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First Eagle!

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First eagle of my golf career today!


500 yard par 5.  Crushed the drive 275 yards according to my Garmin S-1.  Second shot I knew I couldn't make it to the green, so I layed up perfectly to one side of the fairway and about 60 yards out.  Third shot was a 56 wedge.  I could tell I'd hit it well and was wondering how good a chance I'd have at birdie.  We walked up to the green and couldn't find the ball anywhere.  I was just be-moaning having gotten a weird bounce when my partner decided to look in the cup and there it was!


No ball mark either so I think it actually dove straight in!

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Congratulations! c3_clap.gif
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Awesome. Congrats!

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Very cool.  Congratz!

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No one saw it go in from 60 yards out ?   Did you save the ball ?

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NIce - it's a memorable story too.    Still waiting for my first ...

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Congrats!! Great feeling isn't it?! I've had 2 so far one being last week.

The first was on a long but down hill par 5 (16th at Gooodwood in the UK) got a cracking drive away then hit a 3 wood which normally ended about 25 yards short. As I walked over the top of the hill I couldn't see it so carried on walking then saw a ball about 4ft away (I even had to double check it was mine!) I looked at that putt from every angle possible and sank it a1_smile.gif

The second was a drivable 310 yard par 4, left myself a 30 yard diagonal chip from under a tree, I played the ball off my back foot with my 60 degree, the ball clipped the lowest branch and deflected it a little higher. It landed soft and rolled right in!
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I have had 2 that way first on a par 4 and second from same distance as yours and I didn't see mine go in either, Congratulations and get another. I just remembered I almost had one last week got on in two and lipped a 20' putt.

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My 2 out of 5 eagles came on a drivable par 4. 330 yds downhill. Drove the green and one putted. The very first eagle was a miss hit (thinned) 2nd shot on a par 4 that ended up rolling all the way into the hole.
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Cool, got to love the eagle feeling.

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I only have a handful of eagles.  One of my more memorable was playing a round with my son who was about 10 at the time.  It was a 9 hole executive style course.  The first hole is about a 325 yard par 4 with no trouble.  I had a good drive which left me about 80 yards away, slightly up a hill to a raised green.  I took aim with a wedge and the ball came down right on line with the pin.  Seeing as how it was uphill and the green was raised, I had no idea where it finished.  When we got up to the green, I couldn't see the ball anywhere.  I assumed I hit it a little too far and looked over the back side of the green, but... still nothing.  With nowhere left to look... I decided to peek in the hole and there it was!


I've also had eagles the last 2 times I played the 14th hole at one of my local courses.  It's a really short, downhill par 4 that will be played anywhere from 245 yards to 325 yards.  The last 2 times I played it, the hole was playing at about 270... but with the downhill nature of the hole, it was more like 230.  Both times, I drove the green (once with a hybrid, the other time with a 3 wood)... and both times, I was left with a putt of about 15-20 feet.  Both putts never left the hole and dropped in.


It's nice to make an eagle now and again.  I don't believe I've made an eagle on a par 5 yet.  I've had 3 of them on par 4 holes... and my hole-in-one was technically an eagle, but I don't remember making one on a par 5 yet.  I've had very few opportunities... maybe 2 or 3 times I've been on a par 5 green under regulation.





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