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Average Distances - How Far Do You Hit Each Club? (And Don't Lie!)

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I love this post because it resembles me almost perfectly! I used to love the fact that I could hit a 9 iron 175 yards and would swing hard on all my shots. I'd be 145 out and hit a gap wedge as hard as I could. But now, being older and a little wiser, I would prolly hit the 9 iron 145 with a smooth tempo 3/4 swing. My dad kept harping on me that I didn't need to swing out of my shoes and I guess it finally stuck. Its interesting too, I was watching something with graeme mcdowell not long ago where he talked about how he almost never hits a club w a swing as hard as he could. Always 3/4 swings and choked down grips, etc. Plus I think its fun hitting a pitching wedge 120 yards with a low trajectory that takes two hops and stops on the green!

Originally Posted by B of H

comfortable (carry) distances on stock and in control swings:

driver: 275 to 280

3w: 250

2-iron: 225

3hybrid: 215

4 iron: 205

5 iron 193

6: 182

7: 172

8: 160

9: 147

w: 135

s: 115

l: 95

I gave up trying to kill the ball a long time ago, now I just try to stay in balance and keep an even tempo.  I can hit each club 10 to 20 yards further if I want but I rarely try to do so in a round unless there is something to be gained (like hitting it higher and stopping it on a firm green etc...)

on the course though i'll hit club from all kinds of distances depending on how it feels and where I want to miss it.  I'll hit 7 iron from 160, 178, and even as short as 155 (if I need a low-cut etc...)

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1w    290 +

3w    270 +

3h    230 - 245

3i     220 - 230

4i     210 - 225

5i     200 - 210

6i     190 - 200

7i     170 - 185

8i     150 - 165

9i     140 - 155

PW  125 - 140

54*   50 - 120

60*   0 - 105

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These are stock swing averages. Obviously the yardage varies depending on the type of shot demanded.

Driver - 290 average, but can take it 310-315 if the hole is wide open

4 wood - 250-255 off the tee

3 iron - 225

4 iron - 215

5 iron - 205

6 iron - 195

7 iron - 180

8 iron - 165

9 iron - 150

PW - 135

52* - 125

56* - 112-115

60* - 105

I am about to switch some things up. Going to a 13.5* 3 wood. That will be a 265-270 yard club for me for tee shots. I will also be adding a 17* hybrid to the bag, which should be about a 240 yard club for me. I will then pull my 52* and 56* wedges and put my 54* back in. That will be after a 3-man select shot tournament I have this weekend. It's a 2-day tournament played on a course that plays out to around 6100 yards from as far as back as the tees can go. 3 wedges are definitely needed!!!

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These are my measured yardages for actual play (for shot selection), I'd like to add that I intentionally don't bomb it with irons I rarely swing more than 80% with any iron so I'm not going to do what some people are doing in this thread and write down what I could hit it too if I smashed it.

Driver: 250

3 Wood: 235

2hy: 215-220

3i: 197

4i: 185

5i:  173

6i:  162

7i: 150

8i: 138

9i: 126

PW: 114

52: 103

56: 90

I read this thread and laughed a bit, some people hit dream yardages.. I'm not debating that some people hit it far, I've played with some extremely long hitters playing off very low handicaps, and occasionally with some extreme long hitters playing very wild off quite high handicaps.. the latter are always people who smash the ball out of control. I did plenty of work in the past getting my 7 iron to go a consistent 145-155 yards, this for me was the key measure, hitting over 170 with a 7 iron is possible with my swing but really that means hitting in the 130-175 yard range, not very useful on a course imo :) When I stand next to somebody on the 195yrd par 3 5th on our course, I take a 3 iron, the next guy might take a 6 iron especially if he's using hot faced irons.. I don't care one iota if mine heads for the green and his hooks out of bounds because he is hitting on his limits.

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I've been looking to figure out something and landed on this thread. Gotta agree with you SamW, it is supposed to be real world distance, what you get on the course under playing conditions. These are with Mizuno TZoid Comp EZ' s, they use "modern" loft, so I've included my old distances (for what it's worth).

1W - 250-260 (swing speed 118)

4W - 220 (17degree)

2i - 210

3i - 205

4i - 200

5i - 185

6i - 180

7i - 170

8i - 155

9i - 145

W - 130

I tested out my old Wilson Staff circa 1965 fluid feels a few years ago (deciding if I should keep them - I did). From what I remember, I got around these distances on the local driving range. It's not far off what I got with them 35 years ago!

