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Best or worst flip flop score

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Everyone has been there before, either you start off blazing on the front nine and absolutely tank it on the back or you somehow save what was a miserable front with a Tigeresque finishing nine. Lets here some good stories.

Most memorable for me would be a junior tournament at Windsor golf course, shooting a 42 on the front, followed by my first eagle on the 10th hole and a 32 on the back nine. I've also shown my stellar ability to choke by going 36, 47 on my home course. That one felt real good.

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Here is one that is similar. In college there was an intermural(sp) golf tournament for students. I had played in it a couple of times and going into the last one I thought I had a good chance. 76 always won so that was the goal. Shot 42 on the front. Then was 2 under on the back going into 18. A birdie would give me 75 and more than likely the win, a par would probably tie. I doubled 18 to give me a 42-36 for 78. Tied for 3rd. Still one of the rounds I am most proud of even with the minor choke job.
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In preparation for my sectional meet in HS, I played a course I had never played before Lick Creek in Pekin, IL. I was geared up to play well here as I was playing well going into the meet and D.A. Points was in my sectional and this was his home course. I wanted to make a statement.

In my practice round, I literally shot 60-38! I was a 3 handicap at the time. I shot 60 on the front!

When the sectional came around I got through the front in 41 with a 3 putt on the final hole. I felt like I was in good shape to put a number up on the back. Unfortunately, the choke job ensued and I shot 45 on the back for 86 and missing the cut by 5. Worst time for my worst tournament round in 3 years. In retrospect, I suppose, I should be thrilled with the 19 stroke improvement on the front!
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That Ok I couldn't play for crap on away courses in high school to answer your question in leagues in '02 I shot 50-39 with 2 eagles that's about the worst I've ever done... I'm pretty consistent I shoot between 42 and 48 for 9 holes... i do have weird days but i usually only play 9 holes
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Last summer I shot 34 (-2) with a birdie on 9 after a rough three putt on 8.

Standing on 10 (par 5) I decided to play it safe to keep the score low - and proceeded to card a 7. I stumbled in with an ugly 44


I have had a few rounds where I bettered the front nine by 10 strokes. Unfortunately the front was always over 50

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Can't top your flip flop, but I once walked off hole number 8, on a very famous course that is home to one of the majors, at four under par, and limped in one under, choking almost every shot. I was actually shaking trying not to three putt the last hole so I could claim one day of playing 18 holes under par at the icon of golf courses. It was choke city because I was down to hitting 2 clubs more and just trying to punch the ball toward the greens. I lost all confidence.

But the strangest was when leading a big regional tournament through 27 holes and stepping up to number 10 to start the last nine of the 36 hole championship. I was one up on a field that had some names you would all recognize. I made a 13 on hole 10, with three OBs. Staggered in with a 47 on the back nine. I hit every shot solidly and almost exactly how I wanted, but sometimes golf is a matter of two or three yards between great and disaster. Three holes later, a future multiple majors winner, who was then leading that tournament, made a 10 on a par four. All we could do was look at each other and laugh -- we blew it big time. The next day newspaper had more fun reporting our inepitude than the skill of the winner.
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Shot a 48 on the front and 37 on the back on Saturday!! My best round ever, went back the next day, shot a 92, back to my old tricks...
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The first round of our Club Championship last year. I shot even par 36 on the front. So I have the early lead and I'm feeling pretty good. I bogey #11 a tough par 3 so I'm +1 going to 12 which is a short par 4 but has a pond protecting the tee shot landing area and another pond protecting the green. I get my 3-iron off the tee a little bit on the toe and dump it in the water. From there I make a bad descision, then another bad descision, then a big number,,lol! I decided to go all the way back to the fairway to make my drop(Mistake)! This left me a 150 yard shot to a small green. If I would have droped in the rough by the pond I would have had a 105 yard wedge shot. So I'm right next to the 150 marker in the fairway but my Skycaddie is telling me I have 135 yds to clear the greenside pond and 143 yds to the hole. I should have hit a 9-iron but decided to believe the yardage marker and hit 8-iron(Mistake). I nailed it over the green and O.B. LOL,,I took a big fat 8 on that hole and ended up shooting 45 on the back nine.

Lesson Learned: I now only look exclusively at my Skycaddie for yardages on the course, it has never failed me when I go with it!
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I know there have been a handful in the 36/46 range. I don't specifically remember anything worse than that, but then again, the mind has a wonderful natural ability to block pain.......

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Awards, Achievements, and Accolades

Most of my rounds are variations of this. I never seem to be able to put together two consistant halves. I dont think ive ever scored the same number on both sides. Ill either play good on one 9 and medicore on the other, or ill competley tank one side (40+) and play like ben hogan on the other.
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I've had a round that started out with an eagle on the first hole and a birdie on the second to go out in three under 33, then came limping home with an 8 on the 18th (par 4) to come in with 41 for a smooth 74.

Just two weekends ago I was playing a course for the first time and had five birdies and two bogies on the front, then three bogies and a double on the back for another smooth 74.

I'm getting quite tired of those rounds, actually. Just wish I could keep my concentration for a full round instead of a 9 hole round, but I'm working on it

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Note: This thread is 4401 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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