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Good Range Etiquette


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Since I recently posted about a range incident, I thought of these:

  • Don't hit 20 yards in front of me in my bad shot trajectory. You seriously want to get beaned?
  • If the range is empty, don't setup next to me, the whole range is there, use it.
  • Don't talk loudly on the phone. If you're gonna take 20 minutes to talk, do it somewhere else and let someone else use your spot.
  • Don't smoke - dude did you not see the no smoking sign?
  • Don't give lessons within earshot, your swing instruction is messing me up.
  • If you're gonna retrieve balls on the range, make sure I'm not about to swing.
  • Leave the stall as it was - if you're gonna pull the mat 10 feet back, put it back in original position.



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17 minutes ago, nevets88 said:

Don't give lessons within earshot, your swing instruction is messing me up.

This is the only one with which I disagree. Sometimes neither the pro nor the student can help it, e.g., when the range is busy. Just tune it out or wear head/earphones.

Personally, I usually just tune it out (as I like to hear the strike), but sometimes I’ll put on some tunes—if I remembered my head/earphones. 

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This is why I loved having a big damn range at the old home course. I could go find a big gap in the line most of the time and do my thing without worrying about other people. The new place has a pretty nice range but they'll only rope about 10 spots or so. It's a pretty popular place, so you gotta mind your p's and q's. 

No smoking while hitting range balls. No swearing. ,,, cramping my style.



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I would add:

  • If you are going to take a long break and the range is busy please allow another to use the hitting bay/area

I'm adding this because I have seen a person leave clubs in the hitting bay to "Hold it" and leave for 30+ minutes while there are people waiting for an open spot.  

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On behalf of new golfers everywhere:

For the love of God, DON'T GIVE UNSOLICTED SWING ADVICE.  I've already got TWO golf coaches (virtual/in-person) and I'm working on my swing (it's new)... but I'm working on the lessons the PROS gave me.  So, unless your name is Hank Haney (or Rudy) -- STFU! 

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If it’s a grass range, and sections are roped off or the hitting area is clearly defined elsewhere….don’t hit balls from where you are not supposed to.  I’ve seen idiots hit off the grass when it’s mats only because “I don’t like hittting off the mats”.  I’ve also seen people use areas that are being rested for whatever reasons.   These over entitled morons will be the first to complain about the condition, yet they mess it up.

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Agree with the “no smoking” on the range. Against rules, policy….no.  But guys, early morning the weather is perfect, cool, crisp, fresh air and then the guy who’s smoking shows up any your invariably down wind from him. What a turn off.  Shake my head and leave.

Some would equate golf as getting some fresh air, a bit of exercise walking 18. But it is what it is. One guy that I play with his buddy shows up occasionally and he smokes (chain smokes)…while hitting the ball and putting  no less!  Very comical to watch. Little guy, super thin probably mid sixties.  Probably will live to be 100.

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22 hours ago, Archie Bunker said:

I would add "Be aware of the person hitting next to you". Try to alternate hits so that the guy behind you isn't making contact with his LOUD driver at the top of your backswing. Anybody behind you should be aware of this.

that is pretty hard sometimes. When I am at the range, I am not there to bang balls...I am there to try to correct or improve my swing. unlike the course, I am not fast at the range...in fact, I arguably take longer between shots at the range than I do on course. I am sure that is an exaggeration, but it would be typical to go like this:


select club. select target.  stand behind ball, visualize shot. take deep breath, spin club, step up to the ball, verify line, think about the thing I am working on...execute the swing, hold the finish while I watch the ball flight, watch it land. Start thinking about the execution of the shot, how it compared to what I was trying to do. Consider what adjustments might be needed or, if it was the rare "excellent shot"...I want to reinforce that.


Meanwhile the guy on either side of me has whacked 5-8 balls. 

Often they will be hit a ball, rake, be in the midst of their swing on the next one before the first one lands or stops rolling. 


They never bother me a bit. They are there to hit balls. I am there to improve. Often 2 people will roll through while I am working on mine...more power to them, and as long as there are open bays I take my time to try to get it right. 


If I try to time it between their swings...it could be impossible. They are often hitting so fast that it is all but impossible to time between their swings.

At the same time, I am mentally strong enough to not worry about what the person in front or behind me is doing. Driving ranges are not quiet places in my experience and not a lot of sounds there that will bother me. 

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    • Meh, the book was better. Seriously, hope no longer term problems for the guy in the video.
    • Yeah, I slowed it down. You could pad it. Maybe cut a pool noodle in half or something. Most of my posts have the video. I'm all about the video. 😀
    • Legitimately, I think 30 minutes a month at the range would be enough for this stuff. You go and you just focus on hitting shots where you're aligned to the target and the ball is curving the right way. It seems like you do enough practice and other work where this probably doesn't need much time.
    • I agree, the swing looked good at SV. I agree with the losing focus on some minor details we take for granted sometimes. There are times I will find a line, start thinking about something and forget were I wanted to aim. The number of times I find people aiming way left or right because the tee box points them there is mind boggling. Play a few rounds were you have a mental checklist, or try to commit to a pre-shot routine with focusing on alignment.  If you are just hitting shots at the range to hit good shots, I doubt there is a difference. If you are focusing on making swing changes (exaggeration), then there will be a difference. Still, there is no difference unless you have video evidence. Schrodinger's Golf Swing 😛 
    • Almost never. I don’t go to the driving range. I could say that I’ll change that, but I’d be lying. I wasn’t debating over the shot shape, I didn’t know which direction the ball was going to turn. There’s a difference 😃 I’ve pretty much committed to hitting a fade. Slight push is fine which tends to be my miss more often than a pull. I’ve never taken a swing video on the course that looks anywhere near what I’m doing at home. There’s definitely a difference.
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