2i - 200 (ish)

3i - 190+

4i - 180+

5i - 170+

6i - 155

7i - 140+

8i - 130

9i - 120

W - 100-110

I'll admit the 2 iron was an interpolation. Those grips are also 35 years old and I just couldn't get a solid on it.

I really don't like the way the lofts and the numbers they put on the clubs line up nowadays. All squished up on the longer shots and spread out on the 7 to 9. Exactly the opposite of what you want. I even dropped the 3 iron to save weight because it goes about the same as the 4 and I can still get the 2 in the air off the deck. I'll get a hybrid when that option ends. I'm also stupidly playing without a sand wedge since I lost it, so that poor 46 degree wedge of mine has to do absolutely everything close to the green.

So much more short distance control with the old lofts.

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Spent alot of time at the practice field this year determining average yardages with my laser & stakes - only problem is my wedge distances are not consistent - if I catch it right with a proper divot - add 10 yards easy.

D -   235-250

3w-  215

(DI - 190 )

3h - 185

4h - 170

5 -   155

6 -   145

7 -   140

8 -   130

9 -   125

pw - 110

48 -  100

52 -  85

56 -  70

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Awards, Achievements, and Accolades

Driver: 285+

3 Wood: 265

5 Wood: 245

3 Iron: 225

4 Iron: 215

5 Iron: 200

6 Iron: 190

7 Iron: 180

8 Iron: 170

9 Iron: 160

PW: 150

GW: 135

SW: 125

LW: 100

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Yesterday I was at the range hitting downhill with a tail wind and my 7 iron was flying 190.  I'll use that as my new average on the internet. .  IRL, I'd knock down a 5-iron from there if conditions weren't so favorable.

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Driver:  250

3W:  230

3H:  215

4I:  205

5I:  190

6I:  175

7I:  160

8I:  150

9I:  135

10I:  115

GW:  100

SW:  80

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Driver 245

3 Wood 215 (off the deck)

3 Hybrid 195

4 Iron 184

5 Iron 175

6 Iron168

7 Iron 159

8 Iron 148

9 Iron 136

PW 128

Gap 116

54* SW 102

58* SW Never use it for a full swing

These are Mizuno JPX 800 Pros so the lofts are acked up a bit, much more than my MP60's. Also. I used a GPS on the course and measured flushed shots. There at least 5 data points for each distance. AS noted above, I'll hit fade 3 or 4 yards less. Nice thread.

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Interesting thread.  I've been using these distances for some time ...probably too much time.  2012 season will be a time to verify (and I'm getting new irons).

I get 'suspicious' when I see nice 10yd gaps between clubs, but I believe that's accurate for the heart of my irons.  Thoughts?

60*     - 80y

56*    - 100y

52*    - 115y

47*    - 130y

9i      - 145y

8i     - 155y

7i     - 165y

6i     - 175y

5i     - 185y

4i -     195y

21* H       - 215y

15* 3W    - 235y

9.5* D     - 270y

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Here are my distances, I just changed several clubs including my irons. This are the distances I've been having during this few warm days I've been able to go out and play. Will see what are they during the summer when weather is warmer and the ball flies a little bit more.

Driver 9.5* - 275/280

FW 13.5* - 255/260

Hybrid 17* - 235/240

4i - 210/215

5i - 200/205

6i - 185/190

7i - 170/175

8i - 160/165

9i - 145/150

47* - 135

50* - 120/125

55* - 105/110

60* - 85/90

This are maximum distances, although in wedges I use 1/2 or 3/4 swing a lot for what I may use different clubs for distances under 120 yds depending where the pin is located.

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Driver - 240

3 Wood - 215

19* Hybrid - 190

4 Iron - 185

5 Iron - 175

6 Iron - 160

7 Iron - 150

8 Iron - 140

9 iron - 125

PW - 105

51* - 85

56* 70

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Originally Posted by Filindo Colace

you might want to recheck your distances. It can't be possible that you develop enough club head speed to accumulate 265 yards with your driver and only 45 yards with your 60* wedge? might need to recheck that

You'd be surprised how short a flipper can hit a lob wedge.

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Awards, Achievements, and Accolades














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Awards, Achievements, and Accolades

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