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Do You Prefer to Walk or Ride?

Do you prefer to walk or ride? (on a walk-able course)  

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  1. 1. If you're playing 9 holes, do you prefer to walk or ride?

    • Walk
    • Ride
    • Either is fine, depends on my mood, playing partners, or some other reason
  2. 2. If you're playing 18 holes, do you prefer to walk or ride?

    • Walk
    • Ride
    • Either is fine, depends on my mood, playing partners, or some other reason
  3. 3. If/when you walk, do you feel that you score better, worse, or no difference?

    • Score better when I walk
    • Score worse when I walk
    • No difference in score when I walk

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Yesterday at the range I was chit-chatting with a group of gentlemen and one of them mocked my cart bag. Pointing at my bright blue Sun Mountain C-130 cart bag and saying. "You can tell he doesn't eve

I walk most of the time because I'm a cheap bastard.  This winter I invested in a powered push cart with a remote and it's amazing.  Now not only can I walk upright and not hunched over a push cart...

All can say is that I've had extensive experience with this topic, and slow players, or players with poor course etiquette come in all shapes and sizes and skill levels, both walking and riding.  Just

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I voted both walk and ride.

If I am playing 9 I will walk every time

If I am playing 18, it depends on who I am with and what time constraints we have. Usually I end up riding 18 on better/longer courses and walking my local course.

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We walk our executive course but ride the longer courses.

if the power cart is restricted to the cart paths, it will hurt your game.

You actually beat me to this, yes, when it's cart path only, we will walk, even the longer courses. You end up walking a lot further when it's cart path only (unless you hit it near the cart path all day) plus you gotta bring several clubs because you don't know exactly what you're walking into.

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I like to walk, prefer it actually but ride most of the time because the two courses I play most often are incredibly hilly and brutal to walk. I'm 48 and in so-so shape but the guy I play a lot with is 19 and in excellent shape -- even he has trouble walking 18 on the two courses we play.

There are a couple course I play less often that are flatter and more walkable. I usually walk them with my push cart.

Oh, the weather here is usually a factor too. Almost always mid-80's to 90's and very humid and windy in the summer. That makes walking not much fun either.
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I try to walk whenever possible, but if I feel I'm slowing down the group as a whole, I'll jump into a cart if offered or take a cart at the 10th. I make it obvious that I want to keep the pace and that I don't want to slow anyone down. Some courses just have too much space between holes to keep up. Ahem, expensive resort courses.

I notice that alot of people offer me a ride or comment they can't believe I'm walking. If someone chooses to walk, he/she wants to walk. Really! Even on hot days or hilly courses. I look very fit - 5'11" 160lbs.

I think the average American can't comprehend how fit some people are and can easily handle walking eighteen. After all, some runners run 40 miles a week. Some at impressive paces. Others ride, swim, hike. It's also politeness, but after many offers, I just break down and get in the cart out of politeness myself. This is why I love playing in across the pond in England. No carts, although that's starting to change.

Lately, I've been hating carts as I've been hitting alot of cartpaths and getting crappy bounces.

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I always ride for several reasons:

1. Age of my partners and myself ( mostly 60's and 70's).

2. My membership requires that I pay for a cart even if I walk.

3. A twelve pack on ice gets very heavy after a while. ( actually it gets lighter, but it feels heavier.)

4. I'm lazy.

5. I have a place to sit while waiting to hit.

6. I get enough exercise walking to the refrigerator at home.

Given enough time I could come up with a lot more, but they all boil down to " I don't want to walk"
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I walk.

My old course back in the UK didn't have carts and it was all up and down, being on the top of a chalk escarpment the 4th went down it, the 5th up it, the 7th down it and the 8th up it! Good exercise!
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I walk.

If I'm golfing with people who are down for the walk, I'll walk, because the walking itself is relaxing and enjoyable and helps me get my mind straight between shots.

But the people I generally end up golfing with always ride, and I enjoy that, too. Especially at the one course near me that has GPS in the carts (I don't have my on GPS or range finder of any sort). -Andrew
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I walk a lot but that's because I'm cheap. The added exercise is a plus, but I also like riding in a cart. It's much more relaxing to ride rather than to walk. Maybe "lazy" is a better word?
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I prefer to walk, if given the option, but the course that I have been playing at lately requires a cart for the course (the distance between holes is greater than the playing distance of the holes) and there is no cost for the cart because they require it ...
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Usually walk and carry, unless playing in a tournament where the cart's included. Got a new double-sling Ogio bag which is pretty comfortable.
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  • 5 months later...
To be honest, I haven’t walked for a couple years. I’m not lazy, or unable to walk (although I could probably definitely be in better shape), but everyone I play with rides. However, recently I was talking with a new friend of mine who plays a lot and says he likes to walk. I also like to walk. I actually play better when I walk. I think this is for three reasons:

1.I get into a better rhythm
2.I pay more attention to the course
3.I can switch clubs more easily because my partner didn’t just drive away with my set

In addition to those pluses, I enjoy walking around the course. I think it has something to do with “being in nature”. It doesn’t hurt that it’s cheaper either.

So do you walk much? Do you ever walk while others are riding? Do you play better or worse when you walk? Does walking slow you down or speed you up? I’ve had both scenarios happen and it usually has more to do with how close the other guy hits his ball to mine?
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I definitely prefer walking. If I ride, sometimes it is too much a hurry up and wait. When I walk, I can take my own pace, and more often than not, once I get to my ball, and decide what club I am going to hit, it is all clear for my shot.
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I usually prefer to ride. I have occasional back and foot problems from old injuries so walking on many courses is uncomfortable. If the course is relatively flat I will walk, but most of the courses my partners and I play are anything but flat - a couple never allow walking because they are so hilly and stretched out. Plus, one of the guys I play with always rides because of back issues, so I just ride with him. It's funny - people always talk about getting into a better rhythm when walking, but I think I play better when riding and always have, even when I was in great physical shape. I think riding fits my personal rhythm better. I am a very low key player. I do not mind waiting and even enjoy this chance to just relax and chat with my buddies while in cart.

I did recently purchase a ClicGear 2.0 push cart and plan to walk more this year in effort to lose some weight and get into better shape. I have always liked walking more with a push/pull cart than carrying, so I'm hoping this new cart will entice me to walk more (I've always used cheap pull carts that were not very user friendly).
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Nothing is better then getting to the club after work and walking a round by yourself, with the course pretty much to yourself. The serenity of being in the fairway, staring down a flag, with no distractions other than mother nature, is an amazing feeling. You have no excuses if you dont execute.
That being said, sometimes on the weekend rounds, i will ride to try to speed the round up a little. Also on golf trips with the guys, we will ride. its alot easier to drink while you are in a cart.
I used to never walk, but now I pretty much walk 75% of the time. It keeps me in shape, and like others have stated you dont pay the cart fee.
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