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how often do you change your golf glove

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I get rid of a glove when it tears, But I switch gloves every 5 or 6 holes now since its about 95* on the course during my playing times. I can't rely
on a sweaty glove to help me keep a good grip. I take three good gloves to the course. Cant say it makes me a better scorer but I feel better with a dry glove.

Also the gloves last longer if I rotate through a set regularly. I don't have a particular brand or model I prefer, just that the more leather the better.

Grips last a great deal longer than any glove you may have.
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Can't remember the last time i changed it. It wearing a small hole in the palm where I hold the club as well as on the thumb. I have another in my bag, but this one is broken in and just feels nice so I keep wearing it.
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I usually change my golf glove whenever the glove has a hole in it. Which means around 3 months or so. I don't really have to alternate gloves even when it is 93*, I usually just take the glove off and dry it for a bit, that usually does it.
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I haven't changed mine for 21 years. Took it off half way through one rain soaked round never to put one back on.

Luckily my hands don't sweat so I feel no need to wear a glove. If gloveless was good enough for Hogan, its gotta be good enough for me.

To answer your question, when I did wear a glove, I would change when I wore holes in the finger tips. Never got the palm tear hole.
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I haven't changed mine for 21 years. Took it off half way through one rain soaked round never to put one back on.

It all depends how they fit you personally. For example, the Wilson ProSoft gets the hole in the palm. The FootJoy and Callways get the tears at the seams on the thumb. Some others wear on the fingertips. Mine last maybe 2,000 swings, or two months, whichever comes first.

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Playing most of my golf in hot n humid asia, I normally carry 3 or 4 gloves in my bag and feel the need to chnage at least every 9 holes, sometimes more. I'm a slave to leather gloves, as I've yet to find a synthetic one that fits properly or affords good feel.

Once the gloves get a bit beaten up - they don't normally tear but tend to lose their shape / suppleness - they are relegated to my driving range bag and I replace the downgraded one with a new one. I guess on average I replace 1 glove a month.

Also, gloves tend to last a bit longer if they are looked after - try not to leave sweaty gloves festering in your golf bag - once you get home, let them breathe a little!
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I change glove when it gets ripped up somewhere, ususally in the palm at the base of the thumb. Don't change glove very often really, not compared to before, when my grip and swing was more of a problem.
When I change depend on how much I play.
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I change my grips once a year (just did it this past weekend), at that time I will get 3 new gloves and they will also last the next full year (although I only play 3-4 times a month during the summer). I don't ever wear holes in my gloves so the ones I just replaced will be used at the driving range so I do not wear out the 'game' gloves. The gloves from 2 years ago will go in a ziploc bag for a rainy day. I have enough old gloves I could play in the rain and be able to use one dry glove per hole.

With my 3 glove set up I rotate them every hole so that they have a chance to dry. I have found that this helps them last longer and feel better. I can tell the difference between good and bad grips and new and worn out gloves. The new grips and fresh gloves are a much better combination.
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I use full leather golf clubs, so after awhile they go "crunchy" once they get like that I tend to replace them. (thats my comp gloves) I usually have around 5 gloves in the bag when I play comps and will change them once I feel they are a little bit sweaty. But I will buy 1 new gloves ever 2 weeks or so. As for my practicse glove I get given 1 per week. (i have some funding, were people pay for my golf gloves and balls) I hit around 200 blass per day, so I do tend to wear practise gloves quite fast.
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Note: This thread is 4146 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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