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Common Rules Violations (That Are Hard to Call)


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7 minutes ago, Rulesman said:

It is in the Rules.

However, in such situations, the player may not, in a single procedure, concurrently take relief from two conditions by dropping a ball in a single relief area determined by a combined nearest point of complete relief from both conditions, except in the situation where the player has successively taken relief for interference from each condition and is essentially back where the player started.

I'm aware, but the post described choosing to forego two drops and immediately drop more than two club lengths from a penalty area. That is not in the rules.

And, in the cited example of a penalty area and a cart path, "back where you started" would never occur. Because relief from a cart path must be in the general area, not back in the penalty area. 

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4 hours ago, reidsou said:

The examples are of seemingly "trivial" (or "unfair") rules that players break and may not politely accept penalties for breaking. Asking, "how to protect the field without losing serenity?" 

Probably not possible. Calling someone on a rules violation is going to disrupt "serenity" within the group but sometimes that is the cost you have to pay for doing the right thing. 

I'm sure I've looked the other way on minor rules infractions that had no material impact on the outcome because the cost wasn't worth the benefit. I can't think of any offhand, but to borrow an example from your first post, if someone rotated their ball on the green without marking it, I would probably be more likely to pull them aside on the next hole and tell them they need to mark it next time vs. call a penalty on them. 

But like with many things in life - you can't have your cake and eat it to. If you decide that something needs to be called out for a penalty, you have to accept the likely possibility of temporary discord in the group. Don't be a jerk about it - be polite, but direct - and you give yourself the best chance of a positive outcome.

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