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PGA Championship


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Count me as one of the guys eagerly anticipating the PGA, I can't wait!!

My picks:

Winner- Phil Mickelson. Clearly he's playing well by the Bridgestone result, he'll work on what cost him there and he'll bounce back. Vijay won't win cuz he can't putt, simple as that. Westwood is a good pick, but not gonna happen for big L this week. Sergio....he's a mush head, no way.

Sleeper- DL3 has gotten a lot of press from the experts as someone who might contend and I'm with them, I expect a top 15 from Davis, I would love to see him actually win! Hunter Mahan might sneak up in the mix as well, a solid finish would cement his Ryder Cup status and then hold on for all of the talk of his comments earlier regarding players being slaves....

Emotional Fav (to me)- Bubba Watson. I'd love to see Bubba get back in the middle of winning, he seems to be in a bit of a valley right now, he's due to break out and finish real high. Let's get Bubba in the mix and get him some Ryder Cup looks!!!

Disappointments- Sergio Garcia. Geoff Ogilvy. Kenny Perry. Vijay Singh.
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Disappointments- Sergio Garcia. Geoff Ogilvy. Kenny Perry. Vijay Singh.

I agree with Sergio. And I'd throw Phil into the disappointment list after last Sunday's 3 late bogeys (ouch); a popular pick, yes, but having a rough go these last couple of years. IMHO, KP's 3 wins this season moves him into the higher possibles list.
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I saw an interesting stat and I think it was something like seven players who finished runner-up at the US Open went on to win the PGA Championship.

I'm pumped for the event too except for the fact I won't be able to see the 3rd and 4th rounds.
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I've seen a lot of people listing Sergio as a disappointment, but I just can't see why. He always seems to put himself in contention, even if he has a shaky round or two during the week. I don't think he will win at Oakland Hills, but he should play well. He is possibly the best ball striker not named Tiger Woods, and that will enable him to put his approach shots in scoring positions. His putting is always suspect, but he can two-putt for pars all week and still be just fine. The scoring won't be that good for the most part, and that will definitely play in his favor just as it did at The Players.
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Awards, Achievements, and Accolades

My Fearless Predictions for the PGA Championship

1. Tiger Woods will not win.
2. At least two players will shoot a round in the 80s on Thursday and not come back for Friday.
3. John Daly will not be one of the players who withdraw.
4. The 36-hole leader will fall out of contention during the weekend with two rounds over 75.
5. The 36-hole leader will hail from the Southern Hemisphere.
6. For all of the hullabaloo about Kenny Perry and Rocco Mediate coming into this tournament, neither will finish in the top 25.
7. An Asian player will finish in the top 10. (By "Asian," I mean a player representing an Asian country. In other words, Vijay Singh and Anthony Kim don't count.)
8. Speaking of Anthony Kim, he will not be a factor during most of the weekend, but will still sneak into a top-15 finish.
9. Phil Mickelson will play in one of the final three groups on Sunday.
10. The winning player will shoot a round of 68 or better on Sunday.
11. The winning score will be 276, 4 under par.
12. The winning player will be under 30 years of age.
13. The winning player will not be European.
14. A club pro will finish the tournament inside the top 40.
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Sergio for his first major.


Im gonna pick Phil to be a contender in there Sergio to win and I think Bubba Watson may surprise if he can string a few good rounds together. He was sneaky good at the 07 US Open when it was a tough one.
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Note: This thread is 4787 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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    • Let us know how it goes. 
    • Cost and time.   THanks..have to give it a try..just trying to get back into my set without investing $$ for the time being..TY!
    • From yesterday's round. Approach to the green was a little long, and my ball was sitting on the back fringe. Large pile of coyote shit between the hole and my ball. The putt was right to left breaking so luckily my line was maybe 2-3 feet to the right of the turd, and there wasn't much chance of rolling into it, unless I hit a terribly offline putt, or got unlucky with a deflection off a bump in the fringe (which is quite beat up where my ball came to rest).
    • You're not supposed to change your vote. 😛 The problem with that is that the "shotgun pattern" doesn't account for the putts that go in. Yes, the distributions of both get larger. Bobby should have studied probability more. A putt going toward the hole, if mis-directed, can go left or right. Both result in a miss. A putt that is missing the hole, if mis-directed, can go left or right. One may result in a make, the other is still a miss. Bumps (if large enough to deflect the ball a little over an inch or so, and if close enough to the hole for a miss to become a make) have a negative outcome 100% of the time when the ball is going in, and a positive outcome 50% of the time when the ball is going to miss. Or to put it in absolute terms, every bump on a ball that would be going in the middle has a negative outcome - it steers the ball farther away from the center of the hole, and every bump that steers the ball on a putt that's missing has a 50% chance of "helping" by steering it in the right direction. Nope. You can join Bobby Jones in the statistics/probability class. 🙂 These bumps aren't knocking the ball feet farther away. They're not tees randomly stuck in the ground. They're just bumps on a putting green. That's the kind of road you can lead yourself down when you don't just look at it logically. 😄 To the majority of you getting this one wrong… Let's make an extreme example. You have one putter that makes 80% of his putts, and another that makes 50%. The gap is 30% or 0.3 strokes (1.2 versus 1.5). You introduce enough randomness that 25% of the putts that were going to go in miss and 5% of the putts that were going to miss go in. The gap is now: 0.8 * .75 + 0.2 * .05 = 61%. 0.5 * .75 + 0.5 * .05 = 40% What was a 30% gap is now a 19% gap. The gap narrows. The good putter is punished, even though he's punished at the same "rates" as the bad putter, at a higher "value" because he hits more putts that would have gone in, while the bad putter hits more putts that could potentially only be directed in. To put it another way, there's a larger possible "negative" adjustment or change for the good putter and a larger possible "positive" adjustment or change for the bad putter. This is true in pretty much* all cases: the more luck plays a role, the less skill plays a role. * I'm a "never say never or always" kinda guy. I can't think of a time when an increase in randomness or luck also increases or at least doesn't reduce skill, but again… see the first sentence here in this asterisk.
    • Why? On 40 foot putts, they both don’t have much of a chance.  It’s the putts inside 15 feet that have the highest Separation Value.  So if a great putter makes 5 of 10 putts at 8 feet (tour average) on tour greens and he missed 1 or 2 more on crappy greens, his percentage changes more. The bad putter is missing more of those anyway, even on good greens.
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