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2013 Golf Goals Official Recap Thread - How Did You Do?

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With the year coming to a close, it's time for our yearly self-assessment thread. Here's how this will work...

Quote your post in the 2013 Goals thread, then write something below your quoted post to let us know how you did! Simple!

Please do not reply to the posts of others people. This thread, like "What'd You Shoot Today," is not intended to be a discussion, but merely a list of people's goals and how they fared.

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Originally Posted by David in FL

1. 100 rounds
2. Break par.
3. Sub 4.0 index.

1. 118 rounds ytd, and should get another 2 in before the end of the year.
2. Shot my first even par round, but couldn't get under. Next year for sure!
3. Hit a low of 4.6.....and kept it under 5 for a whopping 2 revisions. a5_crying.gif Again......2014 will be the year! a3_biggrin.gif
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Originally Posted by SloverUT


Goal #1: Obtain a more consistent swing.View Post


Goal #2: Post a handicap below 15


Goal #3: Break 80


Goal #4: Have as much fun as I possibly can playing a game that I love!



Not sure if I did the quoting thing right, but here goes anyway.


1) I definitely did this.  I attended a 5SK school and have developed a much more consistent natural swing.


2) I did not obtain this goal.  I am hovering around 18 currently.


3)I did not break 80 but I came close.  I shot an 81 this summer and in the mid 80's on several occasions.


4) I thoroughly enjoyed my golfing this year.  Joined a country club in the latter part and have met a lot of new people and am really enjoying playing with my 5 year old as well.

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Originally Posted by teamroper60 View Post

My goal for 2012 (my first year of golf) was to get consistently into the 90's.   I managed to achieve that.   For 2013, my primary goal is to get consistently in the 80's.   I would already be shooting a lot of 80's if I could just putt worth a damn.   I know Eric feels putting is the easiest thing to learn but for me it has been the hardest.   (AVG putts: 2.23;  GIR AVG putts: 2.52)  So, since I know what I need to work on, I feel my 2013 goal is very much achievable with some work on the putting green.


Secondary to that is breaking 80.

Didn't make my goals for the year.   I shot a bunch of rounds in the 80's but was never consistent.   I made some big changes to my swing over the course of the year though and I feel they will ultimately lead to a much better game.   Still need to work on my putting though...   I spent an inordinate amount of time on it this year but that never did translate to the course..   

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OP: My game objective is to improve my consistency off the tee to hit more fairways and thereby hit more greens in regulation.  


  1. My fairways hit was ~40% and GIR 27%.  Objective is >50% and 40%. 
  2. My short game improved to 31.7 putts per round down from 36 with putts per GIR at 2.0 and putts per missed GIR at 1.7.  Objective <2.0 for GIR.
  3. To improve my consistency, I will build on my work with the driver and woods to improve accuracy.


My physical objective is to increase flexibility in my shoulders for a longer takeaway and better finish position at A10.  This is a limiter for me right now at A10.


My GIR actually went down and fairways up to 47%.  I had less time to practice and played fewer rounds.  I am also still struggling with flexibility but have some new stretch routines to work with.

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2013 Goals dfreuter415:


1) Maintain a single digit handicap


2) Return to "right-hand low" grip to improve my putting



Goal #1 accomplished. After a strong fall, my GHIN finished at 8.3.


In 2012 I had my worst putting year in a decade, so I decided to return to "right-hand low". I had a conventional putting style starting in the 1960's, but in 1997 switched to "left-hand low" to help my young daughter improve her putting. In addition, in 2013 I added a Lamkin jumbo grip to my putters. The result was that I lowered my number of three putts as well as putts per round by more than one.  So, goal #2 accomlished.

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Originally Posted by PirateJim 12/20/2012
I am still accumulating score cards and haven't yet established a handicap, but as most of those are (sadly) mid nineties it will come out in the 20's. So far pretty much all of my game is quite erratic, but I'm getting some lessons and putting in a good bit of time on the range and putting green. So... - Gain decent consistency in both distance and direction in my long game and develop some confidence in fairway wood play. - Develop better consistency in my short game and finally learn to chip (a skill that has eluded me in all of my previous attempts at golf.). Better putting too, of course, but I suspect that will remain a lifelong quest. - Progress on the above general goals may be judged by my handicap; I don't think it is too aggressive to aim at 15 this time next year I do hope I'll be back next June to update this after realizing I was way too conservative in this goal... Jim


I'm pleased to say, mission accomplished on pretty much all counts.


  1. I did establish a handicap, it did begin in the 20s, 21 something if I recall.
  2. I did take quite a few lessons (weekly for a couple of months) and put in my time on the range several days a week at least.
  3. My shots aren't as erratic as they were, though they still seem like they could be much more precise.  I guess that will remain a moving target goal forever.  A properly fitted driver did wonders for keeping it in the fairway though.
  4. Fairway woods still aren't my strong point, but I'm pretty confident with my 4 and actually love my 7 so...
  5. My short game consistency has greatly improved, but though I did learn to chip decently enough when needed I still mostly hit pitches.  (Thanks iacas for your quickie pitching videos.)
  6. Putting has improved, but not enough, that's high on this year's list.
  7. A 15 handicap wasn't too aggressive, and I actually broke that mark in June as I had hoped.


