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What'd You Shoot Today?

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2 double bogeys at Vistoso on the northside of Tucson and finished with a 78. Lipped out 3 birdie putts in the first 4 holes and probably 6 all day. Such crap. Could have been even so easily. Played well. I've played this course a couple times.

Sunday played Ventana Canyon's Mountain Course. Never played the mountain course there before. Unbelievably beautiful and a really fun course. 38 on the front with 1 double, a bogey and a birdie. Fell apart on the back. Very hot and I was tired from partying the night before. In Tucson for a bachelor party. 42. 80 wasnt THAT bad but still not good at all. I need to get my 3 wood working. That club is guaranteed 300yds off the tee but I havent hit a wood in 3 years so I need practice.
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Had the game of my life this morning. Shot my age - 68. Par   4   4   4   3   5   4   5   3   4   36     4   3   5   3   4   4   5   4   4    36   72 Me    4   4   3   2   5   3   6   2   4 

41-39-80 at Stoneleigh Golf & CC other than a topped first drive and a couple of 3 putts played pretty well in a windy day with @GolfLug @billchao @Hardspoon And the Aimpoint class with

CAREER BEST! Played my home course. Birdie at 1 to get the day rolling and never looked back. 3 birds on the front to one bogey to play the front -2. Had 2 birdies and 2 bogeys on back for an even bac

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Shot 84 today, couldn't putt worth a darn. It's hard to get used to Arizona greens, they're much faster than Missouri.

I figured out the greens a little better today and shot 77 at Troon North (fantastic course).

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I played at a little course in Oakham, MA called Quail Hollow that I actually kinda like. It's got a pretty fun back nine (only not fun to walk). I played here Saturday, and then just got back from 18 today.

Shot +11, 81 Saturday, and then +9, 79 today.

12 bogeys, 3 birdies today. The only good thing was the 3 birdies. I've discovered that my putter is now my favorite club in the bag. I'm starting to love it again.
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86(+16) today. Played the best nine of my life on the front posting a 38(+3). Then the whole round just fell apart. Started out the back with two bogies, a double, a par, two more doubles, a bogey, my first triple of the year, and then a bogey for a 48 on the back.

I'm just really frustrated due to the fact I had my lowest nine hole score ever on the front followed by the worst nine hole score of the year on the back. I just had to shoot a 41 on the back which I can easily do and found myself in the 70's for the first time in my career.

To make matters worse, I was playing a guy who I have played with at least 30 times in the past year and have never beaten him in 18 holes. I was up 8 after 13 holes, then he cut it to 5 after 15 and I blew that five stroke lead in the last three holes. He beat me by nine strokes over the final five holes to beat me once again.
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Shot a 77 (+5) today. Was a course I really wanted to break 80 on today. Tough front (42), and I thought it was gonna be a hard come around for me to make it. Birdied 10, 13, 15, with bogeys on 11 and 14 to come back in -1 (35). Felt real good
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58 on a 9 hole par 36. My game has fallen apart. I can not hit anything longer then a 7 iron. Hooking, Chunking, Pushing I am doing it all. My game is a disaster the last 2 weeks
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picked up a club for the first time in 3 weeks yesterday (frustrating that i haven't played) and it showed. shot an 82. played another 18 this evening and shot a 76. was -1 after the first 9. that usually tends to happen. do well on the front and then lose it on the back. its like i have some sort of golf ADD
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Played a course for the first time today. The Fariways had a ton of winter kill still lingering but starting to comeback. Shot 80, my buddy and I were playing for the first time and a little local knowledge would have helped. It was so hot that when we teed off at 2 we pretty much were alone. We hung around a little hoping a regular would show to guide us and school us a little, but no such luck. Wasted good shots on a Par three that while the green was wide, I have never seen one shallower, 14 paces front edge to back severe drop off long. Hit a pond with a drive that was just over a hill. Other than that it was a testy track that we'll play again, hopefully with a better result, and a guide. LOL!
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36 (even par) for 9 holes this morning. Everything has been working lately. I feel like my game is in "mid-season" form. Of course you never know when it will disappear again. Such is my love-hate relationship with this game.

A friend of mine said: "golf is like a woman. Pay not enough attention and she'll get mad (i.e., your game will go south). And just when you think you got it figured out and get comfortable, BAM!!! she'll through a curve (i.e., your game will go south)"
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Shot a 109 at the local Par 65 course today. Didn't get the score I wanted, but I was getting the ball in the air and had some good shots. Still can't hit my irons as far as I should though.
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Shot a 76 (+6) on a really tight course today (Rancho Manana in Scottsdale AZ). Putted pretty decently again today with 29 putts. First time ever I've broken 80 on back to back rounds!
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Shot a 44 for 9 this morning. I've been hovering around the 45-49 mark lately for 9 holes.

It's frustrating because I know it could be better, if it wasn't for the 2nd hole, a Par 3 that I triple bogeyed.

But I did sink a 50 foot putt for par on the 7th, so all good!

I feel that if I could only keep my head in the game on every shot I could shoot low 40s and maybe, just maybe a 39!

As you can read I play 9 holes alot more often then 18.

Heading to Bluff Point this weekend for an 18!
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I played TPC Tampa Bay yesterday. Shot a 97!....when you got away from the fairway, the rough was horrific! I started out Par, Par, then all went downhill. For some reason, I was pulling to the left......this made for a forgettable round.

The course is in terrific shape.......greens were off the meter!
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Damn. Very nice. I need a to get a few rounds under par. I don't care what anyone says, 30 would be pretty decent. Work on those putts.
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    • I haven't made one yet, will see if I can get a video later
    • How do you hit them? If you hit them where you want them, I’d leave them alone. I’m assuming a big change like that came with a fitting, so I’d ask the fitter to take a look, and make recommendations.
    • Thanks Colin. We’ve played the Spa course and it’s a fun track. I was hoping to hit a place on the way up the Thruway that we’ve never been to. Your thoughts on the Fairways at Halfmoon ?
    • It doesn't work that way. The dry erase will rub off the ball as it rolls in the grass. However, if you put the dry erase on the ball, it easily transfers to the clubface. Again, I do it all the time. Dry erase rubs off as the balls roll in the grass. The guys at the range will never know, nor care that you've drawn lines on the range balls.    I've done the dry erase things literally hundreds of times on grass, no issues at all. Works every time.  The face of my woods are also black, I can tell you for sure that purple dry erase shows up really well and rubs off really easily. You can always spray foot powder, but foot powder won't give you the vertical (ideally) line that the dry erase marker will give you.  Trust me, get a dry erase marker for doing lie angle tests and strike location tests. You won't be sorry. Then you can save your sharpies for marking your golf ball to identify it from all the other folks playing PROV-1's. 
    • I am surprised that they let you do that.  Courses around me say "2 golfers; 1 cart".  There is no negotiation.  My parents aren't vaccinated, and I golf with my Dad, and in the same cart.  No worries from me.
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