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high handicap ball

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i read a lot of threads here but does a different ball really help me shave strokes?


i shoot between 102 and 113 trying to work on my accuracy and short game. 


what ball should i play?


currently using burners and pinnacles 


i see  a lot of people like the E5 for higher handicaps


also if i mark the balls what is a good sticker for them, i like to be creative :) JK 

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Originally Posted by tntviper1 View Post

i read a lot of threads here but does a different ball really help me shave strokes?


i shoot between 102 and 113 trying to work on my accuracy and short game. 


what ball should i play?


currently using burners and pinnacles 


i see  a lot of people like the E5 for higher handicaps


also if i mark the balls what is a good sticker for them, i like to be creative :) JK 


Play whatever you like the feel of, and whatever you want to pay for. You won't see much difference between any two balls. Switching likely won't affect your score much. 


Good luck.

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I like the Bridgestone e6's. I've moved away from them because they don't spin around the green as much as I'd like now, but they definitely mute hard slices a little.

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Pick a lower compression ball and stick with it. The feel off the putter will be more consistent if you use the same ball all the time. If you're playing over 100, then your ball striking is likely inconsistent to the point where you not notice  big differences in full swings (how many perfect swings do you have in a row?). But you will notice on the green.


If you need/want help getting the ball in the air, consider Srixon Soft Feel. I play the yellow ones in cold weather. They putt great, don't spin around the greens, but they roll out consistently. They are under $20. One of my regular partners (older guy with good game and slower swing speed) has switched to these as his regular ball.


Constancy on the greens is the fastest way to get into the low 90's.

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I can't argue with some of the choices presented but will also add the Noodle. The regular old Noodle is inexpensive at Wally World-about $24 for 2 dozen. My current favorite medium price ball is the Titleist DT Solo, and my favorite premium ball is the Bridgestone 330RX. Honestly though, I am a 15 handicap and it won't mean more than 2 strokes difference to me between those I have mentioned. As far as marking--use the Sharpie in the color of your choice!
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If you lose a lot of balls buy cheap ones!  Costco has a private labeled Callaway Hex Control 4 dozen for 59.99.  $12.50 a dozen is hard to beat.



They also have a 4 piece Urethane covered ball for 59.99, I played them all year.  It is a premium ball for 14.98 if you order on the Internet.




I agree with other posters to use the same ball, consistency will help you.

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I use whatever is on sale, but a couple of my favorites are the wilson staff duo elite 50, gamer or gamer v2, noodle long and soft, and i'm going to try out the hex bites that golfsmith has for sale now.


i also do the lost golf balls thing, but the big issue i've had is they are darker than new balls and a lot harder to spot. i've never had a problem with them being waterlogged or questionable internal condition like some people say, but the dark cover definitely isn't ideal if you're looking anywhere but the fairway especially in the fall.


and don't be put off by the whole compression thing. i had no idea what it meant and i swing my driver in the mid to upper 90s and have no problem. the guy i play with swings faster (i'd guess in the mid 100s to 110) and i throw him those duos some time and it doesn't affect his ball flight.


the first guy was right though. get a ball that feels great off the putter. i've dropped a lot of cheap "distance" balls because they feel like rocks off the putter and when you score high you usually could use better greenside shots and less putts and a ball can make a difference on those.

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Nike PD softs are inexpensive.

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Originally Posted by TJBam View Post

Nike PD softs are inexpensive.

I think theyre a pretty decent ball too.  The last time I bought balls, I bought a dozen PD Long and a dozen PD Soft, after playing Bridgestone E5s for a long time.  Both were great balls, easily as good as any Bridgestone or Titleist ball that Ive played.

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If you slice, the Bridgestone E6 will help straighten it and keep some of those drives in play.

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I'm liking the wilson staff duo's and titleist dt solos. The duo goes a little further for me but ymmv depending on swing speed.

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I like to pro v1x it's speedy but they feel great off the putter and do what I want around the green. But I also get most of mine for free from a buddy that works at a golf store his boss gives him up to 5 boxes a month and he rarely loses a ball so he has a huge stock lol. But if I buy balls I play the noodle long and soft for the feel off the putter. But just try a couple different brands and you will find what you like. Discount does not always mean garbage. If there is a ball to stay away from is nitro I broke 3 in half in one round just crap. No ego builder when my son broke one he is 11 and hits every thing thin. But he is getting better. His golf pro says its better to be thin then fat at his age
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I was going to post a review of the e6, but this thread seems to be a good place to share my experience as well. Let me first say that I have been seeing great improvement in my game and I had started to play a Pro V1 & the Pro V1x just because I thought I could. Seeing I don't have a 105 mph swing speed, I finally swallowed my pride of playing a top tier ball and move to a few mid level balls looking to get a little longer, straighter and not lose the touch I have created around the greens. I moved to the NXT S originally and really liked it, but still found myself playing out of the first or second cut and missing scoring opportunities. Moved through the Q Star and just didn't like that ball. Enter the e5/e6 conversations. I have been hearing great things about both of these balls and said I'd try them out. Well, I went with the e6 first and I am probably not moving off this ball any time soon. I had gotten to the point of leaving my driver in the bag in favor of accuracy, now the driver is out, the ball is in play and I've added 30 yards just by keeping it in the fairway and straight off the tee. Long iron shots have improved tremendously and they are straight. As for being soft around the green, I have only noticed a minimal difference between this ball and the Pro V1 when it comes to spin off wedges. Unless you're backing the ball up 5 or 10 feet off your wedges, you probably won't see a difference. Drop, hop and stop has been my experience with these ball and and I'm in TX with summer greens that can be quite firm.


Long story short, the e6 is a great ball for a higher handicap player at a great price point considering that you won't be losing as many balls as you were before.

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when i was first trying to break 100 i didn't even think about what ball to use

i was just so focused on hoping not to lose it

at least for me, i couldn't tell the difference from one ball to the next...


i liked precept laddie, srixon soft feel, nike pd soft...


get them used so you never feel stressed about losing them and wasting time looking for them

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