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Your 2010 Golf Goals Official Thread


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Like our 2008 and 2009 threads, here's the official thread for 2010.

The rules are the same as they've been:
  1. Post your goals personal golf-related goals for 2010.
  2. Please try to post just once, though if you reach all of your goals, you should quote your post and revise them later in the year.
  3. Do not reply to the posts of other people. This thread, like "What'd You Shoot Today," is not intended to be a discussion, but merely a list of people's goals.
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  • Practice more than I play. I finally have a driving range that's both nearby and in good shape! And no, I don't plan to play less this year - just to practice that much more.
  • Reduce and then maintain handicap index below 1.0. Will enter the year at less than 2.0.
  • Mentally commit to every shot. Goes without saying. Always a goal.
  • Re-Affirm My Swing Fundamentals Weekly. Last year my goal was to work with an instructor. Now I'll be doing that and should keep things fairly consistently in line.
  • Round in the 60s. Number yet to be determined.
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Awards, Achievements, and Accolades

Big goal year for me!

Qualify to play on the Asian Tour - This one is coming up. Fly out January 1st!
Monday Qualify for the San Diego Open
Monday Qualify for the Northern Trust Open
Qualify for the US Open
Keep my Asian Tour card
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  • To find a good instructor and take a few lessons (never taken lessons before).
  • Straighten out my driver and gain 10 yards
  • Better ball striking with my mid/long irons (4,5)
  • Drop my putting average from 2 to 1.8
  • More precision on par 4 approach shots (150-75 yrd range)
  • Be more agressive with my flop shots to land closer to the pin
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Play double bogey golf. Not impressive, but it's significantly better than what I can do now. i just started a few months ago, but I believe this can happen with 1) some more consistency in my ball striking, 2) some short game lessons, and 3) practice reading my putts.

Get my first ever birdie. I've had a few pars--2 of them in 11 holes the last time I played--but have never had a birdie.
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I have a LOT of goals for 2010, itching to hit the teens.
  1. Play a full 18 at least once a month, even during ski season.
  2. Get handicap down to 15 or below (currently 21.7).
  3. 1.8 putts (currently 2.0).
  4. Break 90 consistently.
  5. Break 85 at least once on a course with slope >130.
  6. If I mess up two consecutive drives badly, switch to easier club for next two driving holes.
  7. Walk more than I ride, excluding mountain and neighborhood courses.
  8. At least 4 hours worth of lessons, focus on short game.
  9. Reduce pre-shot routine on the tee.
  10. Do not buy any equipment without being fitted.

Planning to post all of my 2010 rounds to MY SCORECARDS below.
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1. Consistent iron play
2. Get to the driving range at least twice a week
3. Break 80 (85 is my best score)
4. Stick to my set of clubs and stop being a club ho LOL
5. Consistently shoot in the 80's. Right now I average anywhere from 87 to 95.

The weakest part of my game is my iron play but I plan on getting lessons to fix that. I truly believe if I fix that I'll be in the low to mid 80's.
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In order of priority.

1. Lower and maintain handicap Shooting for 2.0 or better
2. Devote more time to putting. I think this is the main thing that will help me to achieve my number 1 goal.
3. Play courses I've never played before Current handicap based on 7 or 8 courses I play regularly. Want to see what I can do playing a new, challenging course for the first time.
4. Play a round at Valhalla Been there many times.... as a spectator.
5. Round in the 60's I've hit 70 a few times on great putting days... if number 2 works out, I'm hoping to get under that.
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  • Work on finding a good balance of distance and accuracy with my driver: Driver is either going straight and not very far or very far and usually left. I'm hoping to fix that so I can hit it fairly far and straighter.
  • Consistency with irons: My irons have never been that consistent and I hope to find a consistent swing which I can use to find the exact (or close) yardages of each of my clubs, and get more G.I.R's
  • Reducing miss-hits: My miss-hits are usually very off my target (either the center of the green or the flag), usually ending up 20-30 yards left or right. Only thing keeping me afloat is my chipping
  • Get handicap down: Been working on lowering my handicap (who hasn't?) down to around a 1, maybe even scratch. I've lowered it 30 strokes since last summer, and I'm hoping to lose those strokes pretty fast.
  • Shoot at or under par: Most of my handicap is based on 9 hole scores. I have yet to really shoot even par for 18 holes . I also would like to have a round in the 60's soon. I've had 3 rounds shooting a 34, and 3 rounds shooting a 35. I've done those as practice rounds for the golf team or in an actualy tournament for the golf team, and I've never been able to play the back nine after it.
  • Reduce putts per round: Right now I'm around about 28-30 putts per round of 18 holes, and I would like to lower that a little bit. I've been working on my putting stroke and I'm hoping it'll show soon.
  • Fitness: I've put on a few pounds over the holidays and I'm biking, and working out and eating a little better. I'm trying to work on endurance and stamina for when we walk all our holes when the high school golf season rolls around again.
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1. Drop handicap into the single digits
2. Hit more fairways off the tee
3. Learn precise yardages for my irons to set up better birdie opportunities
4. Get better with the flat stick (2,3,4 should help me achieve #1)
5. Groove a more consistent swing

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- be as confident with 4, 5, and 6 iron as I am with my short irons
- break 90 for first time (best so far is 91)
- shoot below 95 a majority of the time
- every swing to be balanced, controlled, and smooth (tough I know, but a goal nonetheless)
- become lights-out with my putter
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1. Handicap to 5.4 or better (Current 8.4)
2. Up/Down percentage to 40% (Current 32%)
3. Putts per round under 33 ('09 has been 34)
4. Improve my win record in the league team (only won 1 match in '09)
5. Win 2 tournaments (won 0 in '09, 1 in '08)
6. Keep better track of scores/performance
7. Get my kids interested in golf (ages 7, 5 and 3)
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Note: This thread is 3946 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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