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Longest Iron in Bag... And More


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  1. 1. What irons (not companies) do you carry (not hybrid in your bag)

    • 1-iron
    • 2-iron
    • 3-iron
    • 4-iron
    • 5-iron
    • 6-iron
    • 7-iron
    • 8-iron
    • 9-iron
    • Pitching wedge

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The longest true iron in my bag is the 4 iron

I don´t carry 7, 9, or 11 woods

I´m replacing the 3 iron with a 3 hybrid

Soon I´ll add a 2 hybrid to cover the 5 wood distance...

Hibore XLS 10.5º Yellow Reg
909F3 13º Mitsubishi Diamana Blue Reg
Big Bertha 17º Reg
585.H 21º Graphite 4175 Reg
804.OS 4-9 Graphite 3975 Reg Vokey Spin Milled 48.06 54.14 60.10 Tess G2 35" ProV1XHome course: Ria de Vigo Golf Vigo (SPAIN)

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Top Posters In This Topic

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The longest iron in my bag is a 1-iron. Its a Titleist DCI Black Diamond. I personally prefer long irons to fairway woods. For one, I find that its easier for me to hit an iron, especially off of the ground and for two, I like the lower trajectory of an iron because the wind doesn effect it as much.
I carry pretty much a full set of irons in my bag 1-9 and a pitching wedge. Ive heard that there also used to be such a thing as a 0-iron, but Ive never seen one.
I do carry 1 faiway wood: a 3-wood. Infact, its the only wood that I carry in my bag.

Whats in my :sunmountain: C-130 cart bag?

Woods: :mizuno: JPX 850 9.5*, :mizuno: JPX 850 15*, :mizuno: JPX-850 19*, :mizuno: JPX Fli-Hi #4, :mizuno: JPX 800 Pro 5-PW, :mizuno: MP T-4 50-06, 54-09 58-10, :cleveland: Smart Square Blade and :bridgestone: B330-S

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Longest Iron 3 (tried the 2 but no way to have nice shot with that)
I don't carry a 7 wood nor an hybrid

in my bag I have

driver: tour burner TP 10,5°
woods: burner women 3 and 5
irons: X-20 tour 3-PWwedges: x-forged 50° and 56°putter: Kasternballs: ONE black

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longest iron i carry is cleek........predecessor to a 1 iron

only wood i carry besides driver is brassie(2 wood)

no hybrids yet(still waitin for em to come with hickory shaft...lol)
Driver:Louisville Golf Transitional driver(15*)
Wood:Tad Moore/Tom Morris Brassie(14*)
Long IronTad Moore/Tom Morris Cleek(18*)
Long Iron:Tad Moore/Tom Morris Mid Iron(22*)
Approach:Tad Moore OA Hickories Jigger(26*)Approach:Burke T ray Mongrel MashieApproach:Tad Moore OA Hickories Mashie(37*)Short:Geor...
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This is a three-part thread.

#1 - 4 iron

#2 - tried a 9 iron when I first started playing and had got frustrated with it so no #3 - 3 hybrid replaced 3 iron (not that my set came with one), 2 hybrid replaced 5 wood and I am not going to say my 1 hybrid replaced anything but I had to pull out my approach wedge to fit it in.

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Chris, although my friends call me Mr.L

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Awards, Achievements, and Accolades

1- The 3-iron is the longest club in my bag, and I use it at least twice a round. In fact, I really enjoy hitting my 3-iron, and it's one of my most improved clubs in the bag.

2- The 5-wood is as high as I go in that category.

3- I don't have any hybrids in the bag right now. I have carried one at times in the past, but I'd rather have the 3-iron and 4-iron in the bag.
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Awards, Achievements, and Accolades

