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2010 Canadian Olympic Hockey Team


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2010 Olympic Hockey: Team Canada
The men's hockey roster for Team Canada at the 2010 Olympic hockey tournament.


Martin Brodeur, 37 (New Jersey Devils)
Roberto Luongo, 30 (Vancouver Canucks)
Marc-Andre Fleury, 25 (Pittsburgh Penguins)

Scott Niedermayer, 36 (Anaheim Ducks)
Chris Pronger, 35 (Philadelphia Flyers)
Shea Weber, 24 (Nashville Predators)
Drew Doughty, 20 (Los Angeles Kings)
Duncan Keith 26 (Chicago Blackhawks)
Dan Boyle, 33 (San Jose Sharks)
Brent Seabrook, 24 (Chicago Blackhawks)

Sidney Crosby, 21 (Pittsburgh Penguins)
Rick Nash, 25 (Columbus Blue Jackets)
Jarome Iginla, 32 (Calgary Flames)
Mike Richards, 25 (Philadelphia Flyers)
Joe Thornton, 30 (San Jose Sharks)
Patrick Marleau, 30 (San Jose Sharks)
Ryan Getzlaf, 24 (Anaheim Ducks)
Brenden Morrow, 31 (Dallas Stars)
Corey Perry, 24 (Anaheim Ducks)
Dany Heatley, 29 (Ottawa Senators)
Eric Staal, 25 (Carolina Hurricanes)
Patrice Bergeron, 25 (Boston Bruins)
Jonathan Toews, 21 (Chicago Blackhawks)

this looks really solid... Went to the Stars game today vs. Canucks, Luongo is strong... With Brodeur as number one and Luongo as backup I think they have to be the favorite... Sid the Kid leading the way with Thornton, Nash, Marleau... Niedermayer as Captain... Playing in Vancouver will obviously create some added pressure but my goodness, this roster is stacked.

Team USA is going to have to play at their absolute best to beat these guys, and beat the other countries as well.
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2010 Olympic Hockey: Team Canada

yep... we're pretty much screwed unless they watch replays of 1980 for a month straight and get inspired.

The US seems to be becoming bigger and bigger underdogs each year... not a good trend. There is some solid yound talent on the team, I just don't think it'll be enough. Maybe with such a young group we can build on that in the comming years and possibly have a good showing in 2014.
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I'm a bit biased being Canadian, but I agree, the US team looks, well, not that strong! (I'm trying to be polite here). Anything can happen, but this would probably be "the upset of Hockey history " if they won. Some of the European teams have GREAT goaltending. Russia, if they can put some of their egos aside (Ovie - Malkin) are strong, as is Sweden...Doesn't look good, boys. All the best though, it should be a good tourney. (Even Burke was kinda giving in a bit, after the announcements. Probably a bit of a ploy, but stemmed from truth...)

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I live 30 miles from Vancouver, but tickets are tough to get and they are very expensive. There are people trying to get $30,000 for a pair of tickets to the gold medal game.

As for the Canadian Olympic Hockey squad, it has been talked about daily on our sports radio since last August when they had the first evaluation camp. I am pretty happy with the final roster; there is a lot of depth. There are 8 guys on it who are captains of their respective NHL clubs. I wish Pronger wasn't on there because I feel he is getting too slow; he got on from reputation IMO. I also am a bit nervous with the Patrice Bergeron selection. Not trying to come off as obnoxious, but Canada could probably put together a 'B' team that would compete well in the tournament. There were a lot of good players left off: Mike Green from the Capitals, Phanuef, Regher, and Boumeester from the Flames, Cammalleri from the Habs, St. Louis and Lecavalier from the Lightning, and the list could go on. Tough job for Stevie Y and the crew to pick the team.

Canada will pretty much shut down for each of the Team Canada games in the Olympics. I think the Russians will be the biggest competition for the Canadians.
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I hate agreeing with all of you, but it is likely true... Canada will get a gold. I am a Wings fan, so it will be nice to see Stevie get the job done, but it still goes against every fiber of my body to root for Canada... but I will make them my 2nd and when the US doesn't make the medal round I will throw my support behind Canada.

