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Longest Iron in Bag... And More


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  1. 1. What irons (not companies) do you carry (not hybrid in your bag)

    • 1-iron
    • 2-iron
    • 3-iron
    • 4-iron
    • 5-iron
    • 6-iron
    • 7-iron
    • 8-iron
    • 9-iron
    • Pitching wedge

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This is a three-part thread.

Part one what is the longest true iron in your bag... (hybrids don't count)

Part two anyone still carrying 7, 9, or 11 woods?

Part three: Which irons are you replacing your hybrids with?

I'm gonna answer my own question... my longest iron in my bag is a 2-iron... although I do have a set of original Eye2s that has a 1-iron that I play from time to time mostly when I'm getting my clubs tweaked... Secondly I own all of the lofted fairways you possibly can... I have a complete set of original Tight Lies (2,3,4,5,7,9,11) and I have a bunch of Orlimar Trimetals of like every loft... and a lot of KNOCKOFF woods up to like a 15 wood... Thomas Golf makes a 25-wood for gosh sake... (My girlfriend, who plays mens clubs carries a 7 and 9 wood)

I don't have any hybrids in the bag... as a matter of fact the two hybrids I have are like 3-wood replacement... I have a 14-degree Cleveland Halo with a 42 1/2 inch shaft in it... and a 15-degree Nickent...

Hybrids have been around for a while just the big companies just didn't jump on to the idea until this decade... Spalding made a complete set of hybrids 1-SW back in the eighties... I happen to have a one and two iron hybrid from that set...

I'm just wondering, one of you guys may be a rare exception and carry a 1-iron or an 11-wood... but this is just a discussion...

And iacas I am definite tired of people hating on the three-iron... I carry a two-iron so I definitely can't hate on it.

What's in Shane's Bag?     

Ball: 2021 :srixon: Z-Star XV

Driver: :touredge: Exotics E723 12° H: :callaway: Apex UT Pro 17°, :touredge: C722 21°, 23°

I (6-PW, AW, GW, SW) :touredge: Exotics E722

Putter: Meridian Charleston with my daughters names (Alina and Zoey) on the rear bumpers.

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I tried my 4 iron today and took out my hybrid. I would have to say the two times I used my 4 iron, I boogie both holes, where as if I had my hybrid, I am certain there was a better chance to par or birdie the holes.

I put the 4 iron back in my bag because I was hitting my irons so well. I am going to put the hybrid back in my bag.

Titleist 910 D2 9.5 Driver
Titleist 910 F15 & 21 degree fairway wood
Titleist 910 hybrid 24 degree
Mizuno Mp33 5 - PW

"Yonex ADX Blade putter, odyssey two ball blade putter, both  33"


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I tried my 4 iron today and took out my hybrid. I would have to say the two times I used my 4 iron, I

That sounds like fun.

The original questions Part one what is the longest true iron in your bag... (hybrids don't count) Four iron Part two anyone still carrying 7, 9, or 11 woods? The four iron sometimes gets replace by a 7 wood. Part three: Which irons are you replacing your hybrids with? I have no hybrids because I have 4 wedges in the bag. My 5 wood is a 1-iron (for me). I can make it a 2 or 3 iron by gripping down on it.

Best, Mike Elzey

In my bag:
Driver: Cleveland Launcher 10.5 stiff
Woods: Ping ISI 3 and 5 - metal stiffIrons: Ping ISI 4-GW - metal stiffSand Wedges: 1987 Staff, 1987 R-90Putter: two ball - black bladeBall: NXT Tour"I think what I said is right but maybe not.""If you know so much, why are you...

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Part one-
Longest iron in my bag is a 3 iron

Part two-
I dont carry a 7, 9, or 11 wood

Part three-
I never had a two iron, but I got a Callaway FT Hybrid 2 iron. I also carry four wedges, so the only "woods" I have are the hybrid and the driver.
driver- X460 tour 9.5 Aldila NVS 75
irons- X-forged 3-PW TT BlackGold stiff
wedges- x-tour vintage 52, 56, 60
hybrid- FT-hybrid #2 17* putter- Sophia 33" "If everything seems under control, you're just not going fast enough."_Mario Andretti
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Part 1- My longest Iron is a 2 iron.

