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Trophy balls

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Do you guys keep trophy balls? I do.

So far to date i have the following:
First birdie
Breaking 100
Breaking 90
First 300 yd dr.

Still need:
Breaking 80
Ball that I used on the last round to break 10 hdcp

And the last one that really isn't fair but I'll keep anyways:
Albatross- there are 2 275-300 yd par 4's at one of the courses we circuit and I've hit the greens before, maybe 1 day I'll get lucky and it'll drop.

Which Trophy's do you keep?
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Re: Trophy balls


The clubs and the "crafter" get all the credit on the good shots.

The ball gets credit for all the horrible shots.

grats on your accomplishments though
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Re: Trophy balls

I have my first par and my first birdie.

Unfortunately the 1st time I broke 100 the ball lasted 17.5 holes. It went swimming as I got greedy trying to go for a 96 instead of a safe 98.
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Re: Trophy balls

I kept my first eagle ball. That's it so far except for when I get an ace.
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Re: Trophy balls

I lose too many balls as it is. I can't put any in cases.
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Re: Trophy balls

My trophy balls must be good luck, so I make a point to play with them again. Then it always seems they lose their luck somewhere along the way. Then they're just normal balls again, and get thrown in the bag.

The world goes in cycles.
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Re: Trophy balls

Originally Posted by julie_m View Post
Then they're just normal balls again, and get thrown in the bag.

The world goes in cycles.
I like your philosophy!

I don't keep any yet, but don't really have anything to celebrate. I'd keep a hole in one or first eagle ball though.
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Re: Trophy balls

I thought I was the only one that did this! I love to look at those in the case and remember those rounds. They're like photographs of fond memories. When I see them I get positive reinforcement as well. There's a little sports psychology and a little mojo there.

In my case I have:
Lowest 18: 79
Lowest 9: 36
Longest holed out shot: 44 yards
Longest holed out sand shot: 25 yards
Longest Drive in the Fairway: 351
Birdie ball: Birdied 10,12,13 (3 out of 4 holes)

I've been hunting my first hole in one ball and have hit a few to a matter of inches in the last few months.

And still looking for my first Eagle.
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Re: Trophy balls

The only ball I keep is the ACE... still waiting.

I do have a huge display of balls from all the courses I have played around the world. Sad to say, there's more money than I'd like to remember spending on the walls.

I'd probably save the ball I broke par with... that would be worth something.
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Re: Trophy balls

I still have the break 100, 90 and birdie ball. Still ttrying to earn the 80, eagle and ace. I do also have a scorecard of every course I have played. 50 plus and counting.
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Re: Trophy balls

i have my first birdie ball, im only going to keep that one and my first eagle and first hole in one...... when ever they should come
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 I'm 52 and just started playing golf. Don't know why I waited so long. This games a blast. As of now I have played two 9 hole rounds. I have 3 trophy balls. My 1st game, My 1st fairway shot, and my 1st GIR. This week when I go, I hope to get my 1st par and/or birdie.

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I have my hole-in-one ball, but that's it (I just made my ace 2 months ago). I'm not much for collecting mementos that take up any amount of physical space here in the age of digital photographs.

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My trophy wife wants my trophy balls right where they are. :)

Only save ace balls. Since I don't have any aces, I don't have any balls.

I better leave this thread before I'm banned.
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I don't have any trophies, but I figure I'll keep any hole-in-one ball and any double eagle/albatross ball. Obviously, the second one is pretty unlikely, but those are the only balls I would definitely keep.

Maybe I'd keep a hole out eagle or winning a net club championship, but I'm not sure.
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I dropped in to see if my ex-wife had started the thread ... if you know what I mean ... 



I kept my first birdie ball and then looked at it one day, and thought it meant nothing to no one but me, and it was just taking up room ... so I got rid of it ... 

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I've got 5 eagle balls and my low round 72 ball.
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I just have a collection of balls from courses I've played. I now wish I kept my first par, birdie, and eagle ball though, I didn't even think to keep the ball when they happened.

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