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Two Questions about flipping

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1) What does flipping the wrists at impact cause?

2) After impact position (left wrist flat, right wrist bent) , what do the wrists do? 

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makes you miss it to the left (if your a right hander)

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I feel like when I flip my wrists at impact, I don't get consistent results. For example, I'll top a ball, I'll hit a huge divot before the ball ,etc. Some slice, some hook...Does that have anything to do with flipping? 

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it's hard to say without seeing your swing and set-up, but if your swing and setup is solid then a too wristy follow through will make the ball go left.


top a ball and hitting it fat is generally cause by balance incorrectness, eg you drop your head and weight down to hit it fat or your jumping it and leaning back to top the ball... topping seems more likely the result of flipping your wrists wayyyyyyy to early

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Yeah I feel like I top my long irons mostly because I'm trying to hit the ball up instead of striking it in the correct spot. I have a video on here, it's not that good but I'll reupload. A guy froze it and said my weight isn't getting to my front side and I'm flipping. I've fixed my posture and alignment a lot since that last video but the downswing/release looks terrible IMO.


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I'm not one to be giving too many swing lessons, but I'd say work on your tempo. Maybe just slow everything down a bit, might help with more consistent ball contact. I too struggle with flipping so I'll keep watching this thread.

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For sure from that video you are flipping the club.  You are flat footed in the follow through and your buddy was right about not getting weight enough forward.  The more forward you can get yourself the loner the arc gets and it slows down the over taking (flip). 


Could also be flipping more because your face is to open in the downswing and you flip to square it. 

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I'm a recovering flipper who is not fully cured.  Flipping causes inconsistent contact especially lots of thin and topped shots.  IMO, there is nothing worse than a topped shot....including fat shots.


Here's my most recent flipping/topping event submitted for your enjoyment.  I was playing well last Sunday but on a par 3 with a forced carry over water I topped my tee shot.  I knew I was doing it as I swung the club, but it's like remembering you left your keys in the car as you close the locked door.  Too late.  The ball went barely 75' to the rough in front of the front tee box where I had to play my second shot.  "Fortunately," this hole is right in front of the clubhouse. d2_doh.gif

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Yep, at impact it looks like your left wrist is bent and the right wrist is flat, and the club head is ahead of the hands.  (This is as close to impact as I could get it to stop)




And immediately after impact, both elbows are pulled into the body.




For the life of me I couldn't get the video to pause to see if you were casting the club or not, or throwing away the lag, but my suspicion is that you might be.


Here is a couple examples of a good hands forward impact position; flat left wrist, bent right wrist.. (from andrewricegolf.com)






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Yes, you are flipping, but there is good news, I would say somewhere on the order of 85-90% of golfers flip, so you are not alone. Even some pro's flip. There is a Master thread on flipping. Lots of good information on flipping and how to prevent it there. 


I will add that it is a process and will take some time to improve it. Thoughts like weight left at impact, turn your hips, are sound advice but alone they will not stop you from flipping. 

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I was there too.  Flipping caused me to hit every shot imagineable.  It causes very inconsistent results.  My issue was my hip turn.  My hips would stop turning and get me stuck which caused me to flip.  The videos were horrible.  But it was just the frame before impact. I had done it for a LONG time so it was hard for me to get rid of. 

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First off, thanks everyone for all the help. I appreciate it. Secondly, what should the elbows be doing after impact? A poster above said both of my elbows are pulled into the body. What should they be doing? 

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Originally Posted by Fowlerfan19 View Post

First off, thanks everyone for all the help. I appreciate it. Secondly, what should the elbows be doing after impact? A poster above said both of my elbows are pulled into the body. What should they be doing? 

Ideally, after impact your left elbow folds and right arm is straight as you complete the swing (remember to complete the swing!).



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Your follow thru is mostly going to be a reaction to what you have done prior. The main thing I see is your lower body is stalled. So your arms do all the work and you throw all your power and clubhead out well before you get to the ball. My guess is very high fades or pulls. 


If I were in your shoes I would do some drills with 1/2 swings with your weight forward like this guy. 



There is a video of iacas doing it as well. This will help you get the weight to your left side and help you hit down on the ball. 

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Played 18 today and on the front 9 I was struggling a lot. So for the back 9 I decided to extend my hands a bit at address and started hitting the ball great. Wasn't flipping as much as usual but I still had some shots that sliced with the driver. Irons were dead straight and pretty long. I've been struggling with my long irons and I was able to get the ball in the air today. Just curious, would it be better for me to have my hands very close to my body or extended out? I usually have my hands pretty close...back 9 extended them out to a little bit in front of my chin.

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When you take your stance let go of the club so it leans up against you and let your hands hang naturally, that is right about where you hands should be in relation to your body.

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Every really good drive or long shot I have done, my finish has always just felt right.  I don't always realize what I'm doing prior, but at the end, my body is fairly upright, arms extended, and it feels effortless.  You almost feel like you're posing at the end, but you can't help it.  I sometimes wonder if you could just practice driving by trying to get to that perfect finishing position and not worrying so much about everything else.  If you're flipping at impact, you won't finish in the correct position.  You most likely will swing flatter and come across your body more, leading to a hook.  Hooks don't feel good, but they feel better than letting go to much and slicing.

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I'm pretty new to golf...so if your hands are too close to your body at address could that cause an outside to inside swing path? I feel like this is a big problem for me, more so on my driver than my irons. That's why I extended my hands out a little bit more and was making very good contact. My left hand is lined up with my chin. Is that too far of extension?

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