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Music on the Course - When Did This Become a Thing?

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a little Journey, perhaps?

That's the first thing I thought of too! "So let's dance!" "Anyway you want it, that's the way you need it..."
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I just got finished writing up the rules sheet for our first tournament of the season and the first thing we did was put in this local rule prohibiting music on the course. It just doesn't have a plac

Ugh. If only people who want to hear the music can hear the music, do what makes you happy. If someone who doesn't want to hear the music can, it's discourteous.

I am very much a music lover. That being said, time & a place. In my humble opinion. Not on the course. I feel it distracts from the natural rhythm of the day. I like to hear the frogs & the b

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I've been thinking about giving this a try, but generally I like to enjoy the ambience of the course. Plus, I'd imagine it would distract me unless I stuck exclusively to instrumentals and foreign-language songs.
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I have a golf playlist on my ipod. It's all slow tempo'd songs. I tend to rush on the course and the music really gets me to slow down.

i also have a playlist titled golf music on my ipod lol.but its all hard rock

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Here is the list.

Hotel CaliforniaEagles
In The Summertime Mungo Jerry
Hey There Delilah Plain White T's
This TownFrank Sinatra
You Make Me Feel So YoungFrank Sinatra
Drift Away Dobie Gray
Bye Bye Miss American PieDon McLean
100 YearsFive For Fighting
You're Gonna Miss ThisTrace Adkins
I'm YoursJason Mraz
LuckyJason Mraz
Banana PancakesJack Johnson
Sitting, Waiting, Wishing Jack Johnson
TaylorJack Johnson
FlakeJack Johnson
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Here is the list.

this is mine Creed - My Sacrifice - Creed - I'm Eighteen Evanescence - Wake me up inside Finger Eleven - Falling On Hinder - Get Stoned.mp3 Linkin Park - Given Up Nickelback - Fight For All The Wrong Reasons Nickelback - Hero Papa Roach scars Papa Roach - last resort Rehab - Kick My Ass Saliva - click click boom Staind - Outside Three Days Grace - Pain Three Days Grace - Never Too Late Three Days Grace - I Hate Everything About You three Doors Down - Kryptonite Three Doors Down - Let Me Go Three Doors Down17 Days nickleback - someday 10 Years - Beautiful Green Day - Brain Stew
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I could never do that. I'd be layin the sod over the ball all day long. Haha Not to mention missin every putt bc I couldnt calm down enough. Good playlist though I think Im gonna steal it.
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I could never do that. I'd be layin the sod over the ball all day long. Haha Not to mention missin every putt bc I couldnt calm down enough. Good playlist though I think Im gonna steal it.

go for it might help ya out lol good fast tempo

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do you listen to music while playing golf i do if so wat kind i like lisnin to rock while i play

I do not own an ipod. However, I have memorized the background music for the Sybervision DVD while Al Geiberger repeatedly swung his club in perfect balance, tempo, and rhythm. The heck with power and smashing the ball. I would rather execute a smooth, rhythmic swing. It is more consistent than one where I try to smash the ball.

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i dont really like to listen to music while im actually playin on the course cause i like to hear the feedback of the shot. but i will listen to music when im warming up so i can get the feel of the club. and depending on what mood im in ill either listen to heavy rock or country music. the rock gets me pumped up but the country keeps me calm and focused.
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I've taken to listening to my mp3 player at the range lately because I'm tired of having to hear other peoples loud conversations or cell phone chatter. The range near me doesn't really enforce the "Quiet Please" signs all over.
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    • Played Disney Palms yesterday with @kpaulhusand my Dad.  Had a rough start, bogey, double, bogey, double, but played better after, had a chance for even par on back 9 before a double on 18 to shoot 44-38-82. Great day with Kyle, as always.    
    • If I’m on the course by myself and I’m not holding anyone up, I practice all of the time (I’m also a member of a Country Club, so no one is going to say anything to me for hitting extra balls).  I find areas of the course that I might find myself in during a round and hit a few balls (especially around the green), so I have an idea of how I want to play that shot when the score counts and that is where I find my ball.
    • Title changes typically happen when the original title didn't make sense or wasn't relevant to the topic that OP discusses in their post. The original title was something like "Two Mindsets of Golf" but the post doesn't talk about having different mindsets, therefore the original title was relevant or accurate. How does someone changing the title of a topic to something more relevant make this forum way less desirable? If anything changing the title to something more accurate improves the site because it helps increase the accuracy of the search function.
    • You certainly are entitled to that opinion, but did you actually read the series of posts? In post #22, the OP says he was “shitcanned” because someone disagreed with what he was saying. Obviously REALLY thin-skinned and over-reactive. He calls the administration’s decision to change the title “childish & authoritarian.” Seriously? In the very next post (#23), the administrator explains, in a friendly & polite way, why the title was changed. I didn’t make that decision, but completely agree with it. The Title made No sense. Whatever, no big deal, again, if that was upsetting, someone is really thin-skinned. The next post from @boogielicious was apologetic for there being some misunderstanding, to which the OP responded in #27 the he was taking his ball and going home after calling folks pedantic several times (I think he just learned the word or something). I don’t see how this was anyone else’s doing other than the OP being thin-skinned when someone disagreed with him.    But you are entitled to feel the way you do. 
    • On the topic itself ... I used to love practicing on the course. My prior home club had an executive course and plenty of times there would be nearly no one on it. It was great for working out the irons and wedges and getting ready for the season. Sadly, it just isn't really possible to do that anywhere around here now. It's tough even getting on a course without having at least one other player with you and that makes practice not really feasible.  
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