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I've been harping about this forever - give people space

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10 hours ago, WUTiger said:

A few seasons ago I was practicing my chip shots on the practice green at my club. I'm at top of my backswing when a little girl in her Sunday dress runs into the middle to the green and picks up a golf ball.

I caught myself, said hi to her, and then went over and told her dad that missie had wandered into harm's way. Dad got upset with me because I supposedly didn't like children, and I responded that it was a shame I cared more for his daughter's safety then he did.

Dad said he was going to report me to the pro. Five minutes later, he emerges briskly from the clubhouse with an angry head pro in trace, yelling at him. I never saw dad again.

Missie was a cutie, but dad wasn't.

If you have to bring a child to a driving range, I was gonna suggest a child tether (or even a dog leash, my dog doesn't seem to mind) and a big box of toys, if they don't hit and you have to bring them...better to have your toddler playing under a guy swinging a metal object at over 100 MPH or collecting balls on the range without the protection of the pick cart...but that will upset someone...let them find their way...forbid me missing an hour at the range

As another lefty said, we seem to be magnets for talkers/wannabe instructors. 

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When I go to the range I usually just throw out a few balls at a time. If someone sets up next to me on an uncrowded driving range

 I just pick up the few balls, throw them back into my bucket and  move. The only time I really would move would be if I was working on something in my swing. Those times I want to be alone so I can concentrate.

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This happened to me today. There were maybe 5 people at the range, with 20ish stalls. I pick a stall with nobody near by and the next person that came to the range plopped down right next to me. 

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I like using the stalls at either end. Most ranges have fence or a row of trees/bushes running along each side. I use those, and one of the flags to mark off a fairways. My focus is to keep the ball in my made up fairway.

My favorite side is the one where the teaching pro resides. Every once in while, when business is slow they might offer a tip or two. If it's a good tip, I make it worth their time.

Hopefully no one is there already, since I am not real bashful about most things.  

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Lol I never see this problem. All ranges I go to are just areas, no stalls. The divot bomb zones are definitely a problem though.

I try to take divots like in the picture that someone posted (and multiple people quoted) but I'll also move in so that it's one square at the end of my session. I was told by someone (cant remember who) that the greens crew would rather re-sod an area with one piece than a bunch of chunks or replacement grass.

But now that I think about it.... I'm pretty sure all ranges I go to don't even re-sod... I think they just sand-fill. So Maybe I'm making the problem worse for them? :hmm:

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    • 72 last week at TPC Summerlin from the TPC tees (6400) in maybe one of the coldest conditions I've ever played in. 71 today back home, hit 15 greens. Missed four birdie putts within 5ft and got a bad break where I drove it into a bunker and it plugged in the lip (made bogey). Not bad for the range being closed and only getting to practice once this week and not much last week either. This was my drive on 15, and it wasn't like it was a high fade, solid medium flight draw.  
    • Yeah it was a dumb move PR wise to not be very generous with the bonus.  Can't really compare the usual rate with that week with Ortiz, completely different situations. John Wood is there for him every minute of every week, scouting the course beforehand, getting yardages, mapping greens and paying for his own travel. They can also act as emotional "support" and the good ones figure out when to give it and when to hold back. Ortiz is nowhere close to building up that "sweat equity" to earn 10%. If I was John Wood I would have been very insulted if my guy paid a temp caddy 120K.  
    • “How much should you pay?” questions tend to select responses. How much should you pay for a car? Obviously the guy who paid over a million for his McLaren doesn’t think everyone should; that’s the whole point of having one. Likewise, the guys with the $2k custom Scottys want something exclusive.   So it makes sense that most of the responses are $300 or less. If you just want to make putts, and know basically what you need in terms of length and style (mallet, blade, etc.), I don’t think you need to spend more than $100 on ebay. I’ve sold several perfectly serviceable and respectably branded putters for less.   Personally, I paid $350 for my Evnroll ER5, which I love. I like it so much that I’m going to spend even more for the black one when it becomes available. It was a subtle difference between the ER5 and my Ping Tyne ($189, I think), that it replaced. But given a choice, I’d choose the Evnroll every time. I can’t afford — and have no desire — to run with the big dogs when it comes to putters. And if I couldn’t afford a $350 putter, I think I’d do ok with any of the ones that I sold. But it’s a hobby, and it could be worse. I could be collecting large stationary engines.
    • If you have enough bounce you could have the 52 bent to 50. 10, 15 bucks perhaps.
    • 1. "5 Minutes Daily" Practice Challenge: Consistently practicing and posting my streak. Making it a habit to maintain my skills and level developed over the years. 2. Bogey Player: By end of 2019 play in Texas and score at least three games under 90. Focus areas:
      Develop better course management skills, game-strategy and focus on the long term development instead of thinking short term and how far I can hit today and how beautiful my swing does (not) look. (Note to self for Jan. 2020: Relax and enjoy the journey with a vision; do not rush just to win)
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