Happy New Year!

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 Here's what I wrote last December:


At my home course, where i have been playing 20-30 rounds each year for ten years:


1. Birdie #12 and #17, neither of which I have ever birdied.


2. Keep my handicap index under 10 for the whole year.


3. Play nine holes in even par.


4. Hit my irons more consistently, taking a few lessons if necessary.


Results for 2013:


1. Still haven't birdied #12 nor #17, have birdied ever other hole at least four times over the years.


2. Had a bad start this year, H.I. was around 11 for a long while. Played well in August and October, ended year with HI = 9.2


3. Had two nines where I was one over, still have never played nine holes in even par.


4. Irons were still inconsistent, got a little better near the end of the year, never got around to taking lessons.


So, I didn't reach my goals, not even one of them.

But I got better as the year went on, and I came out slightly ahead in our $2 nassau's, so I'm calling it a good year. 

And now that it is winter, i miss it, big time.


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2013 was a fair year for me  - dropped the hcp from 17.6 to 15.1.    Was fortunate to be able to play a lot (~110 9 & 18 hole rounds).      Didn't practice enough - hardly at all to be honest.    Gained a lot of confidence with driver & 3 iron off tee.     Didn't improve irons & full wedges nearly as much as I hoped - in fact, full wedges & short irons weren't as good as the year before - good contact, but often poorly aimed.    Tightening up approach shots will be a focus next year.    Chipping improved quite a bit.    Putting was awful ... pitiful actually.    

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My 2012 post:
Raise fairway % - current 42.9%
Raise GIR % - current 36.2%
Reduce avg. putts - current 1.89
Reduce scoring avg - current 85.9
Stats are from when I got my Skycaddie.
31 rounds since 8/31.

2013 stats:
FW% - 48.6%
GIR% - 42.1%
Avg Putts - 1.89
Scoring avg - 81.9
Played 64 rounds of tournament and casual golf in 2013
Scoring index dropped from 9.4 to 6.1

All goals were accomplished except for lowering my putting stat. I had it lower a month or so ago but a late season putting massacre rose my average back up. I will blame it on the time change and the lack of practice.
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Originally Posted by Golfingdad View Post


For 2013:


1. Keep improving my swing and ballstriking.

2. Get that handicap moving downwards ... no specific number, just looking for constant improvement here.

3. Win a tournament.


And don't forget to keep stretching that back!!!

Well, I have and I haven't hit my goals for this year.  My swing and ballstriking (and handicap, for that matter) were all improving throughout the year up until about September, but have since hit a little snag.  However, if I just look at snapshots from Jan 1 to today, my handicap went from 9.9 to 7.9 so I really shouldn't complain much.  :)  It was as low as 6.8 for a couple of revisions, but has since regressed.  So I didn't technically acheive the "constant improvement" I was looking for but, hey, its golf, so maybe that wasn't a realistic goal anyway.


And, the only actual concrete goal - win a tournament - was accomplished back in July.


All in all, not a bad year!!

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I'm very happy with my personal goals for 2013. After being "caddy" for some friends at a small local tournament, I decided to use my summer vacation to pick up golf again (I played for a year or two back when I was 14-15 (I'm 25 now), but never really got better, kept slicing and eventually just quit golfing due to frustration) and started practicing mainly at the driving range. I fixed my terrible slice eventually, and managed to pull of decent shots. I then started playing on our local course which is known to be extremely unforgiving (tight fairways with hazards on both sides) and got my handicap down from 45 to 28. Usually I get some pars and bogeys in a round, but my instability keeps me back.


Now that winter is here, the course is closed and I'm really looking forward to next season to improve my game and have fun.

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Originally Posted by billchao View Post

1. Play more than one round a month.
2. Get a proper fitting for my whole bag.
3. Single digit handicap.
4. Stop bothering my wife with swing theory.

I listed them in order by difficulty. I'd honestly call it a successful season if I managed three of them.

Epic fail. I didn't make a single one.


Actually, my wife stopped being bothered by me talking golf with her, so I think I'll claim that one as successfully attained.

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I wasn't a member of the forum last winter so I can't quote a post. I hope it's ok to post these 2013 goals and results anyway:


Play at least 9 holes without losing a ball.

Break 50 on 9 holes with hopes of breaking 100 on 18.


The first round of the season I finished the front 9 using the same ball I started with (proceeded to lose 3 on the back nine).

I broke 50 several times this year.

I only broke 100 once (93).


Most importantly, accomplished my goals without any known rule infraction. I still feel as though 2013 wasn't a great year. 

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My main goals for 2013:


1) Consistently shoot within the 80's by the end of season.

2) Hit more that 50% of the fairways in all of my rounds.

3) Make solid contact with hybrids and irons.

4) Play more often.

5) Increase my distance a bit more.


I think I may have gotten a bit more distance off of my driver, woods, and hybrids this season, and I did make cleaner contact with by irons/hybrids, but I didn't do too good with the others goals. I simply didn't play enough rounds (practice), or as many as I though I would. There's always next season though!

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