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Is golf an art?

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Jimmy Walker on Charlie Rose, 13:52. Is golf an art? Yes. 


I agree. With all the technology and more technically oriented talk about the swing (you can listen to Walker get into technique in the middle of the interview), I must bang this into my head. Golf imho, is ultimately, a form of art. On the course, it's a flow, no?

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I think golf is low on the list of games and sports that can also be described as artistic.  It mostly requires skill and precision.  Not so much creativity.

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If any part of golf can be considered artistic, it would be some of the courses.

As for the golfer, perhaps one's swing finish pose. 

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Golf is a dance...

Yeah, one must learn the technical aspects...

But if one cannot FEEL and EXPRESS the music one will never truly achieve mastery!

Yep, I'm a lousy dancer, too. :-(

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Golf is art.....high art. It absolutely is.

If you google 'art' lots of definitions show up involving skill acquired through experience, observation, expression of emotions, visual beauty, etc.

I think golf has lot or even most of the elements. In addition it is full of paradoxes and has this mystique of being inexplicably hard in spite of a simple looking motion. Watching some swings evoke similar feeling to looking at a painting masterpiece.  

And how about courses? Some of them in existence can only be best described at sheer art.


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