff the covers - I don't due this with any other ball (Pro Vs, Taylormades, Bridgestones, Callaways). I haven't tried this generation of NXTs, but considering my history with them, someone will have to give me some before I spend $$$'s on them.

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hmm ive been trying nxt tours and the tour s' I was about to commit to the tour and then i found 20xi-x's for 36 a dozen so for now that was an easy choice but now i may have to go with the velocity's when im done. or atleast give em a try.

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I played with a sleeve of NXT Tour S last weekend.  Noticeably softer feel than NXT Tour.  I think they felt great off every club including the putter.  My only complaint was that they didn't spin quit enough for me around the green. 

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The Velocity is meant for more distance (replaced NXT), the NXT Tour is meant for a balance between distance and spin, and the NXT Tour S is more about spin and around the greens. I would recommend that you just buy a sleeve of each first (most pro shops will also sell by the sleeve) before you commit to a ball. I used to play the NXT Tour, but I switched this year to the Callaway HEX Chrome because the NXT Tour didn't have enough spin on the greens. The NXT Tour S will but I would probably sacrifice distance to get that spin which I don't for the HEX Chrome. Since spin isn't your main priority, the Velocity would be probably be the best for you if you just want Titleist's. Like I said, buy a sleeve of each.

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OK...I finally got to try out the new NXT Tour S. Love the feel around the greens and I gained a few yards over the E-6s I've been playing recently. All in all I love the ball. There's just one thing and I thought I would ask you folks if you have experienced this. I have played two rounds starting each round with a new NXT Tour S. On both days after the round the ball looked beat even with no tree or cart path hits. My wedges peel the skin off like grated parmesan cheese. After one round the S's looked like my E-6s do after three rounds. Do you think the new NXT Tour S's are less durable than other balls you have used of late? If I can only get one round out of a ball, that makes the S's expensive. I can get two sometimes three rounds out of a ProV1 which makes the S's about equal in price. What is your experience?

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Titleist lower end balls are crap compare to other companies. Check out top flite gamer srixon q star or trispeed or ad333 or look at getting some pro v's used.

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