I carry a Callaway x-14 pro series 1 iron, mainly used off the tee and to keep fairway shots under the wind.
I don't carry any fairway woods, the 1 iron gives me around 230yds off the tee.
I have a Cleveland 2 hybrid in my bag, then 4-pw irons. I find the hybrid much more confidence inspiring out of the rough.
adams.gif Speedline fast 10 9.5˚
adams.gif Speedline fast 10 15˚
adams.gif A7 17˚
adams.gif Idea Pro 3-PW
mizuno.gif MP T-11 52˚, MP T-10 58˚  cameron.gif Red X  titleist.gif NXT
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I hit my 2 iron great, I still want to try a 5 wood. I have never hit one before though.
SM,54.11MP-T,60.05Anser 2
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The longest iron in my bag is the 4, however I recently purchased a TaylorMade TP 21 degree rescue club that I have been using in its place because I just cannot hit my 4. That would make the 5 my longest true iron in the bag.
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1: 4 iron, although I only use it off a tee
2: I used to carry a Callaway 7 wood, but I replaced it with a 3 hybrid
3: The 7 wood and 3 hybrid both replaced a 3 iron.

10.5 deg Ping G30, Callaway X2 Hot Pro 3W, Taylor Made Rescue 3H, Ping G30 irons
Cleveland TA 900 SW, Mizuno T-Zoid LW, Odyssey DF Rossie I



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Awards, Achievements, and Accolades

I carry 2-lw Driver and 3wood. I absolutely despise hybrids, they look and feel awful but that's just me. long live the long irons. if I can find a 1 iron Titleist that I like it too will go in my bag soon.

whats in my bag,

Driver- 975D 7.5*
3 wood- 975F 13*
Irons- 2-pw Acushnet Tungsten AC-108'swedges-58* 64*putter-bag- staff I know its huge, but I dig it " I am McLovin"

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1. On the course the highest i use a 3 iron, but at the range i practice with a 1 iron.
2. I carry a 7 wood because it is so forgiving
3. I have a 2 hybrid because i cant find a good 2 iron.

In my bag:
r7 Driver 9.5*
3 and 7 wood
3dx Hybrid 17*
3-PW DCI 990 irons 56* Hooter SW CG10 60* Wedge White Hot XG 2 Ball Putter Pro V-1

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1) 3 iron, I hit it off the tee quite a bit, especially the par 4s here are relative not as long as the course in the US, I also hit it more accurately than my woods.
2) Sometimes I carry 3 and 5 wood, sometimes just 3 wood n a hybrid but...cont. in #3
3) I don't like hybrids they look strange but newer ones are better so I plan on replacing an old Kasco I got from my dad cos it was too stiff for him, and might get the new Adams.
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I still carry a 3 iron and really like it.

The most lofted wood that I carry in the bag is a 4 wood. I only have a driver and 4 wood.

I am not sure that I will every replace anything with a hybrid. I just like the flexibility of the real irons.

Joey R

In the Bag:

905T w/Aldila NV 75x 904F w/Dynamic Gold x100 MP-32 w/Project X 6.5 Vokey 52.08 BeCu 56 MP-R 60 Studio Stainless Newport 2 ProV1, ProV1x, or NXT Tour

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Part one what is the longest true iron in your bag... (hybrids don't count)
3 iron. This is with my new set. I used to always carry 2's. The last set I had before the Tour Burners I just bought were Tommy Armour 845s .. played those for 10 years, the 2 iron i would stripe about 240 yards down the middle, absolutely loved that club.

Part two anyone still carrying 7, 9, or 11 woods?
never have, never will. finally put a 5 wood in the bag of the first time to replace the 2.

Part three: Which irons are you replacing your hybrids with?


What's in the bag:
Driver: TaylorMade R11S 9 degree.  Set to upright 8 degree.  Aldila RIP Alpha 60s X flex shaft.

3 wood: TaylorMade 13 degree RocketBallz (coming shortly).. X Flex Matrix X Conn.

Hybrids: 2iron / 4iron Taylor Burner Rescue.

Irons: 5 - PW 2008 Model Year Titleist AP2

Wedges: 49*, 54* 60* Cleveland 588 Rusties.

Putter: Scotty Cameron Kombi Long.

Balls: Titleist Pro VX

Bag: Titleist Black / Red Staff

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Longest iron: 6
woods: I have 7 and 9
my hybrid: replace my five iron.

Are there any company that produce a 11 wood??

I have a cart bag.

driver: big bertha
woods: FT 3-5-7-9
Hybrid: heavenwood 26°Irons: X-20 6-PWwedges: X-tour 54-58°putter: redwood

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