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Music on the Course - When Did This Become a Thing?

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Music while golfing takes your mind off how your playing and what your doing and it relaxes you. I find I play better when i am listening to music because i am all together in a lighter mood. I would listen to anything really, though not too boring - quite a quick beat is great
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I'm an ex-musician and there is no way I could listen to music while playing. It would be way too much of a distraction to me. I would llisten so intently (second nature) that I would totally loose my concentration on the task at hand.

Sometimes when my rhythm is off, or tempo too fast, I try to imagine a nice smooth 3/4 time song. But anything else would just blow my tempo. I once was on the range next to a kid with loud headphones and the beat of the music destoyed me. I found myself swinging faster and more aggresively until my tempo and timing were destroyed.
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I heard there was a guy who graduated to the Tour via Q-School who listens to music while he plays. Interesting. I might give it a try. I'd listen to my normal slow, relaxing, acoustic artists (Jason Mraz, Jack Johnson).
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Seems like I play my better golf when alone and listening to music. I find it enough diversion to calm me.

Jack Nicklaus said that he (during play) always had a tune in his head and would occasionally hum during play to relax him.
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I've been on and off with music lately. Try not to listen while I'm on the course anymore, 'cause I'm not aloud to listen in tournament play. Figure I should make my on the course practice as close to tournament play as possible. Like indacup mentioned I find that I play my best golf when I have a song stuck in my head. When I get in a jam it pops back in my head and settles me down.

When I first got my iPod a few years back, there wasn't a day I didn't have it in my ears. I have a "calm" playlist for golf, just mellow stuff. Electronic, rock, rap, classical. Sometimes I just play whatever though, calm or not. Like today I was practicing putting for a few minutes before sunset and I was listening to my "treadmill" mix. That one's got some heartpumping tracks.
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The way I got started into listening to music while golfing started years ago at the driving range.

I got tired of people talking to me when I was trying to work on my game...but I have trouble telling them I wanted to be left alone.

So I started wearing earbuds and the MP3 player...people see the ear buds and leave me alone....works very nice!
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I've only done it once because it was the final day of a two week long 1000 song countdown on my local rock station. I took my headphones out when I hit the shot though because they got in the way if i kept them in.

I often have songs stuck in my head while I play and sing or hum along to myself. It's good and bad, it can help with keeping my head clear of negative thoughts but on the odd occasion I'm too worried about the song and forget to focus on the shot . I need to work on that.

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