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2012 Ryder Cup Discussion Thread

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Though it has played host to a U.S. Open and two recent PGA Championships, Medinah Country Club has undergone extensive renovations lately. As a result, when the Ryder Cup tees off players will be greeted to something far different than what they remember.


More info on the changes from Steve Eubanks


According to Jones, "I felt that the 15th was a hole where the risk-reward challenge could be strengthened. I felt a pond adjacent to the 15th green would give it plenty of the risk-reward element. It's now an important part of the round and extends one of the great finishing tests in golf. The 15th is now the shortest par-4 on the course. We've built a flexible hole for the members and a drivable par-4 for the match play format of the Ryder Cup."


No. 4 and No. 6 at The Country Club in Brookline were drivable fours for the 1999 Ryder Cup, and the 10th hole at the Belfry was pivotal in 2002 when European Captain Sam Torrance moved the tee forward and made it drivable. But the first drivable par-4 ever built from scratch for the Ryder Cup was the 15th hole at the Twenty Ten course in Wales, a blind shot of less than 300 yards over trees to a well-guarded green.


When Andy North and Paul Azinger saw the 15th at the Twenty Ten course for the first time, North joked that, "Corey (Pavin) could even reach this one. He'd at least give it a rip." 


Now, a classic course, Medinah, has completely rebuilt a hole to make it a drivable four for the Ryder Cup.   


"I haven't played it since the changes," Tiger said. "I'd have to almost equate it to how Bay Hill has gone through its renovations over the years and even Torrey Pines."
It's no accident that Tiger picked two examples of newly renovated courses where he has experienced great success. He's won at Torrey Pines before and after the changes and has mastered every iteration of Bay Hill.


"Even though they've made some major changes over the years, I still like playing (Medinah)," Tiger said. "The time we played in 1999 was way different than 2005. It was a completely different golf course, but I still liked it. I'm sure this is probably the same." 

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This is all I feel I need to add to a discussion on this year's Ryder Cup:



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It's difficult to declare either side a clear favorite. A lot has been made of the course being set up with wide fairways and modest rough. The European players play in the USA extensively and there are more American style courses on the European tour than in the past. This is not the 1960's European player. Talent is comparable. Crowd support helps feed momentum but I feel increases the pressure if things aren't going well. It will probably come down to who has the hot putters. It usually does.
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Should be fun...from a personal perspective, I always like seeing a driveable par 4 when I play and think it is good for both match play and medal play formats for both the players and fans.

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I can't wait for the action to start! Gonna be a really compettive matches, it will come down to the last couple of matches on Sunday.

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both of my kids have events lasting most of the day on BOTH Sat and Sunday this weekend...it was finally the kick in the ass i needed to get the DVR set up and running. Will be watching the documentary tonight on the War By The Shore...can't wait for Friday!!


got the US for -125 and can't wait for the match ups to be posted - betting on match play is awesome!

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Can anyone find that beautiful music that plays over their opening video on Live from the Ryder Cup? Anyone even know what i'm talking about? Its some string piece that is awesome along with just a great video showcasing Medinah.

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Can't wait !

Btw, does anyone also realise that this will be the FIRST Ryder Cup in the new millennium that doesn't have a guy named Woods as the World no 1 ? b2_tongue.gif

That's six RC's that Tiger was the world no 1 going in.....just saying.....

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Tiger just doesn't seem like a team player kind of guy to me.

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This podcast does a mock pairing set up for the Ryder Cup - came up with some interesting matches I hope we get to see!



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We should be in for some outstanding matches this weekend. This has to be the best collection of talent on both sides brought together at the Ryder Cup in at least 15 years.

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Originally Posted by WWBDD View Post

Tiger just doesn't seem like a team player kind of guy to me.


How does one quantify and measure that reality exactly?


Everybody who plays on the U.S. Team with Tiger, seems to think different - at least you hear and see them saying so during interviews and press conferences, even in the informal interviews and press conferences.

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Two Players that I don't think should have made either Ryder Cup this year:


- Bubba Watson - US Team

- Lee Westwood - European Team


Neither of them have played impressive golf this year, and both of them are on a downward slope currently.  I would have preferred to see Hunter Mahan, instead of Bubba Watson.  I think when comparing the two, Hunter, would have brought more "stability" and less "frantic" play to the team event - which is what you will need to win.  I think the remainder of the U.S. Team is pretty solid this year.


