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Putter: Aesthetics vs Utility

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First off, I'm a Cobra golf fan. I have both a set of black Forge TEC irons and the copper RF Forged irons. The copper irons are my favorite clubs ever, even as a player not near scratch. And my LTDx LS driver is the longest, most consistent driver I've owned. 

But I can't get over the looks of these putters. I'd like to try one out sometime, but I'm just convinced based on the look alone that I would not care for them. 

Is that odd or do aesthetics play a large role for you? To me they look like prototypes that someone with some artistic ability needs to come along and create a finished product. 


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I saw these on the Cobra website last week and was not impressed with the designs. If I can't get passed the looks, I would never consider playing one. 

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If I could aim it and liked the way it felt, I would play it. But I already own an ugly and expensive putter, so I'm not looking for another.


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I don’t mind the looks, but all the geometric shapes and lines mess up my aim. 


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Personally, I don’t like the looks of them.  What’s most important is can you look down at them and line up a putt?  Won’t know til you try, and decide in person how they look.

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I am a weird guy when it comes to my design preferences in golf clubs. I prefer clubs with some architectural details, heck I actually don't mind the look of the VAS. That being said I don't the 2 mallets, and the other 2 so nothing for me. When it comes to putters, I'm pretty particular about alignment lines. I like longer lines that start at the face of the putter. The one that fits my eye is the stingray, and it doesn't really intrigue me. If the agera would have a line like the stingray, that would have intrigued me, because the middle bridge can act as extra help to my eye. The supernova alignment I could probably use but I don't like the shape of the wings themselves.


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