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Your 2011 Golf Goals Official Thread


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1. Establish an official handicap. The one in my profile is a guess. Probably pretty close to accurate, but not official.

2. Cut said handicap in half by the end of the year.

3. Play in more local am tournaments.

4. Finish in the top 50% of a tournament. I'm usually near the bottom. If I meet this goal, it changes to top 25%.

5. Make the cut in the city tournament. This is really my number 1 goal (my major). An extremely poor showing in this tourney in 2009 set me on my re-dedication to the game. I set the goal of making the cut in two years. Usually it's around 150 for the two rounds and if I can meet the previous goals, this should be possible.

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My last years goals very pretty general, hoping to keep it more focused this time, these are my 2011 goals:

1.  Handicap to 7 or under

2.  Focus more on putting, get a sub 30 putting round.

3.  Work on wedge shots, the low 60 yard spinner.

4.  If I buy equipment, focus on replacing 2-iron(or new shaft for that club), nothing else (the fault is the swing, .....)

5.  Finish top 5 in my group in the club championship.

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The Adam Goodman Project:

1. Medal in 5 or more high school matches

2. Make the All-NCCC team

3. Compete in the Connecticut Jr. PGA

4. Finish in the top 10 in a Connecticut JPGA event

5. Bring handicap into the 2's

6. Bring putting average under 1.80

7. Get at least 5 instruction sessions

8. Practice 4-5 times a week at least.

9. Get more interest from college recruiters

10. Break 70.

Oh yeah, and improve my disgustingly horrendous scrambling percentage!

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I started playing golf July 2010 and just got my first set of clubs two weeks ago.

1. Get to a 18 HCP (maybe unrealistic, but it's my target)

2. Play at least 80 rounds

3. Get my putting average to 2.15 (currently 2.41)

Main problems right now;

- 4i, 5i, 6i has a strong draw / hook.

- I have no fairway woods or hybrids which means currently a gap from Driver to 7i that I can hit fairly consistently well.

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Lofty Goals:

1. Shoot even par

2. Index to 5.0 or better

Normal goals

1. Play at least 4 times per month

2. Reduce 3 putts

3. Top 10 in Club Championship

4. Shoot in the 70's more consistently

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1]  Break 100 consistently

2]  Finish my at-home short game practice area, hopefully this will help #1

3]  Become a better wedge player, hopefully this will also help #1

4]  Spend more time on putting practice, again to help with #1

5]  Work on clearing my hips and consistently squaring up the club face at impact

6]  Birdie at least once this year

7]  Break 90 at least once before 2011 ends

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My first post might as well be my goals for the year. Took up golf again in August after having not played since high school, about a 9 year stretch (very sad now that I did not play all those years.

1) Tame my driver - increase fairway percentage, currently at about 25%

2) Increase the accuracy of my pitches/chips/

3) Break 85 - It's a stretch right now, but I'm determined.

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Just started playing last year and wanted to get my handicap under 20 and get my first birdie. I got down to a 15.9 and had ten birdies. My 2011 goals, which it's cold and snowy here will have wait a couple months, Is to get down to a 12 HND and get my first eagle, lol.

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Two goals:

1) Play more - since all the practice in the world for me is no use when I play < 15 rounds per season

2) try to turn 3 into 2 - from 100 yards and in - or 4 into 3 - or 5 into 4 ......

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Note: This thread is 3670 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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    • We walked around a bit. Watched some tee shots on 10 and then walked up ten and showed the guys I was with 17.  Then we walked over to 13 where I like to watch the tee shots.  It is possibly my favorite hole on the course.  It is a bit of a walk but is a little less busy over there.  Grandstands on 18 would be great as well or #1 tee box grandstand but good luck.  Haha  
    • thanks!  Did you walk around most of the time or was there a spot you liked hanging out to watch particularly?
    • I'm really hoping for a Brooks/Bryson pairing.
    • Who do we think will be the 1st pairings going out tomorrow for both teams? We will find out tomorrow evening but curious what everyone thinks. Hoping for is cool also. 
    • I agree. But I also think too much is being made of European "team bonding" and US player individualism. It's not like the US guys don't care once they're on the course, and aren't trying to hit great shots or make putts. At most, maybe the Europeans just spend more time preparing because the RC is a bigger deal to them.
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