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What'd You Shoot Today?

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Had the game of my life this morning. Shot my age - 68. Par   4   4   4   3   5   4   5   3   4   36     4   3   5   3   4   4   5   4   4    36   72 Me    4   4   3   2   5   3   6   2   4 

41-39-80 at Stoneleigh Golf & CC other than a topped first drive and a couple of 3 putts played pretty well in a windy day with @GolfLug @billchao @Hardspoon And the Aimpoint class with

CAREER BEST! Played my home course. Birdie at 1 to get the day rolling and never looked back. 3 birds on the front to one bogey to play the front -2. Had 2 birdies and 2 bogeys on back for an even bac

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I shot a strange 43 on the back nine at Whit Lake Oaks. I say strange because the first 4 holes I was 6 over with three doubles and a par. The next two I bogeyed and the last three I parred. I actually hit the ball reasonably well off the tee. I did hit one on the first tee that went OB and helped lead to my opening double. The second double came off a skulled chip when my tee shot ended 10 yards short of the green. My third double followed a perfect tee shot and a decent approach from 220 that ended up just right of the green. Another skull, a shanked chip and two putts later double number three. I shanked another chip on the 14th that led to a two putt bogey. A topped 3 wood on 15 left me with another bogey. I missed a four footer for birdie on 16. Two putt par on 17 and a great recovery after a pulled lay up on 18 left me with a 10 foot putt from the fringe for birdie.

The crazy part is I can count at least 6 shots that I threw away. That isn't even turning doubles into pars.
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42-ish on a 9 holer, match play. I won 5 and 4. Didn't take it seriously on the back nine, I am just guessing what I would have gotten if I did. I'd hit two or three balls on the last few holes, or try trick shots, or whatever.

As usual, the lake on #18 got its quota of balls.
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shot a 39 today, missed like 5 birdie putts, none of which were outside of 10 feet... had a double, bogey, and 7 pars... once again shoulda been better

got a tournament tomorrow up at Oak Knoll in Kent, Ohio... hopefully some of the putts will drop tomorrow
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48+47 = 95. God, I hate blowup holes. One on the front (10), and one on the back (12).

Three balls in the water lead to my 10, and a pot bunker caused the 12.

Forgot my glove today, and I was push-slicing most of my drives. Couldn't figure out why, but my hand hurts like hell now.
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Played another match round with a buddy of mine today. I was 3 down after 9 and shot a 48 (including some ridiculous three putts and even a four putt for a 7). I got my shit together on the back 9, shooting a 44 and absolutely killing him. I ended up winning 3 and 1.

(The 44 is a back 9 where I've always had a mental block - and until today, never shot below 51 on.)

All said and done, it was 48+44 = 92 strokes, including an obscene number of putts. Just can't hole six-footers to save my life.

The story of a typical hole? Crush my drive 270 down the middle, have a second shot miss the green (usualy pushed), chip, and then 2 or 3 putt. I even four putted from five feet today.
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Today I shot a 3. That is, three shots of a par four and on the green when a hailstorm came in and I had to call it. Last round I played was last week and I shot my personal best on the front 9 (38) then blew up on the back and ended up at an 84, which is still pretty darn good for me. Hopefully ill be out again tomorrow for another 9.
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Played this morning at The Refuge Golf Club (71.4/146). Shot an even 100 (52/48) with 28 putts, 5 GIR and 6/14 fairways. Oh, also had 9 balls either OB or lost. Still working through some swing changes and not 100% trusting it yet but it feels pretty good. Course was tight without a lot of room for error.

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Awards, Achievements, and Accolades

42/38 and played like butt. Hit about one solid iron all day long. Played with a guy who didn't break 150. Ugh.

I played with a guy once who shot 199! 199! he fell one stroke short of 200. That was a long day.

And another time i played with a guy off 32 (highest your handicap can be in AUS junior) and his goal for that round was to get 4 stableford points . The worst ie done this year was 19 stableford points, and i left after 9 holes because i was sick! That wasnt fun scoring 19 points then calling my mum to pick me up because i was sick
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    • I've had between a half dozen and a dozen rounds at my home course this year;  part of that is I moved an hour away in 2019 and hadn't really explored the area.  I'll probably maintain club membership there because I like the group, and I'll look for one around my new home too. I say that because in those 6+ rounds, I've yet to par holes 7, 9, or 12;  I have yet to make a birdie at the course either.  Best-ball score at the course so far in 2021:  74. Earlier today, I played my third round at a course that might become my new home course, or at least my most commonly played course starting soon.  It's the second-closest (not including super expensive or private courses) to my house, an easy drive, and well within my price range.  After three rounds, I have a composite score there of 74, with two birdies in there. On one hand, the new course is easier (lower CR/SR) and a bit shorter, but on the other hand, that's interesting.
    • No new birdies tonight however closed out my league 9 with back to back birdies at 8 and 9. Lipped out the birdie at 7 I thought was in. Didn’t hit a GIR until 7.... took advantage of them tho. Took me a bit to get going after 2 weeks away from golf.
    • That's not a good plan, IMO. Where's your Member Swing topic? I don't see one.
    • Missed my league night on vacation in Virginia Beach last week. Hadn’t played in 2 weeks. Decided to go early and do extra short game work prior to my tee time. I expected to be a little bit off and need my short game. It paid off. I didn’t hit the ball well at all but managed to post a solid score. Right out of the gate I pulled a 9 iron left at 1. Ball on heavy rough, with a green sloping away. Chipped to one foot to save par. Bogey at 2 missed a short save. At 3 I got up and down again. Caught a flyer at 4 and missed a little deep. Made bogey. Up and down at 5. Bogey at 6. Then got hot. Stuck a wedge to 8 feet at 7 and lipped out the putt. Wedge to 6 feet at 8 made birdie. Stuck another wedge to 5 feet at 9 for birdie. Closing birdie birdie got me to +1 for the side. -2 net. Not bad considering I only hit 3 greens in regulation. 13 putts for the side is good for the score card.
    • Just an aside.  Bumped into an old friend on the practice green on Saturday.  Told him I was playing at 9:20 on Monday and that he was welcome to join me.  I let him know I'd be using a power cart because of a torn meniscus. Overnight I start thinking about the guy... a conspiracy theorist, crypto currency guy, etc., etc.  Though he did sell Mercedes' at a dealership once.  How mainstream is that? He shows up Monday morning.  I hop in the cart, clubs strapped in.  In short order Jeff straps on his clubs and hops in.  I say, "Jeff, gotta ask you a difficult and potentially rude question... are you vaccinated?"  "Hell no!"  So I told him I'd pay for a 2nd cart for him.  He was good with that and understood.  Great round... had a lot of fun.  But at 6 feet.
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