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Lamkin Show Us Your Grips Contest

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Got another great Lamkin Grips contest.  One Grand Prize Winner will be awarded one set of Lamkin Grips – fourteen (14) grips total.  The winner will have the choice of his or her style, size and color. 


How to Enter: To enter the Contest:

1. Submit an Eligible Entry (#1 and #2 in the image below)

2. You must be a registered member of The Sand Trap in good standing.

3. You must be a legal resident of the fifty (50) United States or the District of Columbia and aged eighteen (18) or older as of the date of entry.
4. One entry per person and per household. Any additional entries or modifications invalidate all entries.



The Contest begins at 12:00 AM Pacific Time (“PT”) November 12, 2012 and ends at 11:59:59 PM PT November 27, 2012


If you haven't used Lamkin Grips before, check out what fellow Sand Trap members have to say about the new R.E.L. 3GEN Grips


Fine Print

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I'll post a pic of a Lamkin grip on one of my son's clubs.  Obviously I'm not entering the contest a2_wink.gif and your pic doesn't have to be a Lamkin grip.  This is a N-DUR 3GEN from a few years ago.




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My Callaway x-protos have a Lamkin rainbow. A different color on each iron: light blue, yellow, green on the 7 cause I'm money with that club. White, black, red and orange. Adds a little flair. I've got a new batch of sticks and would love to switch out the multi compounds with a set of Lamkin grips. Definitely a big fan, especially of the Crossline Cord.
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Golf Pride Swing Rite ... If I try to swing this club in the rain it's liable to go further than the ball.

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Hey everyone - Don't forgot to post a picture AND a couple sentences as to why you could use a Lamkin upgrade. Thanks!
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Pretty easy contest to enter!

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Too bad not eligible for UK, cause grips pics would have worth the shipment cost:P

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Old Dunlop Tour sand wedge grip


Here's the grip on my sand wedge, which was already old when my father handed it down to me in 1990. The grip defines "hard as a rock"!

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Originally Posted by Jim Kim View Post

Too bad not eligible for UK, cause grips pics would have worth the shipment cost:P


Yes, we would LOVE to have these contests open to everyone.  Laws/rules for contests like these are different for each country so it makes things complicated.

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Golf Pride, Cobra: so shiny and oily aren't they? They're even balding now, with no grooves in some of them. Never had a thought about not using a glove.

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Keep them coming guys, not a lot of entries so far, great opportunity to WIN FREE grips!

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Recently bought a set of Hogan Grind irons from donation center. Cleaned them up, but grips are slick. Grip pressure is much to tight, as I swing with a prayer.

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Original Adams GT grips on 2003 purchase. overdue for a replacement.  I am posting this Pic.

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Whatever the material beneath the grip is called, that's what's left. I often take my 15 yr old stepson golfing and often play a "bunny hop" or captains choice format. With grips like these and his close proximity, his life is in danger. Send me new grips, please! For his sake, and in the interest of never having to explain to his mother why her son was impaled with a golf club! Happy T-giving!

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These are my Black Widow "Widow Makers" that I have on my full set. Needing to regrip for spring and have heard good things about your grips so lets see what you got.

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I'm always looking to try new grips. I just installed a few of these Shaparo grips last week. So please select me? LOL 


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My 1984 Hogan PC's are in desperate desperate need of some new grips. They are all original and have now become unhitable, help to bring these old beauties back to life.
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Replace mah grips!!1000

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