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Experimenting With Stack Tilt - I Have Shot 14 Over and 10 Over in the Last 2 Rounds

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I have struggled with my golf swing for a long time with over the top problem resulting in big slices, pulls, and inconsistent contacts. My handicap ranges from 18 to 21 and I have broken 90 less than 5 times in my life with a total of 10 years of golf. I have tried many changes and took instructions but the changes never stick. Like many amateurs sometimes I thought I have discovered the magic fix only to be disappointed later. I hope this is not the case.

In the last month, I have experimented with Stack and Tilt and I found out that it allows me to have better contact with the ball and minimize the over the top problem. In my last two rounds, I have shot 14, and 10 over. In the last few months I also have a golf simulator which allowed me to practice almost daily. I don't know if the two low scores are the results of stack and tilt or the simulator or both. I find that it is easier to pivot on the left foot for both the full swing, pitching and chipping. With the full swing, stack and tilt method somehow allows my right elbow to be closer to my body and I turn and swing the club from the inside much better. I was hitting the driver 240 to 270 in the last two rounds. Before I used to hit the driver 220 to 240. I will play again in 2 weeks, it will be interesting if I can break 90 again.

Has anyone else had similar success with stack and tilt?

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It’d be quite valuable to see videos of your previous swing to your S&T swing. I’m not sure anyone else has had an 8 stroke improvement and a 30yd gain on driver distance in a month.😳

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I postulated that a lot of the early success amateurs were experiencing was simply a result of a temporary short-circuiting of their brain and that, eventually, the old swing flaws would return.


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Well based on the last swing in your swing thread you weren’t pivoting correctly, so feeing like you stay on your lead foot is going to help with that.

But I’m confused now, you’re a lefty in your swing videos but you’re describing your swing here as a righty?

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3 hours ago, BurritoFightClub said:

Not a fan of Stack & Tilt. Putting all the weight on the front foot and trying to rotate back and through was a complete PITA. I couldn't rotate properly, so I ended up just throwing my hands through impact and was still chunking it. 

To be fair the bold isn’t S&T.

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    • In around '71, a friend of mine gave me $50 to write his algebra exam at Uni.  Of course I forgot all about that, until he stopped by to remind me. I was in the building where we were writing and had just finished one of my own. and then had dropped some acid. Didn't blink an eye. Just went on in and proceeded to pass that exam for him. But to take a drink while golfing and possibly screw up my game, not a chance.
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