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America's Best Cities (And States) for Golf


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What is the best city in the U.S. for golfers? It’s a subjective question, but one that Coventry Direct has looked to answer in a recent study. Coventry Direct collected data on each of America’s 100 largest cities (based on...

What say you? Where is the best place to live and play golf? I think this list did a somewhat decent job of weighing all the factors going into deciding the list (although I feel like maybe they glossed over taxes...California). 

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Honestly that is pretty lame list. Anaheim, Irvine and Santa Ana are all within 15 miles of one another, so basically they are all overlapping the same data on golf courses, weather, etc.

Riverside is listed, but not Palm Springs? I guess that is because they only used cities in the top 100 for population. But anyone that knows and loves golf would choose the Palm Springs Region over Riverside in a heartbeat. 

I have no idea who funded this study, but whoever they are should demand their money back.

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I think this lists puts a lot of emphasis on weather which is why northern states are excluded.  It is more of a "Year-Round" golf location list.  Also, doing only by "City" does not account for regions with many good courses within reasonable distances.  I'm not saying AZ, FL, etc. are bad places for golf, just that the list is skewed.

Also, by limiting to top 100 cities virtually all of Michigan gets excluded.  Only 1 city in MI is on the top 100 which is Detroit and Detroit does not have a high number of courses relative to population however Michigan has many great courses.  One list I saw indicated Michigan as #6 in number of courses at 650.  Just most are not in the city of Detroit.


There are certainly some areas in the United States where golf is very prevalent, and this article will show which state has the most and some other...


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I understand keeping the Northern states off the list. Winter stinks up here.  But 115F is no picnic either. Neither is 95 with 90 RH. My friend who lives in Vero Beach, FL in the winter says golf there in the summer is brutal. He leaves in May for NH. My niece lives in Phoenix and she says summer is unbearable.

I would think the best places would be where you can play all year comfortably. Hawaii, the Carolina Coast and West Coast California. It can get cool on the coast, but it doesn’t snow that much in Charleston.

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11 minutes ago, boogielicious said:

she says summer is unbearable.

Folks I know that have or currently live out there say "but it's a dry heat!" 🙂 

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Grew up in the frigid Northeast, and never looked back after my first winter in Hawaii. We can and do play comfortably just about every day of the year. Now there are some spring days with a bunch of rain, and there some middays in July and August that I prefer to play early or twilight. Yea cost of living is a bit high, (check every tv ad that says in small print “not valid in Alaska or Hawaii). I have gone years without wearing pants, yes I have shorts on. So I am biased and love living here. San Diego is pretty nice and yes any place within a couple hour drive near Pinehurst has got to be pretty close to heaven. 


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