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Chattanooga, TN Golf


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Spent last week in Chattanooga and got to play a few courses that I think are worth mentioning and recommending.

Played Wind Stone, Moccasin Bend, and Council Fire.  All three were challenging and in very good shape...Played Wind Stone and Moccasin Bend on days that were pretty breezy and Council Fire after a heavy rain the night before.

If you are going to be in Chattanooga and want to play, I would recommend any of these courses...

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Reviving a very old thread..It's posts like this, even old ones that help someone down the road.   

The wife is looking to drive to Sarasota, Fl possibly the third week in February for two weeks.   10 hours in a car would be her max.   From our abode to Chattanooga, TN is close to the 10 hour trip.    I am taking my clubs, she wants a day spa or something relaxing (non-golfer).     

What's the weather like around the 3rd week of February, recommendations or comments on the courses that were listed by @Osnola and can I get recommendations for golf courses near Sarasota.   

The trip isn't a definite one but a high probability. 


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As it gets colder, I've toyed with the idea of taking a long weekend down that way.  My own frugality hasn't allowed it yet, but I've had a decent year and could probably afford it.

The thinking is that it might be just far enough south to be comfortable and just north enough to be inexpensive.

I was thinking about the week after Christmas though.

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28 minutes ago, phillip__jeffries said:

If you are stopping in Chattanooga - Sweeten's Cove is a must. It's only a 30 minute drive.


Sweetens Cove Golf Club is a nine-hole golf course in South Pittsburg, Tennessee, just 30 minutes from Chattanooga. Featured in The New York Times and ranked #50 on Golfweek's list of the Top 100 Modern Golf...


Absolutely agree. Play sweetens!

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Just across the TN-GA line, Nob North is a great course to play.  It's not far from Chatt; just take 75 down and come back up.

You can also check out Bear Trace at Harrison Bay.  I played high school playoff golf there.

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Afternoon all,

Looking for some recommendations for a couple courses to play in the Chattanooga area. My daughter has a volleyball tournament in Atlanta and we're stopping in the area on the way down.  Staying right off I-75 and Lifestyle Way if that helps for recommendations.  

Hoping to play a round with another volleyball dad the afternoon of Wednesday, March 31st and morning of Thursday, April 1st while the girls enjoy the pool at the hotel. 

I see Brainerd Golf Course and Brown Acres are very close by. Worth a go?

Thanks in advance.

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