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Best Shot of the Week


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Chipped in for par on 2 (400 yard par 4) after a poor 2nd / 3rd shot. Hit a 500 yard par 5 in two and had a tap in for birdie. Hit a 6 iron to 4 feet on 13 (155 yard par 3). These were the best shots I had today. Not sure which one is better so I'm voting for all three.
All of this while playing in a temperature of 39* F.
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Holed a sliding birdie putt from the fringe about 25 feet behind the hole today. The ball rolled exactly on the line in my head, which never happens, and I swear it gave a little sigh of satisfaction as it died into the cup.

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Yesterday at Silverthorn GC, just west of Brooksville, FL

My golf buddy, put his ball on the lip of a 145 yard par 3, with a 1 1/2 club wind directly in his face. He palyed a 5 hybrid and the wind pushed the ball up higher as he was carrying the water to the green, then dropped it within 6 inches of the cup. It took one bounce and came to rest just a 1/2 inch from the cup.

This was the closest he had ever come to a hole in one!

and yes, he made the birdie!
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I was on the 7th hole of my home course (415yd par 4) with a friend. I hooked my drive and it ended up on the lip of a fairway bunker not the front lip, but the back lip, so I had a severly downhill lie making for a seemingly impossible shot. I had about 150 to the pin so I thwacked the ball out with my 7-Iron and watched it fly right at the green. As we walked up to the green I was finally able to see my ball. It was 2 feet from the cup! And of course I made the birdie.
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Best shot of the week was at the toughest par 5 of my home course (the 13th). Uphill dog leg left with a narrow entry to the green. Hit an average drive with 220 metres left into a narrow bunker guarded green. Nothing to lose as I was having a poorish round and decided to go for it. Contemplated the 3W, but decided to go with my new, and now favourite club, my Burner Rescue 4. Nailed it, bounced once before the green and rolled pin high onto the green. Left a 5 metre putt for eagle! Unfortunately my putt finished an inch short, but a 5 metre putt for eagle really did make my day!
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I had a few nice ones today: I chipped to 6 inches from a lie where I could not see the cup

I hit a sweet sand shot within 3 feet of the flag which is quite the accomplishment for me!

Stuck the green from 218 yards with a gripped down 4 wood.
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Awards, Achievements, and Accolades

Best shot was using the ol' Texas Wedge on hole 18 (par 4) at golf club of Dublin. I was on the second cut about 25ish feet from the pin and sunk it to save par (after a horrendous drive and a terrible hybrid out of thickkkkk rough)... I don't know why I even think about chipping because I have been PRO with the flat stick.
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