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How Hot Is Too Hot to Play?

Golf in the Heat  

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  1. 1. How hot is too hot to play golf (Fahrenheit)?

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I didn't play today but was at the driving range for about 45 minutes.   It was very hot standing in the direct sunshine.   My car temperature stated 96º.  It would not have been to hot to ride in a cart out of the direct sunshine.    I would not have attempted walking and playing.  

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pfft.   It was 97 here in Minnesota on Friday and I played.   I go down to Arizona every summer, and usually play in about 110.     no such thing as too hot to golf.   Thats what the beer is for. 

Guess I didn't answer my own question. If I am riding in a cart, I have yet to see a temperature on the high side where I won't play.  I used to be the guy that would put a golf group together to

If you are walking in temps close to 100 degrees (or higher) I both respect you and question your sanity....

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Golfed yesterday in 96 degrees.

Golfed 2 or 3 times in about 113 degree weather in Las Vegas. One of those times I got my best (at the time) score of 82. 

In other words, it's never too hot!

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