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PING Eye 2 Beryllium Copper (Square Grooves)

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Hello , I just purchased a sweet set of Ping Eye 2 beryllium copper irons.   They are  from the 1st two years of producing the Becu’s . The Serial #s are D4512577 and D276644.  Anyway...if you look closely to the left side, just outside the oval region of the eye inset (right above the U.S.) , you would notice a small number 4 oddly placed.  Now, my set is a complete with matching serial numbers.  Only 4 of 8 clubs have the 4 and it’s pretty random as to which clubs.   Does anyone know what this means? I’ll try to include a pic 


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That's cool...I have a set of coppers and just ran downstairs to check mine.  No 4's..." Go fish"...

Did u Google it?   I'm going to do that now.

Did u call Ping?  Give them the serial # and ask about the "4"...they should know.

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I first saw these clubs way back when I was a young kid (late ‘80’s).  I fell in love and lusted over them all the way until I was in High School. I was at the JGA Orlando golf tournament at Grand Cypress GC ..then I just up and decided to quit the game. ??!!??!?!!!!!!!!      I never was able to get a set back then.   I tried to pick the game back up 2 or 3 times over the years and had some surprising success each time .  Each time I played a few rounds and went to the range a great deal. Unbelievably I got  my swing back or better each time (I say swing , not game).  Keep in mind I was a maybe a 15 handicap at best back in H.S.  For one reason or another life always got in the way. The game and I would go our separate ways.  Now I’m 40. I’ve suddenly landed my lifelong “dream clubs”, and with them I am feeling the warm, daydreamy gift of optimism in life that playing golf gave me “once upon a time”.  I don’t know how or why I ever lost it. I really couldn’t tell ya.  I can explore my past, once I’m out on the course (golf therapy)...but one thing I do know; I’m not going to let it slip away now.   

Long story short....  I can’t wait to go hit these clubs!!!!   😀🤪😖😆😃.   

Btw...i like the forum ... so u guys can like analize my swing and all that if I’m struggling?  All I gotta do is like video myself?   Can’t wait.   I sure would have lived this site when I was growing up.

Lol I sounded “like” ...like a valley girl in that last bit, didn’t I?  Lol


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I remember a couple of years ago there was a guy on this site that was a Ping expert, at least I think it was this forum. Anyway, I had a question about an old Ping putter that I have, sent him a picture and he was able to tell me it was of a ~1973 vintage, (not worth much). I'll see if I can find him again assuming he is still around.

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