On the European side, I don't see Francesco Molinari, adding much to fuel the Europeans to victory at Medinah, either.  In 2010, they tried to put Molinari, up against Zack Johnson/Hunter Mahan (foursomes), Cink/Kuchar (fourballs) and Woods (singles) - and he ended up 0-2-1.


Instead of Bubba, I would have put a more stable Mahan, up against Molinary, as much as possible - just to remind Molinary, of 2010.  A psychological advantage that might matter in the points spread.  We'll see.

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Originally Posted by crayputter View Post

Can't wait !
Btw, does anyone also realise that this will be the FIRST Ryder Cup in the new millennium that doesn't have a guy named Woods as the World no 1 ? b2_tongue.gif
That's six RC's that Tiger was the world no 1 going in.....just saying.....


True, but while liking Tiger Woods, as much as I do, I'm not at all impressed with his performance in the Ryder Cup.  His Number #1 dominance will never be replicated in my lifetime, no doubt.  I agree with you on that score - it has been one heck of a Number #1 ride with Tiger!


However, his performance during the the Ryder, leave much to be desired.   Had he not won as many times as he did this year, I'd be saying that he should not even be on the Ryder Cup Team.  Of course, you can't keep the best of the best down for very long and that's why he has multiple wins this year, yet again for the umpteenth time in his career.


I think the problem in the past with Tiger, and the Ryder Cup, has been the fact that it come late in the year.  Tiger, had to have spent an enormous amount of energy winning 74 times on the PGA Tour over the years, including 14 majors and 16 WGC events and those years where he won 5/6/7 times a year for multiple years.  All of that has to take an emotional toll at the end of the golf season, when really - winning on Tour is the most important thing on your annual agenda.


Then comes the Ryder Cup, at the very end - after you have spent all that energy beating up on everybody in sight earlier that same year.  It must have been somewhat melodramatic for Tiger, over the years.  Maybe even something on the level of an NFL Pro Bowl for Tiger, the Ryder Cup (maybe).  Nobody expects to see any real big hits in Hawaii, during the Pro Bowl.  In fact, they way they play the game today, they basically Red-Shirt everybody on the field during most of the game and the fans know it.  The fans are basically there just to see all of their favorite players on the field at the same time.  Nobody expects big hits anymore, or all out play.


That does not make Tiger, a non-team player.  It is just the reality of giving your all over an extremely long golf season and then reaching what amounts to an "All Star Golf Tournament" for the Europeans and the United States.  However, having said that ---------- I think the "Fans" have turned up the heat AND the expectations for the players in the Ryder Cup, over the decades, making it a very heated contest.


With Tiger, exploding onto the scene back in 1997, with his dramatic history making win in the Masters, he began to introduce the game of Golf to people all around the world, given the television coverage and the changes in satellite television networks.  People from all over the world, were able to see his star rising and that got millions of people around the planet interested in playing and watching golf on a level had not been seen before, given the technology in use.  


Now, the Ryder Cup, gets a visit from Celebrities from outside the world of Golf and a level of television coverage world wide that it never had before.  Couple that to the Fan/Amateur golfer now buying billions of dollars in golf equipment each and every year, the global reality of having two teams from two different continents and it brings something of an Olympic flair to it.


Its no Super Bowl, by any stretch of the imagination - but its growing bigger each and every year.  When you put a hot player like Rory, on one side and a perennial Hall of Fame Titan like Tiger, on the other - you spark something special that people want to see.  Having it played on a course that looks downright Sexy, like Medinah, looks today - and you unleash a firestorm of interest.


A Side note:  I've never seen Medinah, look this darn sexy.  That course looks good enough to EAT!  

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Anyway you slice it Bubba had a better year than Hunter. More Top 10's, more money, higher ranking, more points etc. Hunter isn't on the team because of the way he played the last 1/3 of the season. Had he played even a little better he'd be on the team, but not in Bubba's spot. But honestly it's tough to say. Folks were critcal of JF being picked and he was strong last week, as was Bubba.

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Interviews seem to indicate that Hunter wasn't selected because his performance was declining and DL3 wanted guys that were holding steady or improving. 

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I would have taken Harrington over Westwood. He is the most overrated golfer in the world imo and his play does not warrant him to be on that team this year.

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It's simple enough, Westwood's 2012 record is significantly stronger than Harrington's.

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