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What's in your bag (other than clubs)?

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I was watching the pgatour videos someone posted last week and it got me thinking... what do you guys carry in your bag other than clubs? In mine I have...

- Golf Balls
- Tees
- Towel
- Rain Cover for the bag
- Golf Glove
- Small bag to store wallet, keys, phone, etc... while I'm playing. It also contains sunscreen and a first aid kit.
- Bottle of water

I do plan to add golf shoes (I'm just getting back into golf so I haven't bought any yet) and a divot tool soon.
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Top Posters In This Topic

Balls, tees, I throw my wallet and phone in there during rounds, elbow brace, golf towel (attached to outside), divot tool, ball markers (some loose change), sometimes sweatshirt (althought not during summer usually), and sometimes i put in a spare t-shirt just in case i feel like changing for some reason out on the course. Oh ya, and can't forget water and gum, only trident watermelon twist sugarfree gum though :)
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Balls, tees, a towel, might occasionally be an old scorecard or 2 if I did well that day(I throw them away or leave them on the cart if i did poorly)
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Balls, tees, a pitch mark repair tool, bunch of ball markers that I never use, towel attached to bag, extra towel not attached to bag, impact tape, rain cover, tape(to cover blisters), band-aids, bug spray, sun screen, book full of coupons for courses in the area, extra spikes, spike wrench, extra glove, Frogger Brush Pro, few other misc. things.
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Awards, Achievements, and Accolades

Divot tools, ball markers, spikes, wrench, sunglasses, extra gloves, packable rain jacket, 1 pr rain gloves, pocket knife, green sharpies, extra pencils, extra balls (18-24), tees, groove tools, 2-towels hanging from outside, 2 brushes hanging from outside, tee bag full of tees hanging from outside. 1 roll of ortho tape for wrapping fingers. Bandaids. Extra change. Extra towel.

Damn, I have too much stuff in me golf bag!
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Balls, Tees, Divot Repair, Ball Markers, Bag (for watch, wedding ring, wallet, phone, keys), Extra Spikes, spike wrench, 4 or 5 gloves, alignment sticks, rain cover, umbrella, sunscreen, athletic tape, groove cleaner, Range Finder, aleve..

I think that's it..
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Club brush
Altoids tin w/ tees in it
2 sleeves of balls (optimal amount for carrying IMHO)
Small notebook
Plastic Bag w/ 2 pence coins
Water bottle
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12 balls, 2 sunny weather gloves, pair of rain gloves, bag of tees, valuables bag full of valuables, divot tool, rain cover, rain coat, water bottle, a few granola bars, towel on bag, rule book, digital camera.
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I think my signature pretty much covers it all with the exception of the crown royal bag that I use to house my divot tools and ball markers, Banana Boat Sunscreen, and the wrench for my driver.
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Dozen golf balls, plastic and wooden tees, pencils, permanent marker, ball line marker tool, sunblock, rain cover, ball markers, extra gloves, some spare cash, pack of tissues, towels, club brush, bananas, and sports tape.

Seems like I'm carrying a lot of stuff...
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Tees, extra balls, ball markers, divot tools, ball marking tool, red sharpie, rain gloves, rain pants, sunglasses, brush, towel, spike brush, band-aids, spare contact lenses, extra gloves, beanie, reflector sticks for driving range alignment...no wonder my bag is so heavy...
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6 Balls, Tees, Gloves, Shoes, A few yen pieces to mark with, Towels, Portable fan/sweater depending on the season, water, snacks, first aid kit, valubles, rangefinder, rain cover, brushes, altoids.
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-I usually carry 10 to 15 pro v1's.
-I have 4 gloves in my bag.
-I have me weight changer for my r7.
-I have medical tape for my hands just in case.
-I have 3 divot repair tools.
-I carry about 30 tees with me.
-I usually put 5 to 6 water bottles in my cooler pocket.
-I also carry a mister.
-A long stick to practice my stance/ head cover holder..
- I carry a red and purple sharpie.
- I also carry a Line M Up ball marker.
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Note: This thread is 4241 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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