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Web.com Tom Gillis Booed for Twitter Remarks

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Never been to a course with a higher opinion of themselves. crestview c.c.


When u play the http://web.com  tour u get to warm up with the lady members.




The social media backlash was swift, with several angry fans promising Gillis a memorable reception later in the week, and sure enough, they let him have it as he approached the club's signature par-3 17th hole playing in the final group on Saturday afternoon.
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He made par lol


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My knee-jerk reaction to this when I saw it yesterday was wow that guys a jerk. But after reading what actually took place Im on his side. The lady is the jerk for not following the rules.
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It's really, really dumb for any athlete to air such a minor grievance on a social media platform. There simply aren't enough people who are going to care one way or the other and the poster comes off looking like a whining d-bag.

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He was probably correct, but don't put one liners on twitter about it.

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Twitter should make a rant tweet option - with like an angry bird icon, ha ha. Only you can see them and they disappear after 10 days or something. Would prevent a lot of this kind of thing from happening, but on the other hand, it's been interesting following this little tempest in a teapot.


I nearly got hit on the range twice after already getting hit once on the back, put up with smokers, people running out on the field, loud fools, etc... a snippy lady, pfffft, that's nothing, rolls right off my back.

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I wonder how she was able to get that far with a club ... I guess web.com is relaxed in security measures, or checking to make sure you "belong" in an area.


Like others have said, his fault was a tweet ... but I guess sometimes you have to "play it as it lies" ... 

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Seems public figures still don't get that social media is read by everyone, not just their fans.  A celebrity can rant to their fans and usually find a lot of support for their opinions but non-fans will call them out or escalate the rant to ridiculous levels.  Social media isn't new technology yet some still don't seem to understand how it really works.

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If the brotha can't even make the pga tour, quit ya bitchin
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