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Your Own Golf Book.

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As we amateurs, muddle our way through the maze of trying find our best golf swing, we run across numerous tips, and other forms of instructions. Most printed golf information is hard to understand, and some is suspect at best. Then again, every so often we might hear/read something that makes total sense, but 10 minutes later it is forgotten, never to be thought of again. We did not take the time to write it down, or do a copy/paste if we read it on a website. I came up with the idea to write my own golf book one day while reading a yardage book provided by the course I was golfing on that day. Why not carry a journal in my own easy to understand terminology to remind me of golf swing stuff that might come in handy from time to time. I don't know about anybody else, but there is no way I can remember everything I need to know about my own golf game. My own book contains information about putting all the way back to the tee box. What to look for when chipping. What the ball flight will be from a side hill lie. What I did wrong when I hit that fat shot. Even everything I need to know about shanking. What my carry yardage is with each club with the wind, against the wind, and with out wind. Those are just some of the topics I have in my book. My own book has to date, 70 different entries in it. I even devised my own score card to use, that also tells me what I needed to work on after a round of golf. My book is not for publication, and was never meant to be. However, I have let family members use it from time to time. I keep a copy of it on a disk, and a hard copy in my golf bag. My only real claim to fame with it, was showing it to a senior pga tour golfer of some stature, who after looking it over, politely said "this is good stuff"  Anyway I just wanted pass this idea along to anyone who might want to try it out for themselves. I am sure others already have something similar in their bag. 

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Yes I agree it's important to keep track of things. We encourage members to start their own swing threads and post swings, write down what/how they practice, what feels worked, basically keep it updated like a journal.


We also have an article on terminology


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I do this in some respect on my PC by bookmarking good information I come across. Most of it consists of threads on TST. Not all the threads, but the ones I find useful for my game and I need to keep tabs on.

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I use Evernote for this (I'm sure there are other apps like it, but it's what I use).


I copy/paste my evolvr lessons into it, including photos.  Swing thoughts, what didn’t work, etc. And I’ve got access to it on my phone, my tablet, and any computer.

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