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Anyone Still Playing with the Titleist DCI 990 Irons?

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I used to play the DCI 981 for over 20 years; really neat set of clubs.  I felt the need for more forgiveness so I moved to the Forged 804 os about 2 years ago.  Absolutely love the forged feel; and I can work the ball both ways.  Never tried the 990s but that may be in the offing soon.

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My first new unused set of irons where actually this model. I learned how to play on the DCI model before these. I don't particularly have nostalgic memories of them. The longer irons where not very forgiving from what I remember and where difficult sometimes to get in the air out of the rough. But I used them up until around the time the 735 CM came out. The 735 cm is the model of iron I used in all three of the USGA am events ive qualified for, so those are kind of the nostalgic ones for me. 

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I've Posted here a few years ago.  I've tried other clubs but I still play and use as my main clubs the 990B's and it is 2021. Are these clubs really 20 years old? I play better with them than any other club I have tried.  Tried and true.  They are still in great shape. Handicap from 7 down to 0.9 since my last post.  I'm now working them both ways and they are great.  Love the bounce and smaller size.  Higher bounce iron sets this size are hard to find; I still haven't found any that compete.

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I’ve been playing my 990’s since 1999…in fact, I played them today. The STILL feel SO PURE….when you flush them. I’m in the market for a new set of sticks though as I feel after 20+yrs I’d like to benefit from some add’l distance perhaps. 

I’m looking at Taylormade p770s or maybe the p7mc.

Also though, I love my 990s so much I’ve thought about maybe just having them de-lofted some to match current loft trends and thinking maybe I’d get some distance that way too.

When I flush my 990s It’s almost like you can’t even feel the ball come off the face. 

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1 hour ago, LMQ said:

I’ve thought about maybe just having them de-lofted some to match current loft trends

There’s more to new club technology than just ‘stronger lofts.’ The technology allows higher launches and faster ball speed. The lofts are adjusted to compensate so that a 7i still behaves like a 7i in regards to holding greens, trajectory. 

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