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Do You Prefer to Walk or Ride?

Do you prefer to walk or ride? (on a walk-able course)  

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  1. 1. If you're playing 9 holes, do you prefer to walk or ride?

    • Walk
    • Ride
    • Either is fine, depends on my mood, playing partners, or some other reason
  2. 2. If you're playing 18 holes, do you prefer to walk or ride?

    • Walk
    • Ride
    • Either is fine, depends on my mood, playing partners, or some other reason
  3. 3. If/when you walk, do you feel that you score better, worse, or no difference?

    • Score better when I walk
    • Score worse when I walk
    • No difference in score when I walk

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Yesterday at the range I was chit-chatting with a group of gentlemen and one of them mocked my cart bag. Pointing at my bright blue Sun Mountain C-130 cart bag and saying. "You can tell he doesn't eve

I walk most of the time because I'm a cheap bastard.  This winter I invested in a powered push cart with a remote and it's amazing.  Now not only can I walk upright and not hunched over a push cart...

All can say is that I've had extensive experience with this topic, and slow players, or players with poor course etiquette come in all shapes and sizes and skill levels, both walking and riding.  Just

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I've been a member at 4 private clubs around the country over the years. I recently joined Cedar Point CC in Suffolk, VA. It's the first club I've belonged to that allows walking. They have available "speed" push carts that allow one to walk and not be limited to a light weight carry bag. As for speed of play I see little difference. Plus, being a mid-capper I don't have to carry half my clubs with me to the area around the green. No worries about the 90 degree rule or the dreaded "Cart Paths Only".
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Usually when I play on the weekends I'll end up riding just b/c the rest of my normal foursome like to ride rather than walk. If I'm playing during the week I have my own push cart that I walk with, plus it keeps the cost down a little bit.
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I rarely ever ride. I find it tightens up my back and just throws off my rhythm. Drive, sit there and wait to hit the shot etc....

I have had a history of a bad back and did it in pretty good for almost a month. I just bought a cart bag and a clicgear 2.0 cart. I've played two rounds with it and my back feels so much better at the end of the round not packing my clubs.
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Almost always walk. Only time I ride is during the odd fun tournament when everyone else wants to ride, and there are usually more drinks drank then putts made.

During the golf season here I play probably close to 5 or 6 rounds of 18 holes per week and the course has a lot of elevation change so it's a good work out. Like others have said, riding seems to throw my game off a bit. I also tend to be just as fast as a lot of cart golfers when there are cart paths and 90 degree rules in effect.
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I prefer to ride. It usually shortens the time of my round. If I am with a group that is slow I will walk. Slow play irritates me. Especially when you play with guys who take a million practice swings, try to judge the wind, change clubs a few times only to top/shank/slice/hook the ball all over the course.
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Just wondering, I like to walk for the record.

I always walk, for these reasons:

1. I like the exercise, and even though I work out, walking with a bag on my back is a good complement to the work out regimen. 2. It helps clear my head and help me plan and prepare for the next shot. 3. Golf is a great way to enjoy nature, and you notice so much more when you walk. This is especially true on a golf course that is built through the woods and deer, wild turkey, blue herons, etc. are likely to "show up" at any moment. 4. Walking the course helps me "get into rhythm", and I make smoother swings as a result. If I play in an event that requries carts, I throw my bag on the machine, and let my partner know that I will be walking unless his ball is some distance away, and I need to move the cart to keep play going.
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    • I actually think he's an okay guy. He has his demons and his issues just like anyone else. I don't think he's inherently a "bad person" in any way. I wish him all the best in his pursuit. My guess is he'll never make a PGA tour event, but good for him to have a goal and a dream that's worth pursuing. There are a million worse things he could be trying to do. 
    • Welcome to TST.  Well said. 
    • Okay, so I had a really good range session yesterday. I even got to hit balls off GRASS!!!!!! Yahoo!  I didn't get any video. But judging from my divots and ball flight my swing path has improved.  The plan for the rest of March:   Get some more video. Get some trackman numbers. Continue to work drills to improve my release... it is still a power leak. Continue to practice setting up with my feet square or even a bit open to my target line.  Confirm my swing plane. I think I'm starting to get very steep again. I'll need to confirm. Maintain my the club face control gains I have made Maintain the path gains I have made SuperSpeed Training Spend 1/3 of my range time working on where instead of how.    Golf season is getting close. I don't want to be in the middle of a bunch of swing changes and "thinking" about my golf swing on the course. I may actually try to develop a consistent pre-shot routine; I have never actually had one before. 
    • Welcome to TST, nice job 😀
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