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Anyone enjoying the drink tonight?

Danny Noonan

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Cab is always a good go-to.

Only if you can afford decent ones, which I can't.

I like shiraz/syrah because I find the inexpensive ones hold up better than many other types.
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Only if you can afford decent ones, which I can't.

Dark wines are always good! shiraz/cabernet/syrah oh yeah!

Tonight I've been enjoying my dirt cheap coors light, but also went to a restaurant where my friend works and he was making me stiff drinks for free and I couldn't leave since driving was out of the question at the time. I ask him whats in one of them, he says "ah its not so bad, a shot of vodka, tequila, and rum, and then some grenadine and sweet and sour." I ask jeez why are you making me gay drinks and don't you know I have to drive?
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Youre my boy and all for liking the phillies but I cant get over the LITE arnold palmers. I make my own non light at soda fountains but the artificial sweetener gives me headaches and tastes terrible. If only they made non-light versions of that... 99cent Arizonas are what I practically live off of at work, Green tea, raspberry tea, lemon tea are real winners.

I wish they made it non-Lite, but it tastes pretty good, and it's a lot easier to just throw them into my lunch for school.

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Had the smoothest moonshine I've ever drank last nite. It has just a hint of a coconut taste.

Nice!! had some from West By-Gawd that had a cinnimon hint! Last night I ventured into the Jim Beam RED STAG! Very sweet w/a cola..but if you like cherry coke, its OK!

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today ryan zimmerman of the washington nationals held his charity tournament at our course... i worked the event... lets just say the drinks were flowing freely...
i got there at 6am in the dark... took me 2 hours to set everything up that i needed... by 8am we started drinking... even my boss got tanked... LOL...
they had the budweiser van with 4 taps on the side... a tiki bar... cute beercart girls dishing out jello shooters... all 4 par3's had the hole in one cars... and right beside the cars were good ole beverage stands... LOL
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This really should've been my official newbie post, as I'm a far better drinker than golfer. Anyway, vodka and club soda tonight. I'll never pass up a good scotch (or any scotch really) but it started giving me heartburn. Vodka mixes with anything left in the fridge and minimal hangover. Cheers!
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Been drinking on the girlier side lately. Tonight was a 1:1 of Root Beer Schnapps and Kahlua while writing a paper. I normally mix that 1:1:1 with Vodka, but with the writing and all, decided to tone it down.
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