It's nothing personal with the Canada thing... it's just that I grew up near Detroit, MI and played hockey all my life (last night in fact). I have travelled all over Ontario playing in tournaments, as well as a few other provinces and most of the Midwest US. Going to Canada and winning a tounament was always one of the best feelings in hockey and we always played just a notch harder against a Canadian team than one from the states... it was an underdog, pride type thing. I even have a joke tee-shirt that says "Canadians are Eh' Holes" and at first glance it looks like a Molson Canadian shirt. People down here in NC don't even get it... not until I wore it to hockey last night someone actual got the joke. Maybe I'm just a little jelious, after all you guys basically dominate the best team sport and make the best beers. I can hardly even find Molson down here, but at least SOME places have Blue. Still, no reteraunts have it.

anyway... enough with my long story... looking forward to watching the Olympics and I hope the US has another miracle in them, but if not GO CANADA and STEVIE.
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I will be rooting for Team USA but also Team Canada... I was born and raised in Texas but three of my best friends are Canadians... If the USA can't win, and it seems unlikely, I say go Canada!

Funny t-shirt, I got that right away... I don't think my Canadian friends would be offended, they'd laugh at that, although they have lived in Texas for quite a while... We have plenty of Molson here in Texas, Molson Canadian is my favorite
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I live 30 miles from Vancouver, but tickets are tough to get and they are very expensive. There are people trying to get $30,000 for a pair of tickets to the gold medal game.

The USA, Sweden and Russia could enter B teams as well. This isn't bobsled or an individual sport, so I guess we'll never know. A few years ago I was watching a downhill skiing world cup event and they played a piece on how it was a tougher competition to just make the Austrian team than the actual world cup events. It sounds like Q school.

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The gold medal is coming back to Canada.

That's just what Ryan Miller and Tim Thomas want you to think. The more Canadians (like me) beak off about how we're taking the gold, the more gritty guys like Ryan Kesler will try to make us eat our words. It should be great theatre - clearly the highlight of the games!!

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2010 U.S. Olympic Men's Ice Hockey Team

Forwards (13)
David Backes
Dustin Brown
Ryan Callahan
Chris Drury
Patrick Kane
Ryan Kesler
Phil Kessel
Jamie Langenbrunner
Ryan Malone
Zach Parise
Joe Pavelski
Bobby Ryan
Paul Stastny

Defensemen (7)
Erik Johnson
Jack Johnson
Mike Komisarek
Paul Martin
Brooks Orpik
Brian Rafalski
Ryan Suter

Goaltenders (3)
Ryan Miller
Jonathan Quick
Tim Thomas
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Team Canada is stacked, to say the least.

I hate to agree with Drew Remenda, but he is right about these Olympics. "This is going to be the best hockey tournament of our generation."
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If Canada, Russia, and Sweden do not take home at least 2 out of 3 Olympic medals, I will be surprised. With Canada's talent and experience, they should easily make the gold medal game. I feel that the Americans have the talent, but it is just not a deep and they do not have the Olympic experience like the other countries. As an American I would love to see them on the top podium at the end, but I do not feel it will happen (Miller will have to be amazing throughout the week). I cannot wait for the Olympics. USA, USA, USA.
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It will be fun to watch. None of Canada's goalies have been particularly sharp in the last couple weeks. All 3 can be phenomenal when they are on, but so can the goalies for Russia, Sweden and USA. You have to wonder whether any of them will stand on their head and steal the show.
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Granted, they were playing Norge, but the Canadians looked good strong today... Iginla with the hat trick and Crosby was Crosby... The Keith to Crosby to Nash to Iginla goal was just sick... Nice to watch passing like that... I thought the US would score more than three goals against Switzerland... I only saw the highlights of the US game so I can't really comment on the full effort but I hope they can pick up the goal scoring, they're going to need it to compete for a medal
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Note: This thread is 4256 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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