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It's Going to Be One of Those Days


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Temp 44, damp, cloudy, wind gusting into the upper 20's. Arthritis has the hands so bound up I couldn't even open up a Ziplock bag.  Arthritic spine is killing me. Tee time at 12:34. I'll do my best, but days like this are why I don't even try to track a handicap. I can shoot 78 one day and 108 the next....

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1 hour ago, Vinsk said:


You realize this is in the wrong thread!  😅.    The I hate winter is hidden for a few more weeks!   Very jealous

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We played 24 holes. Course was absolute slop, Lots of lost plugged balls. I was driving unusually well today too.

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On 10/17/2021 at 5:56 AM, Esox said:

but days like this are why I don't even try to track a handicap. I can shoot 78 one day and 108 the next....

isn't that kind of the point of a handicap? track scores over last X rounds and determine how you are going to play on your best days, which if memory serves I think you are supposed to play to your handicap like one out of five rounds or something like that...


only matters of course if you are playing competitions, and regardless...good on you being out there. arthritis is no fun. 


Played with a guy Saturday apologizing for using a cart and I am sitting there thinking "you are 67 years old, not long off open heart surgery...I am just happy you are out here playing, thank you for being here"


Same for your situation...end of day, handicap or no doesn't matter, just love seeing people get out and enjoy time on the course

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I can’t understand why people spend money to play in lousy weather on a sloppy course.  I’d save my money and play another day.

And then there’s people at my course that call when it’s pouring out to see if they can go out, yet on a beautiful Sunday the course is empty because the Patriots football game in on🙄

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    • My college was about 50% Natalie's cost. An order of magnitude would be crazy. I don't think that rule of thumb holds up. 10x over 20-25 years? That's so far out of whack I can't imagine it. Denison costs about $75,000 per year. No way it cost only $7500 in 1996. Allegheny almost as much, and no way did it cost < $7k 25 years ago. It's gone up but I have no belief it's an order of magnitude.
    • Definitely better and different than at the 2017 Newport Cup. Good work. This amount of change is hard.
    • Sadly, a rule of thumb on tuition is an order of magnitude per generation. When I was a freshman at WPI, my roommate and I were paying $6000 tuition. His dad, who went to WPI, pay $600. Now it $60,000. And frankly, it’s not like the school is worth a 1000% more now.  I would only agree to forgiveness or help where the loans were predatory in nature. There have been instances of this, especially in the for-profit universities. But the cost has to be reined in. It’s far greater than inflation would justify.
    • My go to ball is the Snell MTB Black (great ball at a great price).  Characteristics and performance are comparable to the below balls I also play. I’ll buy the ZStar (buy 2, get 1) and TP5x (buy 3, get 1) when they’re on sale.  I also really like the ProV1, but only play them when I get them as a gift.
    • I don’t see anything wrong with your bag.  Maybe just continue messing around with longer clubs until you find something you really like?   Not sure an extra club in your scoring clubs is necessary either.  I think the best way to tighten up that end of the bag is working on flighted shots.
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