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Favorite type of shot!

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  1. 1. What is your favorite type of shot?

    • Driving
    • Long Irons
    • Short Irons
    • Pitching
    • Chipping
    • Putting

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Pitching and Chipping... give me a 40-50 yard half wedge into a slightly uphill green any day. I love the low hard spinner... go dead red at the flag, hit the green right there bounce a foot or so and let er reel back to the hole.

I also love chipping from the fringe. I can do better with a sandwedge from there at any distance than I can a putter from anywhere outside 20 feet.
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My favorite type of shot right now is the knock down wedge from about 120 yards. I really like this because it takes all of the spin off and I have been having lots of good luck with it lately.

After that, I love the 6 feet and in putts. Those are my favorite type of putts.
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I like short iron shots, probably because i'm most confortable with them, I can always rely on my 7 iron.
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On everything but the first hole of a tournament, I love hitting driver.

I absolutely despise the first shots. i always shank the life out of the ball on the first shot, but then every shot after is great.

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Putting. I love reading and sending the ball on its path to the hole. The more breaks, the better the challenge. Any distance, no matter. That doesn't mean I make them, but 3 putts are rare.

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I like hitting my long irons. I have recently started hitting them consistently so I layup with them more then I used to and I'm hitting more fairways. I also have a few long par threes at my course that just make me feel good when I stick one close with a 2/3 iron.
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I don't have a particular favorite shot. There is one shot, however, that I have perfected, only because I hit it several times a round. It's the low 3 iron hook around trees and back into the fairway, probably about 150-175 yds. The way I hit my driver @ times I should start hittin' the low 3 iron hook on the tee........
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favorite shot to hit is the punch cut or draw 3iron. watched anthony kim hit it on 3 and 5 of the horrible horshoe down at colonoial country club this year (he used a 2iron). decided to try to practice it and it is a pretty easy shot, if you want control just hit controlled finish low iron down the fairway. My other favorites are instead of hitting a 9 taking 8 and using a 3/4 swing. just making sure i hit the green having the confidence that i can two putt from 20 feet.
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We all know that there is nothing better than puring a driver, 275-300 yards down the center stripe! Then again, nothing like hitting that high soft cut into a back right pin from 185 with a 6 iron! Then again, putting a little stoppage on a wedge to inside 3 feet, it don't get any better than that! However, sinking that 35 foot, double-breaking bomb that wins the back nine, 18 and birdie pool for the day! Oh hell, I like them all! Don't make me choose!
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Note: This thread is 4785 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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