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How Many Courses Have You Played?

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I'm at 330 I think. I have a spreadsheet with all of them in it. It helps having lived in two countries. 159 in the US and 136 in the UK. Then a handful in Europe and a few in other countries (Canada, Australia, Mexico). 

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I know I've posted in this thread before, but since it came up again in my "recents" I figured I'd take a look at my current numbers.  I'm up to 308 courses now, and will add at least 4 more this year, two of them next weekend in OH.

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Yes, time for an update.  I added five courses this year bringing my total to 444 in 32 states and 16 countries. 


I also try to track courses I have played that have hosted these events:



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I have played 210 courses.  Maybe more, depending how you count them.  Some destinations have more than one course for the same club house.  Courses that have 27 holes, I've counted as 1 course; But some  have distinct courses.  For example I recently went on a golf trip to Robert Trent Jones Trail in Alabama.  We played 3 VERY different  courses even though they shared a common clubhouse.


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I was inspired to make a spreadsheet. I'm up to 70 by my best recollection. I might have missed a few courses, but it's definitely in the single digits. I've only ever played golf in the US, and in 10 different states.


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Probably around 80 courses. I did a rough count and came up with like 74. I am probably missing a few here or there. 


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