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What Do You Do for a Living?

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Wow, a lot of IT guys............cough nerds cough..........just kidding, don't hurt me. I'm a college student, majoring in sororities if you catch my drift.

I'm a software/web consultant. I like looking through the server logs mid-day to see who's browsing the main site (we don't keep statistics on forum usage). It's always a bunch of people using thei

U.S Marine

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Senior QA Engineer for the second largest software developer in the world. I work primarily on risk analysis and project portfolio management software.

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Enterprise SAN Infrastructure Engineer for a large Milwaukee based bank that is currently under an acqusition...Last day will be June 24th...

Sr. Infrastructure Engineer for a large health care in Wisconsin starting July 5th...

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I sell software in Europe for a Silicon Valley company. My job takes me through Europe weekly, and to the US about 8 times a year. Looking forward to playing some courses outside of Germany.

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Retired Army, worked for two years as the Security Manager at a local golf/ski resort and am now a federal police officer at the Erie Veterans Affairs Medical Center...

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Hi Everyone,

I am new here and recently started my new position as Sales Manager in state of Georgia for JK Crew Golf...Golf Equipment, Golf Accessories & Golf Apparel.

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Full time student at the University of Michigan and I also work full time at Oakwood Hospital in Dearborn, MI in medical records. I am pursuing my degree in Healthcare Administration with a focus in finance or marketing (haven't decided yet) with a minor in business administration and would eventually like to work my way up the corporate ladder and/or start my own ambulatory company... in due time

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hi, Everybody!

I live in China and I had been running one of the oldest (? est 24years is considered to be old and prestigeous here) golf club for two years. now I'm taking a break and trading stocks at home.

It was quite an experience running but now I have to say that I prefer playing golf better.


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Hello, I am a Facilities/Property Manager in a privated golf community in Massachusetts. Nice Perks!

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I am an auditor and a graduate student in Louisiana. I am working on wrapping up my requirements to sit for the CPA exam. I have played golf for about 15 years, but I only play about twice a year when family is going or a tournement for work comes up. This yeah, I am making it a goal to play more and get better.

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I am a computer programmer specializing in Microsoft .Net WPF, Silverlight, and Windows Phone 7 development.  I am also an author, trainer, and public speaker in the same area.

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Trying to complete a degree in Management Information Systems at SHSU in Huntsville, TX.. I did quit school for 2 years to make toilets for $15 an hour. Money was decent but coming back to school was one of my smarter decisions.. Also influenced by my girlfriend and her family..

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    • Good for you. Congratulations.  People who don't golf, don't get it.  As a person who's not naturally good at golf, I can really appreciate the achievement. Seriously, it IS a great feeling and a great achievement. ENJOY
    • This seems to happen all the time. I used to be a little league umpire and if a kid got called out he was normally fine with it. I mean disappointed, but fine. The coaches, however, were sometimes huge D-bags. I once had a coach pull his team off the field because of a fair ball vs foul ball call. I umpired for two seasons and I probably have 100 stories of D-bag coaches or parents. ... Parents I sometimes get. They don't always know the rules. But coaches... come on.    This
    • I've played 18 of the 27 several times.   We use to participate in a senior scramble on occasion.  I like the course.   I have not played the north course.
    • Hit the 9 wood on a 186 yard par three, hang time was incredibly long. It finally landed and only bounced about 6' forward. I was 20' to the right of the pin. Lipped out the bird, easy par. I think I like this.
    • Hi folks! Been stuck at 18h for 3 years and I'm not sure what to focus on to improve. Any ideas? Maybe new shoes and a shorter backswing 😀 I've been Playing Golf for: 5 years My current handicap index or average score is: 18 My typical ball flight is: right The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: occasional pull hook  Videos:   
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