Part 2- I don't own a wood higher then a 5 wood.

Part 3- I use no hybrids, I carry 3 wedges, so I have a 3 wood in the bag.
In the Bag:

Driver 10.5 r7 460 ti Reax regular shaft
3 Wood 15.5 LD F Speed Aldila NV stiff shaft
Hybrids 19 Tour Burner Rescue Reax stiff shaft. 21 degree torch series saber shaftIrons Sliver Scot 4-pw Rifle 5.0 shaftsSand Wedge 56 Degree Cg10 Black pearl finish 2 dotLob Wedge 60...
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I'm going to get a 2-iron, i hit my 3-iron off the tee a lot, and rarely off the fairway, so I'm going to replace the 3 with a 2. Possibly Ping i10.

Highest wood is a 5-wood but it's out of the bag (hybrid in)

And my hybrid was the bridge the gap between 3 iron and 3 wood initially, might change it or take it out when the 2-iron comes. It'll come in and out depending on the course im playing.

Taylormade R9 10.5 L Grafalloy Prolaunch Platinum stiff 65g
Taylormade R9 15 NU YS+6 stiff 65g
Taylormade R9 19 NU YS+6 stiff 65g
Taylormade Tour Preferred 4-PW KBS Tour X-Stiff Cleveland CG12 RTG+ DSG 51Cleveland CG12 RTG+ DSG 55Cleveland CG12 RTG+ DSG 59Yes! Tracy II putterTitleist...

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part 1- will be a 2 iron soon, looking at a g/i 10, r7 etc,

part 2- 5 wood is the highest.

part 3- NONE! i hate hybrids.

|Callaway FT-9 Tour Neutral 9.5 Diamana BlueBoard| TaylorMade TourLaunch 14.5 Matrix Ozik F7M2 X| Adams Idea Pro 20 Matrix Ozik Altus X| Mizuno MP-32 4-PW TTDG S300|Titleist Vokey 50| Tour Issue Titleist Black Ni Vokey SM 54|Callaway X Forged 62 || Kirk Currie Brazos| Callaway Tour IX/...

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I have an old 1 iron blade in my bag. It's just for kicks because I had two extra spots before I got my new driver. I got it for $0.25 at a thrift store. I've yet to hit it on a course, but I plan on seeing what I can do with it on the range soon.

1. So, technically, a 5 iron is the highest iron I actually use.
2. A 3 wood.
3. A 3 hybrid that replaced my 5 wood, and a 4 hybrid that replaced my 4 iron.
What's in the bag... ( Revolver)

Driver: Big Bertha Diablo 8*
3 Wood: 4DX Fairway 15*
3I-PW: X20 Tours (Rifle Project X Flighted 6.0)Wedges: CG12 Black Pearl 50* 54* SM Vokey X-Forged 58* C GrindPutter: Classic #2 66* lieBalls: Various
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I carry a 7 and 9 wood because I find them easier to hit then the 3 & 4 irons.

I own some hybrids but I've pulled them from the bag; sometimes I'll replace the 5 iron.

"You can live to be a hundred if you give up all the things that make you want to live to be a hundred." Woody Allen
My regular pasture.

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4-iron = longest iron

only FW metal I have is 3-wood

I have two hybrids an 18* and a 20*... they replace my 3-iron and my 5-wood or 2-iron depending how you want to look at it.

last 3 weeks I have hit my 20* hybrid from yardages of about 205-215 into a few Par 5's... stuck four shots within 15 feet and have made exactly 0 eagles thus far this year. I can land the ball so softly with a little baby fade on my hybrid and have no problems turning the ball the other way either... I just have so much more control with the hybrid... now if I could only drop an eagle putt soon.
My Clubs: Callaway FT-i Tour LCG 9.5° w/ Matrix Ozik Xcon 6 stiff; Sonartec GS Tour 14° w/ Graphite Design Red Ice 70 stiff; Adams Idea Pro 2h(18°) & 3h(20°) w/ Aldila VS Proto 80 stiff; Adams Idea Pro Forged 4-PW w/ TT Black Gold stiff; Cleveland CG12 DSG RTG 52°-10° & 58°-10°; Odyssey...
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I didn't vote because I don't know whether or not to count my 3-iron (MP FLI-HI) as an iron or as a hybrid. If it counts, 3-iron. Else, 4-iron.

