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Your 2011 Golf Goals Official Thread


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Not sure if I posted here yet or not but my main goal is to break 80. I got my clubs fit over the winter, so I hope that helps. First time out I shot a 107 with a birdie (my main problem was getting off the tee). The next round (Easter Sunday) I shot a 90 with 2 birdies and 1 eagle putt on a par 5. I got new woods in between the two outtings and dropped 17 strokes, amazing.

So hopefully with the purchase of a new driver to have a full set I will be breaking 80 in no time!

2013 Goal:


Single digit handicap

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Started playing last fall.     Bought a local muni membership & expect to play 2-3X per week (just not sure my body is going to hold up - I'm finding out the golf swing isn't easy on this old, ok middle aged body).     By years end, I want to be a solid bogie golfer.     Everything is lining up, just gotta eliminate the fat iron shots & 3 putts ...


Fav LT Quote ... "you can talk to a fade, but a hook won't listen"

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Awards, Achievements, and Accolades

1. Improve lag putting in order to get rid of 3 putts which is the reason for my bad rounds 90% of the time.

2. Bring my GIR's up to around 5 through 9 holes. (Its about 3 at this point.)

3. Make it into the top 6 players of my high-school golf team in order to play in the county championship. (I am starting to play in the top 6 after making mjor improvements in my play but now i have to make sure I can play well consistently)

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1. Break 90 or maybe 95

2. find the perfect ball for my game (using cheap Dunlop Loco right now)

3. beat the crap out of my buddies all summer long

4. improve my putting

5. play 4-5 courses I've never played before especially "Royal Oaks" and "Fox Creek"

Driver:  X Hot 10.5

Fairway:  X Hot 3 & 5

Hybrids:  Diablo Edge #3 21* & #4 24*

Irons:  Razr X Tour 5-AW

Wedges:  X series Jaws CC 56.12

Putter:  Protype Tour Series #6:rife: Trinidad

Bag:  B3 Cart Bag GPS: Garmin S1 watch Shoes: :nike:

Cart:  2.0 Ball:  Chrome Soft

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I am not a big hitter so I just want a reasonable GIR.

I concentrate on greenside activity.

So my aims are a 2.0 putting average. High percentages in Sand Saves and Scrambles.

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I don't think I posted in this year's goals thread yet.

1. Break 85 (have done it twice already this year)

2. Get handicap 15 or below

3. Play a new course outside my local area

4. Improve putts-per-hole

5. Begin training for 2012 local amateur tournament (for my handicap flight)

Callaway Org14 Sport w/ Clicgear Cart:

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Originally Posted by darkhunter139

1. Break 100

2. Improve my GIR

3. Improve my chipping

4. Golf a lot!

1. Broke 100 already so I am going to change this goal to break 90.

Everything else stays the same.

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1) Try to get back to scratch, which is a lot of work since my swing is a mess right now.

2) Find a golf hat that I like.

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1) Break 80 on a (decent) course. I don't really birdie a lot of holes, but hit a lot of pars once I get going. Just gotta stay away from the big numbers and it should be attainable.

2) Get a hole-in-one. Been golfing for 10+ years now, still trying...

In My Bag:
Driver: :cleveland:  Hi-Bore XLS
Irons: :cleveland:  CCi 3i-PW
Wedges: :nike:  VR V-Rev Cast Black-Satin
Putter: :ping:  IC 20-10A

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My goals.

1. Shot even par (lowest round 78)

2. Play smart golf.

3. Beat my father (he is a 5.3 handicap, beat him once last year and I just want to beat him on a regular basis)

4. Go to the range 2 or 3 times a month (I go now once every 2 months or so)

5. Hole in one would be great.

 Superfast 2.0 Driver 10.5*

 Superfast 2.0 3 Wood 15*

G5 hybrid 19*

i20 4 - PW, UW, SW, LW

 G2i Craz E Putter



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Been keeping my golf stats -- Greens in Regulation, puts, Penalties, Pars, Birdies, Doubles.

Based on my stats I should be playing a lot lower than I am.  I suppose the best goal I can come up with is no more double/triple Bogeys.  If I can course manage better and pay attention to scoring instead of getting frustrated over one shot I have a good chance I can break 80s consistently.

In the meantime I bide my time.  Take down my states and dream of the day of double/triple free rounds of golf .... let the lower scores begin!

Vic aka Ringworld aka Community Director at Greenskeeper.org aka All Around Nice Guy.

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1. Break 70

2. Win one of my 6 Indiana Junior Tour events

...maybe both at once!

srixon.png.c29104d99ab6ca6ecb927e9dd97b26f1.png    Z785 Driver 10.5° Tour AD BB 7x    |    F65 4W Tour AD TP 7x    |    Z765 4-PW Dynamic Gold X100 AMT    |     Z-Star Ball

TM.png.36c3c24d72a4ac809b0def631452f3ba.png    M3 4H HZRDUS Black    |    Spider Tour Putter

titleist.png.c92d01bf6404c1675a5e518a7447f2c6.png  Vokey SM7 50° 55° 60° Dynamic Gold S400 Tour Issue Black

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Awards, Achievements, and Accolades

1. Break 80 on my home course at least once this year.  (Lowest is 82 so far)

2. Get handicap down to single digit index.  (currently 12.5)

3. Improved accuracy with irons which will lead to more GIR.  (Have already seen improvement as GIR are up to 37% over last 10 rounds and 43% over last 5 rounds)

4. Improve driver distance and accuracy.  (I was hitting my 3wood as far and way more consistent than my driver.  Got a few tips on setup and flattening my swing from the pro and now my driver distance and accuracy are improving every week.)

5. Get a hole in one.

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Note: This thread is 4038 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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  • Posts

    • Just wondering if anyone who has had a knee or hip replaced still can play as you once had?
    • I made peace with my driver. I'm hitting it better than I've ever hit it... or rather maybe I've finally been fit into one that works for me. Or I finally figured out how to hit it. It's probably the latter, because I can't believe that changing the loft from 10.5 to 11.25 and adding 150 rpm spin has made that much difference in ball flight. I did this three rounds ago. I was hitting around 32% fairways with it. The last 3 rounds I've been in the upper 50s%. I don't slice anyway. 
    • Day 61 (9/24/22): I worked on impact position in very abbreviated swings with real golf balls. Then I played about 12 holes at PGA West Stadium Course on the simulator. That. Course. Is. Unbelievably. Difficult. Good luck if you miss a green basically anywhere. Holy moly. I’m going to Palm Springs and was planning to play it so I think I need to play it about 50 times on the sim before I go there. 
    • Day 14: Still working on grip thing, maybe too much (blisters), and to the point of overthinking things (feeling flummoxed addressing the ball right now). We'll see how it goes in tomorrow's round, but still feel limited to 3/4 swings to contact the ball solidly. Planning to record some swings tomorrow afternoon, but it's a busy day, so maybe Monday.
    • 101.  It felt better than that though because I had two catastrophic par 3's ( a 7 and an 8 ) that put me over the 100 mark. If I would've just double bogey'd those two holes I'd have shot a 96. And I putted exceptionally poorly. It's usually a stronger part of my game, but I had a couple that stopped and peaked in the hole without going in and a few I misread so badly.  This whole counting-every-shot thing is tough. 🙂
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