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Odyssey Metal-X

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I was trying out some putter's last night at golf galaxy. I am thinking of making a switch, i was hoping the YES! putters would be good, but they were dissappointing to me. The one i really liked was the Odyssey Metal-X. My issue is, with the black putter head, the metal insert on the face shows up because of the loft on the putter. This is very strange, and i couldn't stand looking at the contrast. If they had the insert painted black, then i think it would be a much better putter to look at.


Oh a side note, i found a used Scotty Cameron there for $175, but the face was really worn down and the putter head was beat up a bit. Sad, i was thinking about buying it. A scotty cameron might be my next putter, i love the feel of it, just money.. Right now i will stick with my White Ice putter, i just love the feel and look of it.

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I liked the one I tried out too. I think it was the 9 or 8, which ever one is the heal shafted blade. The black paint didn't bother me at all. In the past I haven't liked the inserts on Odyessy putters, but for some reason this one felt really good.

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I tried a Metal-X last weekend and really liked it.  Ive never been a fan of the feel of Odyssey putters but I really like the Metal-X.

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I tried the Metal X rossie today @ my local golf shop.
I stopped in searching for the perfect putter. First I tried the Ping Anser $250. Not a bad putter but too firm for my game. Next was a scotty cameron $350, just too pricey.

Next was the Metal X Rossie. It had a soft feel without being dull. Had a nice alingment aid and was only $149I was impressed with the feel, especially since I am not a fan of the insert putter. (I used to have a odyssey white steel, which I can not stand)

I will be heading back to purchase this putter.

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I have a Metal-X 2 ball coming next week.  I can't wait for it.  I'll try to put up a review once I get a chance to play a bit with it.

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I was toying with putters at a Golfsmith & Golf Galaxy this past weekend. The one I kept going back to was the Odyssey Metal X 7. I have a feeling it will be in my bag in the next 2-3 weeks...it's been a painfully slow process. This is the first insert putter I've actually liked.


While at Golfsmith I also toyed with a Scotty Cameron California Fastback 35"...holy cow. The first ball I struck felt like nothing else. Of course it's $350...but so tempting. 

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I have an Odyssey Metal X-8 that replaced my old Callaway BJ-2. Absolutely love this putter. Worth all $150, unlike the $300+ ones with a name stamped on a Ping Anser lol.

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