-- Michael | My swing! 

"You think you're Jim Furyk. That's why your phone is never charged." - message from my mother

Driver:  Titleist 915D2.  4-wood:  Titleist 917F2.  Titleist TS2 19 degree hybrid.  Another hybrid in here too.  Irons 5-U, Ping G400.  Wedges negotiable (currently 54 degree Cleveland, 58 degree Titleist) Edel putter. 

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Awards, Achievements, and Accolades

I've got a 4 iron.

I've got a 5W as my lowest fairway metal.

I threw my clubs into the lake so it's time to start over...

Driver: Great Big Bertha II 10°, Callaway System 60 Firm
Woods: Tour 2400 Plus 3
Hybrid: 19.0° 503 H, Adila NV 85 SIrons: X20 4-GWPutter: Studio Select Newport 2

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1. 2-iron - I like hitting my 2-iron off the tee and don't carry a 3. I can work with the 2-iron easy enough to make it play like a 3.
2. I've never had any of these.
3. I don't have any hybrids. Driver, 3-wood, and then a bunch of irons and wedges.

I will judge my rounds much more by the quality of my best shots than the acceptability of my worse ones.

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Well, I have the big bertha irons so my lower clubs are already hybrids...well kinda hybrids, not completely...

but i also have a five wood.
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  • Administrator
Part one what is the longest true iron in your bag... (hybrids don't count)

1) 3-iron. My hybrid replaced a Ping Eye 2 2-iron I used to have. Never cared for the 5-wood.

2) Not here. I had one in high school briefly when they were a bit of a rage. One time, for fun, into a strong headwind I hit a 7-wood I had. The ball went up, up, back, back, and landed behind me. I hit that shot about four times in a row, moving backwards down the fairway after making great contact each time. 3) 2-iron. BTW, I think some people didn't notice that the poll question was a bit different than the thread topic/title suggests. You can pick multiple choices in the poll. That explains why there's 28 4-irons, but only 24 8-irons right now. 4 people just seem to have chosen "4-iron" and nothing else.

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Awards, Achievements, and Accolades

1) 3 iron...
2) No, not anymore...
3) I don't use hybrids, so I guess I'll just stick with my 3 and 5 wood...

I may start using hybrids in the near future , but not for now...

CPGA Member
Eagles Nest Golf Club
Toronto Highlands Golf

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1. 4i
2. Just a 3 wood
3. I carry a 22* Nike CPR hybrid to replace my 3i, but since I hit hybrids farther I also carry a 26*.

In my bag:
Driver: 907D1 10.5*, Aldila Spec-Grid S67 reg
Woods: Looking for a wood. Titleist 906F4 or Nike CPR.
Utility: CPR 2-3 hybrids, 22*-26*Irons: 755 Forged 4-PW, Tri-Spec Steel RegWedges: Vokey 200 series 56.10 SW, 60.04 LWPutter: Tracy 33"Ball: DT CarryI mark my Titleist by...

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1) 4 Iron - It plays at 26°

2) I carry a 15° 3 wood, and have an 18° 5 wood that just made it into play

3) I am test driving a 23° (measured 22° at the store) adams hybrid pro gold for the gap in my irons.

Note: I always find myself experimenting. I have even tried playing rounds on some courses (links style) where I only have driving Irons in the bag and no woods (besides the driver). I find that for everyday play however it takes too much to get a 1 or 2 Iron high enough to land on the green and have it stick, and its much easier to throw darts with a 5 wood, we'll see about the hybrid.
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