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Hole in One - Do You Buy Drinks?


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Hole in One  

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  1. 1. Did/Would you buy the drinks after an ace?

    • Yes - I did/would buy a round for everyone in the clubhouse
    • No - I didn't/wouldn't buy a round for everyone in the clubhouse

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Looks like a resounding NO... bunch of cheap bastards!

It cost me $200 20 years ago... I'm not spending that equivalent at today's prices for a bunch of mooches I don't even know. I'll buy a round for friends, but that's where I draw the line.

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When you get a hole in one at my club they give you a bottle of scotch, you can then choose to leave it on the bar so that everyone who comes in after their round can have a drink from it. I'd be more than happy to do that but I'm not big on the idea of using my own money though.
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I got back to the house they're were three people in the bar... i closed the place on $27.

haha, i would for this amount of $$. otherwise, no, if you get a hole in one it's gotta be like your birthday...only better. unlike your bday, you'll

wanna celebrate this day every year for the rest of your life! to those of you who have achieved this, congrats...i'm still shooting at the golden dragon with the unicorn horn crapping platinum eggs.
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I'd buy drinks for everyone in my group, but not everyone in the clubhouse. My first ace was in a scramble where I knew only four other people (the guys in my group) so I wasn't about to pony up the money for a ton of people I didn't know. Just not doing it.

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i couldn't even fathom a hole in one at this point of my game.........if i did I might be so excited that I would...........but probably not

i agree with everyone in my group, including strangers.

i would think that after buying the house a drink people would be kind enough to treat you the rest of the time you're there..........but in this day and age that probably would not happen.
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I've always thought I would just tell the bartender to run my credit card for $100, then first-come, first-served on drinks.

It's a hole in freaking one! I'm sure not going to celebrate it by slinking to my car and ducking down while driving away.
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At my club (and I think many clubs in the UK) it's traditional for anyone getting a hole in one to purchase a bottle of Whisky and anyone who wants a drink is welcome to a nip. It is not tradition to purchase individual drinks.

I like this tradition, it doesn't cost much (most clubs supply the whisky close to cost) and it allows everyone to join the celebration of a relatively unusual event which is good for club atmosphere.

It's also becoming common in the UK to purchase golf insurance which amongst other things covers 'hole in 1 costs'. Don't know if this is common elsewhere.

To date I've never had an ace - and unbelievably it's nearly 3 years since one was recorded at our club!
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I have never aced a hole. If I did I would follow basic common sense:

1. one round for the people in your group. whether friends, strangers... i don´t care. i would offer them one round to celebrate the event at the 19th
2. if once a the clubhouse there are less than 5 other people at the bar, i´d extend that one round to everyone there.
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I replied "No" but I'm kind of in the middle on this. At my home course I buy Hole-In-One insurance each year that charges me a couple bucks whenever another member gets an ace, but then the club provides those with insurance a drink when an ace is made. If I ever make an ace then I don't buy anything, I get some pro-shop credit (a couple hundred bucks I think) and everyone gets free drinks from the club. Lat season there was 5 or so aces at our club.

If I was playing elsewhere with friends I'd buy those in my group a drink, but not people I didn't know, unless I was a couple cocktails deep then who knows what would happen.

Never had an ace though..... this could be the year!
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Note: This thread is 878 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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