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  1. Yeah, at 71, I work out as I can. But that won't make me look as good as those guys! Truthfully, athletic or slim fit golf clothes are not for most middle-aged or older people. BUT technology in materials has made a huge difference. -Marv
  2. "Well, 85 MPH with a 6 iron,........i would not call slow swing..........." EEK! Absolutely right! I was studying my swing speed chart that we did when I "fitted" my existing clubs and misspoke. Driver was 85 (kept the existing shaft there). For 5 and 6 iron, it was about 77. The lighter soft-stepped shafts really helped. Thanks, -Marv
  3. Exactly my story, different brand. Currently, though, I find I hit my Cleveland 4 Hybrid more consistently and nearly as far as the 5w. -Marv
  4. This may sound silly, but when I am on the golf course, I remind myself I am not there to practice or to have a bunch of swing thoughts. I turn my mind to managing my play on that course for the lowest score. Right now, as an old man returning to golf, my goal is break 90 consistently. I use the same setup/address routine. I target all shots. I drive the ball reasonably well toward or to my target. Then I consider the distance required to put me on the green or at the next target. If too much, or if it would require a hard-to-hit club or involves undesirable risk, I hit a more lofted clu
  5. I like Goodwill when I shop for golf (or other "work") pants. Often find new or nearly new pants that fit really well and that I could wear to the office or church as well as to the golf course. In addition, I usually get pleated pants for comfort. But there really is an issue in the golf apparel industry...The golf brands are making pants for the likes of Jordan and Rory and shirts for Henrik (who I think stretches into a boy's size large), not for guys shaped like I am or even the normal physique. -Marv
  6. Cannot remember the year or the hole, but Nicklaus was teeing of with a 3 wood at Colonial when a drunk spectator belched loudly. Nicklaus hit a 100 yard worm burner. He turned slightly, stared impassively at the guy for a second like he didn't even see him and went on to par the hole. The positive aspect? I was impressed with his emotional control, as if the incident was the most usual thing in the world! -Marv
  7. My old heavy Ray Cook Nugget putter helps me regain a sense of rhythm and speed when I'm "off". I tend to have a bit longer "follow-through" with a lighter putter and hit the ball well past the hole. -Marv
  8. CUSP I'm the old guy who came back to golf a couple or more years ago, got serious, took lessons, practice 2-3 times a week and play on Saturdays. So, before back surgery shot two tournament rounds in the high 80's; otherwise high 90's low 100's. After resting up from back surgery for two+ months, I am at it again. We have had great weather in North Texas so I'm on the same practice, lessons and play routine (all for healthy exercise of course ). I do think I am on track this year to start shooting in the 90's consistently and my goal is to have at least 3 rounds in the 80's before the end of
  9. PROBLEM: Golf refuses to be put into little pigeon holes no matter how hard we might want it to. -Marv
  10. Agree...Don't over think it. Golf is the most spiritual of all games. I can hit a shot perfectly that impossibly bounces right! Right in a trap! Or I can mishit a shot that hits a tree and rolls on the green. Golf thus teaches me both the humble lesson that I am not in control and the joyful lesson of gratitude for good things that come my way unnannounced and unexpected. In your case, joyful gratitude is called for, not worry about whether you deserved it, don't you think? -Marv
  11. Passionate. Phil once tried a risky shot that ALMOST made it but went into the water. He was asked why he didn't lay up. He said something like, "If I can't have fun in this game, I'll quit!" Passionate. For the enjoyment of the game. -Marv
  12. I have one of the Copper Fit compression sleeve for my knee. I put on an Icy Hot patch and then the sleeve. Really helps stabilize my knee though not as well as a mor bulky brace. Hand wash the sleeve periodically per instructions. I also have a stretch neoprene brace for my back with hook and loop Velcro closures. Nice supports in the back. Surprisingly comfortable even when swinging a club. Got the Copper Fit at WalMart and the brace at Academy. -Marv
  13. Please research Mizuno. Many better players play different models of Mizunos in their short and/or long irons. I play older MX-200 cavity-back forged GI irons part of the time. They require me to seriously focus on each shot. The mid and long irons have an undercut cavity, so easy to hit! Short irons have a "power bar", i.e., no undercut, for (they say) more precision. Today, Mizuno is still making forged GI irons. But if you just want short irons, research Mizuno and then maybe you could buy single irons on Ebay. Anyway, I hope you find what you are looking for and report how it turns out! -M
  14. I don't try to self-diagnose anymore. It happened today. After playing well (for me), I started duffing shots. Hit into a ditch, not once but twice. So, I throttled back and just hit 7-irons until I was over the problem. -Marv
  15. Thank you sir! Means a lot to a guy who never wins anything at golf! -Marv
  16. Since posting that message, I have played 2 rounds and made 6 0r 8 to the range. I get a little stiff so stretching is good. But no leg pain. So don't be afraid of the surgery. Marv
  17. I don't know much but I remember the 2008 (?) irons you are playing were and are considered 5-star. I play 2009, 2010 Mizunos, MX100 and MX200. I like them. I do well with them, so I just re-shafted them instead of buying new. Yours, I think, have a special wide tip so re-shafting would be difficult and expensive. But you could check loft and lie to fit you. Anyway,I agree with the what-works-for-you philosophy. Best wishes, -Marv
  18. That is a great shaft. I wanted just a little lighter so went with the Nippons at 85; -Marv
  19. Yes. It is costly. I was able to get new "pulls" for the premium shafts, but they were not cheap. Also the cost of a pro unless DIY which I cannot. As you said, I could have bought a premium set. Crazy! BTW...The Mizunos that have the highest "Maltby Playability Rating" are the JPX 800 HD from 2012 not the ones I mentioned. I have heard good things about them from a friend. Still, he is looking at the newest JPX forged. Good luck. -Marv
  20. I'm 71. I play Miz MX100 and MX200 irons. Also developed a slower swing speed. I do not want to replace my beautiful favorite clubs (if I did it would be with JPX 825; check Maltby). Anyway, my club builder professional friend reshafted all for me with lighter shafts...Nippon 85 gram steel in the 200's and Aldila VS Proto HL in the 100'sat 75 grams. All soft-stepped once. All spine aligned, flow'd etc. Took 1 inch off my long Callaway driver. Ditched the 3 wood. Cut 1 1/2 inches from 5 and 7 woods. Carry 4 hybrid. POINT: I had my favorite clubs refit to me by a pro so I can play with the body
  21. Age 71. On 11/18/16, had minimally invasive lumbar laminectomy to relieve spinal stenosis. Immediate relief. I have been careful not to overdo, This week on 1/18/17, I plan on going to the range. That's little over 8 weeks. I will stretch before going and swing at about 80%. I will hit a small bucket. I have a back brace (I got it primarily due to arthritis in my right hip). I will take Aleve beforehand. If all goes well after 3 trips to the range this week, I will try a round on Saturday. I got most of that from Internet doctor advice. My surgeon really did not want to give much ad
  22. Great book. Shows me golf will never be tamed, regardless of technology. Also, Play It As It Lies: Golf and the Spiritual Life, by Mike Linder; and Golf and the Spirit, by Scott Peck.
  23. Age 71, slow swing speed (about 85) with 6 iron. My pro suggested graphite, Changed shafts from Dynalite Gold XP to Aldila VS Proto-HL, one-soft stepped, in my Mizuno MX100's. So these are A+2/3 or R-1/3. Work was done by a professional club builder and fit for me. Spine-aligned etc. Hit them on the range before spine surgery in November, about 75 balls. Absolutely wonderful results. Probably 1/2 club or more gained in distance. (Also have a Project X 4.5, 11.5 Degree Shaft in my driver.) MarvChamp
  24. Do some still play older clubs? They aren't ancient but I still love my Mizuno MX100 (cast) and MX200 (forged) irons from 2009-2010. In my quest to find my game again after years off, the flush feel of the Mizunos is what I want. Plus my Callaway Heavenwood 3 and 4 hybrids and even older KZG 18* and 26* U-Irons. I even recently had a club builder "fit" me to the Mizunos that I like so much...We re-shafted, frequency tuned, spine aligned ad infinitum ($$$). Even took an inch of my great Callaway Diablo Octane so it matched my other clubs. So, yes, some are more insane than others. -Marv
  25. Hi! I'm a newbie to The Sand Trap but a long time fan. I'm 71 and have a busy little law practice. Years ago I played regularly to a 12 or 14. Then I stopped playing for several years, for career reasons if I recall correctly. I decided to get back in the game about 3-4 years ago. Then I decided to use golf for my regular exercise. I make sure I am at the great practice facility at least 3 times a week and that I play with my regular group at least once a week. I met my pro teacher at our range and have taken series of lessons. All the time, my legs were killing me and had for years. I had spi
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